Truck breakdowns the top driver complaint of 2021

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Updated Feb 4, 2022

The Professional Driver Agency released its first ever Top Ten Driver Issues List of 2021, identifying the top driver frustrations from last year based on thousands of phone calls with truck drivers.

It's probably little surprise that pay is an undercurrent to much of the Top 10, but it's not as simple as "pay me more money."

In this week's 10-44, Jason and Matt talk with Scott Dismuke, vice president of operations for PDA, truck drivers' top complaints and the reasons beneath what they cite as their biggest problems. 

“Equipment supply chain issues are clearly leading to driver frustration,” Dismuke said.

Topping the list in 2021 were mechanical/breakdown issues with the tractor. The second biggest issue for drivers in 2021 was regarding compensation and pay rates not being competitive. Drivers complaining about equipment assignment and mechanical/breakdown tractor issues was the third top issue of 2021.

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