The easiest and hardest commercial vehicles to decarbonize

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Updated Apr 22, 2022

Due in part to success in passenger cars – with Tesla's various models and the exploding demand for Ford's Mach-e and Lightning pickup – trucking and transportation have been firmly centered in the green-energy crosshairs.

The transportation sector is a major source of GHG emissions, and is estimated to account for around 18% of global emissions and 24% of U.S. emissions, and the biggest units on the highway are starting to attract a bigger share of zero emission attention.

In this week's 10-44, Jason and Matt talk with Fuels Institute Executive Director John Eichberger, whose organization recently completed a list of the five easiest and five hardest segments to decarbonize, and trucking landed on both lists. Eichberger notes that while the whole world is mostly focused on electrification, there are multiple other ways to reduce emissions, especially in trucking. 

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