TransCore buys Link Logistics

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Transcore recently purchased link logistics, Canada’s biggest online freight matching service, and established a partnership with myFreightWorld, an online less-than-truckload freight service. The acquisition continues the Dallas-based TransCore’s strategic moves in the freight matching market. Earlier this year, TransCore acquired Beaverton, Ore.-based DAT Services, the largest online freight and equipment exchange in North America.

The linkup between DAT and Link Logistics lets truckers use a single service to expedite cross-border trucking between the United States and Canada. The trucking industry transports $30 million in goods every hour between the two countries.

Link Logistics has been offering some 30,000 loads and trucks daily to more than 3,000 subscribers, and TransCore’s DAT Services’ customer base in the United States processes more than 80,000 trading sessions daily.

Link subscribers also can access credit, mileage and routing information, insurance and operating authority details. Other services provided by Link include:, an online driver recruitment center; Linkdispatch operations software; and Linktrak, an Internet/satellite service, which provides equipment tracking and driver communication service throughout North America.

The partnership with myFreightWorld, which has 40,000 subscribers, creates access to additional equipment opportunities and shipment availability in the LTL segment, and it allows TransCore clients to conduct business from a single Web-based location.
A recent survey indicates that nearly half of TransCore’s freight exchange customers need access to the LTL transportation segment, as well as the ability to negotiate LTL shipments in the same online environment they use for truckload negotiations.