Aluminum flatbed

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Transcraft’s 2002 Transcraft Eagle II aluminum/steel combo flatbed trailer is designed with lighweight aluminum for fuel economy and steel components to handle heavy payloads. The Eagle II is available in 45-, 48- and 53-foot lengths and 96- and 102-inch widths. The trailer has a capacity of 60,000 pounds in 10 feet and 55,000 pounds in 4 feet and weighs 10,030 pounds. It comes standard with an Intraax AA-230 suspension and various axle spacings are available. Transcraft’s Heavy-Duty Package with an AA-250 suspension and Superbeam upgrade, which increases load capacity to 70,000 pounds in 10 feet and 65,000 pounds in 4 feet, is also available.

The Eagle II comes with a five-year warranty on parts and labor, for defective materials and workmanship. A five-year 500,000 mile, “Zero Maintenance” package is optional.

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