Brake, engine diagnostic tools

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Nexiq Technologies introduces Brake-Link, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) scan tool for trailer technicians on all major trailer ABS systems and Power Line Carriers.

With Brake-Link, technicians can test a range of functions with a single solution including battery voltage; the trailer’s ABS ‘Warning Lamp’; wheel sensors and traction disabling; chuffing, holding and exhaustion modulators; cycling of brake retarder relays and retrieval of ECU information. Trailer technicians can also use Brake-Link to view and clear current and historic faults for a particular vehicle.

Brake-Link supports systems from Bendix, Wabco and Wabash.

Nexiq also announces the release of PC Integrated Diagnostics, an all-in-one service bay diagnostic suite. The service bay integrates software products from leading heavy-duty component manufacturers onto a single platform, enabling technicians to easily move from one component to another without restarting or reconfiguring the system.

As part of the service, Nexiq’s team of diagnostic experts will ensure compatibility between component OEM diagnostic software; complete a comprehensive review of diagnostic software updates to determine which updates are most relevant to each fleets requirements; conduct complete training sessions for fleet managers and technicians; recommend and supply any PC hardware, upgrades or required repairs; and provide next-day tool replacement and provide required technical support.

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