Battery and computer from Delphi

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Delphi Automotive Systems introduced its Heavy-Duty Freedom Extra Absorbent Glass Mat battery. The company says it will last twice as long as conventional lead-acid battery.

The battery costs about 50 percent more than typical batteries, but features a new compressed design that adds life and makes the battery more durable. The battery contains no free liquid; the electrolyte is absorbed by the glass mat like a sponge.

The battery is also lighter than conventional designs and features deep cycle capabilities.
Delphi also introduced its Truck Productivity Center. The TPC combines a number of electronic and telematic appliances into one compact unit. Developed with Freightliner, the TPC is designed to fit a standard-sized radio slot, and delivers the benefits of interactive speech technology, connectivity, information-on-demand and enhanced entertainment. The TPC display can scroll between engine data, e-mail and other applications.

The system integrates audio entertainment, including conventional and satellite radio; GPS positioning; and wireless, hands-free e-mail and voice communications.

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