June 2002

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Steer axle
Dana’s Spicer D-800F and D-800W steer axles feature improvements in basic steering geometry to enhance vehicle steering, the company says. The D-800F replaces the I-80SG steer axle while keeping proven components of the model such as kingpin, bushings, bearings and seals. The D-800W steer axle features a 1-inch wider beam than the D-800F, which allows for a wider track for increased maneuverability. Both new models feature increased kingpin angle and a powdered metal kingpin cap design to seal the bushing cavity. In addition, the steer axles feature bolted-on kingpin caps, threaded inner and outer drawkeys and an oversized tie-rod assembly.
Dana Corporation

UV-resistant wrap
M.M. Newman’s Heli-Tube UV-resistant, spirally cut polyethylene wrap bundles and protects hoses against abrasion in outdoor environments where flexibility is necessary, and permits breakouts and anchoring, the company says. It is suited for automotive transport carriers, trucks and construction equipment, and is unaffected by sunlight, fuels, oils, detergents and salt water.

The wrap can bundle hoses up to 10 inches in diameter and comes in 10 sizes ranging from 1/8 inch to 1.5 inch. It is priced according to size and quantity and is available on spools, boxed or cut to length.
M.M. Newman Corp.

Plastic fender
Spray Control Systems’ Minimizer M700 plastic fender for bulk and tank trailers works for all Class 7 and 8 truck and trailer applications. It is made of high-density polyethylene material that, according to the company, is impervious to chemicals, heat, cold, bumps and dings, and weighs 20 pounds per axle.
Spray Control Systems

Industrial coating
Industrial Coatings Alliance Group’s Super Therm is designed to reduce the inside temperature of trailers. Super Therm is rolled or sprayed onto the top of the trailer. The coating dries to 7 millimeters and provides an insulation equivalent to 6 to 8 inches of fiberglass insulation, the company says. Super Therm is environmentally safe, easy to apply and has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.
Industrial Coatings Alliance Group

Phillips Charging System
Phillips’ ElectroLink Inverter/Charging System is a shore power system that reduces fuel consumption by reducing a truck’s idling time, the company says. The ElectroLink system, which has 110-volt household power, allows truck operators to run household appliances without idling.
Phillips Industries

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Underbody service lighting system
TST introduces a patented Underbody Service Lighting System for use on various specialty commercial vehicles. The system provides a consistent-burning, rear or side lighting source that is ready for installation. It operates when the vehicle’s left or right turn signals and emergency flashers are used and when the marker lights are on, resulting in enhanced rear and side visibility. No additional wiring is necessary unless more than four lamps are installed.
Transportation Safety Technologies

Dock enclosure
Rite-Hite’s Frommelt ComboShelter dock enclosure is designed to produce a tight seal around a variety of trailers that are often difficult to seal, including those with liftgates or other rear projections, the company says. It allows full access to the back of the trailer, with no protrusions to restrict the trailer opening. The unit is available with Durathon fabric to withstand extreme conditions. Side curtains attach with Velcro to provide easy removal.
Rite-Hite Corporation

Worn component detection
Josam Products’ Play Detectors detect worn components safely and easily, the company says. Hydraulic force is applied to plates anchored to the shop floor, which move the tires parked on them longitudinally and laterally, simultaneously, recreating forces that act on a vehicle during actual operation. Thus the mechanic can observe the components safely.
Josam Products

Door-track tweaker
Kiene Diesel Accessories has introduced a new hand tool that can repair crushed, roll-up trailer door tracks. Such tracks are typically replaced, but Kiene Diesel’s Tweakster is hammered through crushed track to open it, and a machined slot in the tool allows users to tweak the track edges back into shape. Tweakster repairs take only minutes and can be done right on the trailer, the company says.

The Tweakster is available in two sizes: the K-1311 is designed for 1-inch tracks and the K-1312 is designed for 2-inch tracks. This same tool can also be used for repairing 1- and 2-inch roll-up garage door tracks.
Kiene Diesel Accessories

TruckGen’s UCT-5.5 ultra-compact genset is a 5,500-watt Kubota diesel-powered unit. The system provides enough power to keep fuel tanks, oil pans, block heaters and drivers warm on cold days, the company says. There is also enough 110-volt power left for appliances and gadgets as well. The unit consumes an average of 2/10 a gallon diesel fuel per hour. It comes with its own alternator for 12-volt DC battery charging, and includes a jack for home or truck stop pedestal AC power.

The unit measures 25 inches wide, 24 inches high and 24 inches deep, and weighs 300 pounds.

Cargo seal
TydenBrammall’s Quick Loc Seal and Quick Loc Seal Plus cargo seals provide 100 pounds of locking strength for small diameter applications, such as tank cars, barrels and certain trucks. A concentric stainless steel cable, combined with a high-impact, ABS-molded polymer lock body, make the seals among the toughest in their class, according to the company. The seals are available with a tamper-evident label as well as tracking capabilities via hot foil stamping or inkjet printing on the lock body. The seals’ cable length can be customized, but standard lengths are 14 inches for the Loc Seal and 18 inches for the Loc Seal Plus.

Refrigerated distribution trailer
Kidron’s Emperor is a refrigeration trailer designed to increase payload capacity. Emperor models are available in lengths ranging from 28-53 feet. Air leakage is eliminated with Pressure-Pillow Seal doors that seal in the cold and keep ambient air out. Up to five inches of foamed-in-place, non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation surrounds the cargo to provide protection. Other features include replaceable bolt-on bumpers; wiring and hoses designed for easy access; LED lighting; and a new upper coupler.
Kidron Inc.

Stainless steel clad bumper
Peterbilt’s 387 is now standard with a stainless-steel clad bumper. The bumper’s mirror-finish, stainless-steel surface is ten times thicker than chrome plating for improved corrosion resistance, and the aluminum substructure reduces weight by about 50 pounds compared to chromed steel bumpers, the company says. The bumper is backed with a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Optional chrome mirror finishes are also available for the Model 387.
Peterbilt Motors Co.

Multi-temperature systems for trailers
Thermo King’s Spectrum Series of multi-temperature transport refrigeration systems reportedly provide tighter temperature control, faster temperature pull-down and recovery, higher capacities, improved fuel efficiency and less maintenance and costs. All Spectrum units feature Thermo King’s Smart Set technology, which allows temperatures to be maintained within a tight band, helping keep dehydration at a minimum. In addition, the systems use Whisper technology to provide low noise levels, and the Data Acquisition System, which provides total load temperature records, is a factory-installed option.
Thermo King Corporation

Dock combination control panel
Rite-Hite’s updated Dok-Commander combination control panel combines multiple control components into a single control panel at each dock position to offer easy operation and optimum dock safety, the company says.

The Dok-Commander system features a space-saving wall configuration with easy-to-understand graphics and instructions. Multiple control devices include dock leveler, vehicle restraint dock door and dock shelter. An integrated transformer is used if the components have different power needs, which eliminates the need for multiple power sources going to each dock position. A single lock-out/tag-out power disconnect is also available. In addition, the Dok-Commander system can interlock and interconnect multiple control components. Interlocking the hydraulic lever and vehicle restraint, with options to integrate the door, lights and other power equipment ensures dock safety and that the equipment is used in proper sequence, according to the company.
Rite-Hite Corporation

Pick-up/delivery tires
Michelin’s new 17.5-inch tires, the 245/70R17.5 XZE1 LRG and XDE1 LRG are specifically designed for medium-duty vehicles used in pick-up and delivery applications. The tires feature application-specific compounding that helps resist scrub and abrasion, optimizes tread wear and meets the demands of regional and metro delivery service, the company says. Open shoulders feature block base bridging for straight ahead and cornering stability, and thick sidewalls are built to resist shocks and impacts caused by curbing and impacts.
The XZE1 features a six-rib/five-groove tread pattern designed to adhere to wet and slippery surfaces, while the XDE1 features a high density of lateral grooves for water evacuation and block edges for good grip in mud and snow.
Michelin Americas Truck Tires

Customized security
J.J. Keller & Associates introduced the Keller-Soft Transport Safety & Security Program Customizer, a new software program that helps motor carriers create written safety and security plans. With the software, users can build a company-specific program covering key transport safety and security issues, including point-to-point driver and cargo security; general yard and facilities security; internal security; and hazardous materials/cargo control. Users answer a series of questions about their company, and the software then writes the plans. Users can also edit pre-written plan text to meet specific company needs. The software provides customizable checklists that let users double-check that all security measures are being followed. Checklists cover security staffing, employee training, personal security, equipment and external facilities security and hazmat security. Other features include a special section for hazmat carriers, state requirements, government documents, training tools, a calendar and reference materials. The software also is compatible with PDAs.
J.J. Keller & Associates

Grote’s Blue Chip
Grote Industries introduced the Blue Chip premium stop, tail and turn lamp, designed for long life. The lamp features Grote’s proprietary Torsion Mount II shock-absorbing bulb cradle with Cushion Mount technology to reduce the effects of road vibration on the 2057LL bulb. The long-life four-inch round lamp will last up to 10,000 hours, Grote says.
Grote Industries

Mud flap hangers
EZ Grip’s Tractor Model EZ Grip Mud Flap Hangers allow mud flaps to snap out instead of tearing. This makes it easier for drivers to replace the flaps, the company says. The hangers fit standard tractor or trailer mounting holes and bolt onto the equipment as a permanent hanger to hold any standard mud flap.
EZ Grip

Safety platform and tool tray
K&D Products’ Sturdy-Step is a 22-inch square platform designed to allow you to work comfortably and safely, the company says. The top step can be rotated out of the way with a lift and push of the foot. Both top and bottom steps feature perforated tread areas to help prevent slips, and yellow traction markers are placed on the edge of each step for added safety. The Sturdy-step can hold up to 350 pounds and meets all OSHA safety requirements.
The Side-Kick tool tray connects to the Sturdy-Step with one Phillips screw and a special clip and holds handy tools and small parts.
K&D Products