U.S. Xpress chooses TripPak Online

Having tested decentralized document scanning, U.S. Xpress has decided to use TMI’s TripPak Online (www.trippak.com), which provides centralized, overnight scanning services verified against fleet dispatch data. The carrier, which signed a multi-year, exclusive contract for outsourced scanning, has used the TripPak Express trip document delivery service for almost a decade.

TripPak Online provides overnight scanning to capture digitally documents that drive invoicing, payroll and other critical functions. TMI certifies each scanned image so that shippers will accept it as standing in place of the original.

“After all our testing efforts, our experience with both terminal and truck stop scanning and an exhaustive financial analysis, we just could not avoid the conclusion that U.S. Xpress is better served with TripPak scanning,” said Max Fuller, U.S. Xpress chairman and co-president.