November 2002

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New products from Heil
Heil Environmental Industries introduces five new refuse collection vehicle products. The PT100 mid-range rear loader has a cycle time of 15 seconds, a reload time of 6 seconds and a 3-cubic-yard hopper.

The PowerTrak Commercial’s patent-pending PowerTrak dual track system directs more packing force onto the load within the body of the truck resulting in loads of more than 1,300 pounds per cubic yard. It features a 21-second cycle time and a 3.64 cubic-yard hopper.

The PowerLift, Heil’s first commercial side loader, packs up to 12,000 pounds per cubic yard of refuse. It works with all rectangular, steel side load containers weighing up to 3,000 pounds. Joystick controls make it easy to operate.

The Python automated arm has a lift cycle time of 6 seconds and a 9-foot reach. It features John Deere cylinders, and grabber gear wear is virtually eliminated by an enclosed, oil bath gearbox, the company says. The Python can be mounted on the Heil Formula 7000 Square Body, DuraPack Family Formula 7000, Rapid Rail and MultiPack.

The MultiPack combines a fully functional automated side loader with a fully functional manual rear loader in one body. As a primary route vehicle, the MultiPack enables a driver to pick up cans as well as bulky items in one stop. The rear loader portion of the vehicle offers the industry’s largest hopper at 3.94 cubic yards, and the side loader features a 4-cubic-yard hopper.

The MultiPack, Python and PowerLift all incorporate Heil’s operate-in-gear-at-idle system, which allows the automated lift to be used at engine idle speed.

Airtab turbulence-busters
Aeroserve Technologies’ Airtabs install at the trailing edges of tractors and trailers to reduce turbulence between tractor and trailer, and behind the vehicle. The results, says Aeroserve, include: reduced spray and better rearward visibility; reduced vehicle wandering and improved stability; less tire wear; and a cleaner vehicle rear.

The company also claims a fuel economy benefit, but this has not been substantiated by industry-standard, SAE/TMC testing.

Self-adhesive Airtabs are about 1 inch high, about 3 inches wide, and can be painted to match vehicle color.

Patriot lift
Patriot Lift Company’s Patriot Lift automatically lowers and raises landing gear. Air operated, it requires no electrical source. It operates in both high and low gear and under all weather conditions. It easily retrofits to existing manual landing gear, and the compact design weighs only 9 pounds.

Satellite radio
Panasonic has launched its first Sirius Satellite Radio receivers. Consumers can buy the universal adapter kit, model CR-SRF100, which connects to most vehicle audio systems through an existing FM tuner, enabling them to receive coast-to-coast, digital audio entertainment.

The Panasonic universal adapter kit consists of a vacuum fluorescent display, controller/FM modulator and die-cast receiver unit.

The CR-SRF100 will be available at Panasonic aftermarket retailers and specialty markets, such as marine, RV and large truck. The unit’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $229.99.

In January, Panasonic also plans to introduce its new CR-SRT100 receiver, which will be compatible with a full line of 2003 Panasonic Sirius-ready mobile head units. The company has announced an MSRP of $159.99 for this model.

Sirius Satellite Radio currently broadcasts 100 channels of digital-quality, virtually fade-free radio throughout the continental United States, for a monthly subscription fee of $12.95. Sirius delivers 60 original channels of completely commercial-free music in virtually every genre, and 40 sports, news and entertainment channels.

Panasonic CR-SRF100 and CR-SRT100 Sirius receivers are designed and manufactured by Matsushita Industrial Corporation of U.S.A., Peachtree City, Ga.

Phone cards
TCAST Communications offers a line of prepaid phone cards featuring Pike’s Peak Hill Climb champion Mike Ryan available through Trucker Buddy International. Cards are available in five, 10 and 20 dollars, and all proceeds benefit Trucker Buddy. The phone cards carry no connection fees and offer competitive rates in the United States. Cards can be purchased on Trucker Buddy’s website or by calling (800) MY-BUDDY.

Hot washer fluid
Microheat Inc. announces a heated windshield washer system – the HotShot – for automobiles, trucks, and buses.

The HotShot System rapidly heats washer fluid on demand and, reportedly, allows drivers to quickly remove ice, snow, frost, road grime, insects and other contaminants that impair forward vision.

For commercial trucks and school buses, reaching all areas of the windshield can be difficult, time-consuming and dangerous for people forced to scrape ice away. But with HotShot, says the company, the touch of a button produces hot washer fluid in approximately 30 seconds.

The HotShot draws 55 amps, weighs about 1.2 pounds, and measures 3 x 5 x 1.5 inches. Installation time is approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

A similar version of HotShot is also being developed for OEM applications on 2004/05 vehicles, and as a dealer-added option next year.

Spill pack
New Pig’s space-saving Pig Spill Pack cleans up oils, solvents and other non-aggressive liquids. The 18- x 18-inch spill pack takes up little space and can be stored anywhere. The package contains enough Pig mats and socks to absorb up to 4.5 gallons of non-aggressive liquids. Nitrile gloves and a large disposal bag are also included.

Unitized trailer axle hub
IMT Ingersoll Axles’ F30 Fully Unitized Trailer Axle Hub reduces the costs of assembling the hub on site and keeps inventory requirements to a minimum. The hub includes hub, bearings with clearances preset at the factory, long life seals and studs. It is filled with premium lubricant and factory sealed. Mounted to an IMT axle with friction welded, high tensile spindles and standard outboard brake drums, the F30 comes with a five-year/500,000-mile warranty.

Wireless connect for tarp systems
Aero’s Wireless Connect makes electric tarp systems faster and easier to install, the company says. The Wireless Connect eliminates the need to run wire from the motor to the dump/trailer rear pivot point and back to the power source. It also offers a safety feature: with the system, contacts are installed on the truck frame and the dump body/ trailer, so the system can’t operate when the dump is in the air. It is designed to fit most new and existing tarping systems.

Flip socket set
Ken-Tool’s six-piece Impact Double-Duty flip socket set contains a six-point socket for everyday use on one end and a six-fluted twist socket for removing damaged or rounded wheel lugs on the other end. The Thinwall socket is designed for aftermarket wheels where a standard impact socket might not give the clearance needed. It comes with a 3-inch extension, and sockets are 1/2-inch drive.