December 2002

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Dual-flow lube filters
Baldwin Filters’ High-Velocity Dual-Flow line of lube filters for Cummins ISM, ISX and Series 600 engines provides improved engine protection during extended idle, harsh operating conditions and extended or prolonged service intervals, the company says.

The full-flow portion of the filter contains 100-percent synthetic Microglass, which is designed to increase structural strength and is above average in efficiency and capacity, while retaining non-restrictive, flow-through characteristics. The bypass portion of the filter allows 15 percent of the oil to flow through instead of the usual 10 percent. A venturi-type cone creates a low-pressure zone, which pulls the filtered oil from the full-flow section and routes it through the bypass cellulose media. The media removes the smaller contaminant particles, further cleaning the oil.

The spin-ons have only one inlet and one outlet, so filtered oil, from both the full-flow and the by-pass section of the filter, flows together at the base and then goes directly back to the engine to protect vital engine components.

Towing device
Pendu Manufacturing’s Tow Hook was designed by a truck driver to provide a durable towing device for disabled tractors that is economical and safe, the company says. The entire operation is hydraulic, making it easy for one person to hitch and unhitch with no heavy manual work. It is designed for proper weight distribution by directing the weight to the road, which helps to maintain normal steering behavior. The turning radius allows an operator to make 90-degree turns. The Tow Hook does not require the removal of lights, bumpers or other parts of the disabled tractor.

Primer technology
Montana Products’ Epic Prime 2.1 VOC primer/sealer provides adhesion, corrosion protection and build by combining epoxy durability and the speed and sandability of a urethane. It is isocyanate-, lead- and chromate -free and provides excellent color holdout, the company says.

Telescoping crane
Auto Crane introduces its new 8406H Telescoping Crane. The 50,000-lb-ft crane is equipped with an FM remote and a tethered pendant, a two-speed rotation mechanism, power boom extension to 20 feet and 60 feet per minute line speed. The 8406H also provides the customer with troubleshooting and record keeping capacity through Auto Crane’s Smart Crane system. Voltage data, lift cylinder pressures and error code histograms are all instantly available when Auto Crane is programmed and plugged into an Auto Crane programmed Palm Pilot.

Synthetic diesel engine oil
Castrol’s Elixion 5W-30 is a fully synthetic diesel engine oil. It is blended with superior synthetic-based oils and a high performance additive package, the company says. Castrol says that Elixion provides commercial vehicle operators with fleet-wide operational cost savings by improving fuel economy, reducing oil consumption, allowing extended drain intervals and reducing engine wear.

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Elixion provides protection against wear, oxidation, soot and piston deposits and is API CI-4 certified. It offers an extended drain capability of up to 60,000 miles or more.

Castrol also provides Labcheck diagnostics monitoring service free for one year to allow fleet managers to gauge their engines’ conditions while running on Elixion.

Emergency response guide
J.J. Keller & Associates, in a joint effort with the Maximum Compliance Technologies, recently published Bioterrorism: Biological and Chemical Agents Emergency Response Guide. The 175-page guide provides detailed information on known chemical and biological agents. It covers exposure, treatment, prevention, protection and decontamination measures.

Security newsletter
J.J. Keller & Associates Transport Security Advisor is a monthly newsletter and information service that helps companies keep up with security news and information for their fleets. The eight-page newsletter provides best-practice information for motor carrier security, and news about current and pending legislation and regulations, government agencies, the transport industry and security technology. It also contains regular features including a question-and-answer section, tips of the month and a calendar of events. Subscribers can choose to receive newsletters via the Internet and a printed copy or the printed copy only.

Truck seats
Bostrom’s Liberty Series truck seats are available in two models: the Liberty I and Liberty II. Both models offer increased foam density with a wider seat and backrest configuration. The new contoured seat design adds support while promoting improved circulation in the lower extremities to reduce fatigue. Both models also incorporate Bostrom’s new Flex-Support System, which is attached to the seat frame using specially designed torsion springs. The Liberty I is designed with a fixed lumbar support, while the Liberty II offers an adjustable, mechanical lumbar support as standard equipment and an air-operated lumbar support as an option.

Stop, tail and turn lamp
Grote’s Blue Chip Premium Stop, Tail and Turn Lamp is designed to be long lasting. It features the company’s proprietary Torsion Mount II shock-absorbing bulb cradle with Cushion Mount technology to reduce the effects of road vibrations. The four-inch round lamp has a 2057LL bulb and lasts an average of 10,000 hours. Tin-plated brass terminals and inside track provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

The lens is covered with a Clear Chip Coating to provide UV protection. It is available with a three-year warranty.

Heavy-duty radiator
Active Radiator’s new line of heavy-duty, all-metal, bolt-on radiators for Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks, are designed to replace plastic-tank radiators. All-metal tanks better withstand extreme pressure changes to eliminate warpage common to plastic tanks, the company says. Bolt-on tanks promote the integrity of the tank-to-header seal, replacing thin crimp strips typically used to secure plastic tanks. The radiator line is designed to prevent unexpected breakdowns and premature failure, according to the company.

Safety signs
Tech Products’ Everlast ANSI Safety Signs are 10 x 14 inches or 7 x 10 inches and designed for outdoor or harsh environments. The patented signs are 1/4-inch thick and are constructed of high-impact, polyolefin plastic. They use high-quality UV stabilizers, antioxidants and permanent color pigments. For lifetime legibility, all words and logos are molded in rather than painted or screened on.

Thermoplastic hose
Hi Tech Hose’s halogen-free, wire-reinforced thermoplastic hose is suitable for a variety of smoke removal, ventilation, heater/defroster and dust protection applications. The HT-162 Fire Retardant Hose complies with ASTM E-162 and ASTM E-662 flame and smoke requirements for use in enclosed environments. Providing 4:1 compressibility, the flexible hose is designed for vacuum and pressure applications to 24 inches Hg and 25 psi, depending on size. Available in 10 sizes from 2 to 12 inches , the HT-162 hose operates continuously from -40 degrees F to 250 degrees F, provides hydrolytic stability and is fungus- and abrasion-resistant. The standard color is black and standard length is 25-feet long. Custom lengths are available.

Hot water parts washer sink
Landa’s Rebel hot water parts washer sink eliminates the need for harmful, ozone-depleting solvents. It is extra-rugged with its sink, tank and cabinet all made of 304 stainless steel. It features a time-tested, vertical-seal-less pump that eliminates the need for a maintenance-intensive filtration system. The Rebel is also portable with four industrial-duty casters so it can be moved easily around a shop or even wheeled under a vehicle raised on a rack. The stainless steel sink measures 36 x 26 inches and is sturdy enough to handle up to 250 pounds. Other features include: a metal work lamp; a magnetic tool/parts holder; a flow-through scrub brush; a water-resistant control panel; an automatic oil skimmer; a high-efficiency 1250W calrod heating element; and an automatic low-water shutoff.

Urban service radial
Dayton’s regional/urban radial tire for Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks is designed for use in shorter hauls and in pickup and delivery applications. The Radial Metro All-Position features a deep tread for long original mileage and an all-position design that allows it to be used on any axle. A combination of deep, wrap-around grooves and thousands of rib edge sipes help remove water to provide superb wet traction for quick stops on slick city streets. Four full steel belts and an all-steel casing ply provide excellent retreadability. It is available in both standard and low profile sizes, with “G” and “H” load ratings, for 22.5- and 24.5-inch wheels.