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Overhead doors
RoaDor’s rollup overhead doors are constructed of PVC. The PVC
protects against mildew, rotting, cracking, discoloring, fading,
chipping and rusting. It can be easily cleaned with a high pressure wash
and weighs less than traditional doors. Vinyl graphics adhere easily to
PVC, which is virtually waterproof and UV resistant. Additional features
include: a continuous integral hinge on each panel; stainless-steel
banana style lock; 2-point slam lock for those requiring an inside
release; incorporated strap and handle; glass-reinforced-polymer
rollers; and an optional door saver to prevent door damage caused by
heavy, unsecured freight.

Cab shocks
Tenneco Automotive’s Monroe Gas-Magnum Cab Shocks are designed specifically for Class 7 and 8 truck cab suspensions. The shocks are nitrogen-charged and use a patented position-sensitive, damping groove tube design. The company says the new shocks will significantly enhance driver comfort and control.
Tenneco Automotive

Key cutting machine
Imperial’s Key Cutting Machine is an economical way to provide keys for your fleet. The interchangeable punch and die allows you to cut keys for a wide range of vehicles, and the universal accessories require fewer parts and less expense. The Imperial key cutter is also durable, and the vises and depth knobs are guaranteed for 10 years.
Imperial Inc.

Tubeless tire repair kit
Safety Seal Tire Products’ Heavy Duty Tubeless Tire Repair Kit helps fix flat tires on the wheel, and will plug the hole and patch the inside of the tire quickly, permanently and easily, the company says. Each CO2 inflator will supply about 6 to 8 psi of air.
Safety Seal Tire Products

Diagnostic software
Allison Transmission has introduced a full feature Palm Personal Digital Assistant-based diagnostic software application, supporting control systems for the Allison MD 3000, HD 4000, B300, B400, B500, 3000MH, 4000MH, T200, T300 and T400, using World Transmission Electronic Controls.

The Allison DOC For PDA (WTEC) diagnostic tools enable a technician to use a handheld PDA to access diagnostic data from the transmission control system and conduct systematic troubleshooting of transmission problems with full diagnostic capability.
Allison Transmission

Slack adjuster
The Gunite Corporation’s Gunite 2000 slack adjuster is specially designed for the latest long-stroke brake chamber applications using a welded clevis, or for applications using a clevis with a 1.3-inch pin center distance. The Gunite 2000 comes with a five-year warranty.
Gunite Corporation

Partner Insights
Information to advance your business from industry suppliers

Low voltage disconnect system
Intra Technologies has upgraded its existing low-voltage disconnect systems to make it easier for drivers to manage battery power consumption while a truck is parked.
The new LVD has a timing feature that warns the driver with a series of audible alarms before electrical power is shut off.

Like the standard LVD, the new version is designed to preserve battery power needed to start the engine. Using patented technology from Intra, the LVD monitors battery levels during key-off periods and automatically disconnects non-critical power loads when battery voltage reaches critical levels. The goal of the LVD is to eliminate jumpstarts and extend the life of batteries.

As well as inconveniencing the driver, jumpstart costs can add up. The average cost now exceeds $200 (an average of local and remote service calls), according to Intra.

An LVD also extends battery life by protecting the batteries from a deep discharge.
Intra Technologies

Landing gear
The Holland Group’s electric-powered landing gear system is designed for expedited freight, straight truck, gooseneck trailers, specialty trailers and pickup and delivery applications.

The Holland PowerLeg 20K System is powered directly through the landing gear’s transmission and provides all the torque necessary for quick, easy operation to improve driver productivity.

A simple push of a button raises or lowers a load up to 20,000 pounds about 4.5 times faster than a manually cranked landing gear. The system is lubricated for high speeds, with protection from -65 degrees to 250 degrees F and has a wrap-around leg cover to prevent water penetration.
The Holland Group Inc.

Tool storage unit
Snap-on Tools’ maximum security tool storage system for automotive technicians comes with the exclusive Remote Patrol electronic security system that provides keyless entry for convenience, along with a motion detector that activates an alarm.

The tool storage system features Snap-on’s exclusive Lock n’ Roll drawers with non-slip liners, high-security tubular locking system, extra-deep drawer, pulls, a tote tray with pull-up handle, and an easy-to-clean, non-directional rubber mat to protect the roll cab surface. A full-width top drawer on the roll cab features double slides for added weight capacity. An additional set of slides can be added to any drawer four inches or deeper if required.

It also offers Snap-on standards, such as double wall steel construction, heavy-duty ball bearing slides to provide smooth gliding action, a quick disconnect feature, heavy-duty casters, sliding work surface above the top of the roll cab drawer, two sliding trays on the roll cab, gas-assisted cover stop on top chest lid, and a handle that can be mounted on either end of the roll cab.
Snap-on Tools Company

Detection system
Preco Electronics’ field programmable Heavy Duty PreView System is designed to detect objects at the side and rear of a vehicle in zones obscured from the operator’s view. The HD PreView System is ideal for commercial on-road and off-road environments including specialized trucking, school buses, construction and mining operations, the company says. The HD PreView system also includes an in-cab unit with a series of LEDs to display object distance.
Preco Electronics

Tire pressure monitor
Fleet Specialties Company has a new line of Tire Sentry tire pressure monitoring systems for all classes of trucks, buses and sport-utility vehicles. The monitoring system is wireless and has electronic valve caps that attach to existing valve stems, which continuously monitor for low tire pressure while in transit or in the yard. The tire sensors weigh less than 1 ounce and are powered by batteries that last two to three years.

A 2-inch dash display provides information on any tire that is losing pressure before the tire is damaged or has undergone extensive heat build-up or tread loss. The company says the system is easy to install and does not require removing any tires.
Fleet Specialties Division

Pad Mount brushless alternator
Denso Sales California is now offering the Pad Mount Brushless Alternator for the over-the-road truck market. The alternator, specifically designed for Class 8 truck engines, is mounted directly to the engine block to provide durability in high vibration environments. The Pad Mount has a long-life, brushless design and corrosion-resistant windings. It also provides increased power output at low engine idle.

Truck tire
Yokohama Tire Corporation has released its newest premium-grade, long-haul trailer commercial truck tire. The RY587 MSC reduces both suspension component wear as well as irregular tire wear, using technology developed on steer axle tires. The RY587 MSC also uses Yokohama’s proven Stress-wear Control Groove (SCG), which reduces tire and suspension component wear by minimizing pressure at the edge of the tread. Reduced pressure results in reduced free-rolling wear and longer, even wear over the life of the tire. Stone ejector ribs prevent stones from reaching the bottom of the groove where premature casing damage can start.

Yokohama incorporated a fuel-efficient rubber compound into the design of the RY587 MSC. The compound lowers the average cost per mile of the commercial trucker by providing long wear and reducing rolling resistance, without sacrificing grip, Yokohama says.

The company says the casing design is based on a computer-generated profile to maximize overall tire life by reducing heat and internal tire stress.
Yokohama Tire Corporation

Battery charger
Associated Equipment Corporation has developed four new models of wheeled battery chargers for professional use. The Model 6021 has a 50-amp charging rate and a 400-amp manufacturer’s boost rating. It features a built-in 125-amp load tester and is equipped with 500-amp cable clamps.

The Model 6007 Intellamatic Pro, a battery charger/analyzer, is an economy version of the popular Model 6003, designed for flooded as well as sealed batteries.

The 12-volt Model 6017 and 6/12-volt Model 6019 are 40-amp manual chargers with 200-amp cranking resistance. Model 6019 is equipped with a timer and dual-meter battery/alternator/starter diagnostic instrumentation.

Associated Equipment Corporation

Oval creeper
Mac Tools’ Mac Oval and Adjustable Headrest Oval Creepers are unlike traditional creepers because they have no corners. The company says the new oval design makes the creepers more

comfortable to carry and easier on the shoulders of technicians. Also, the patented Riv-Lock Wheel Attachment System eliminates the wheel nuts on the top rails on creepers that can cause discomfort. The new creeper also has an adjustable headrest that can be set in four positions.
Mac Tools

Paint technology
PPG Commercial Coatings have introduced a new stand-alone paint system that uses the latest in resin-coating technology, and is designed to meet the needs of fleet, truck, bus and special work vehicle applications.

The Delfleet Evolution system includes direct gloss and basecoat, primers, clear, solvents and ancillaries. The system offers 100,000 formulas including 2,300 solid and 1,500 metallic/pearl colors. There is also a choice of VOC-compliant color qualities, low-HAPS colors, primers and clears, with most having a blend ratio of 3:1.
PG Commercial Coatings

Oil management system
Engineered Machined Products’ Oil Mate significantly extends oil change intervals (2,000 hours) and filter life in order to decrease downtime and lengthen engine life.

The oil management system removes a small amount of used engine oil and blends it with diesel fuel to be burned during combustion. The used oil is then replaced with an equal amount of fresh oil from a make-up tank, extending oil and filter life.
Engineered Machined Products