Carriers join EPA in air quality effort

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CSX, Roadway Corp., Schneider National and Yellow Transportation are among the partners in a new government initiative to improve air quality. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christie Whitman announced the new effort, called SmartWay Transport, on Jan. 10. SmartWay Transport partners have agreed to work with EPA to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save fuel and protect public health.

“Their environmental stewardship will improve air quality and increase efficiency while transporting America’s goods and keeping our economy vital,” Whitman said.
Among the strategies to be used by SmartWay Transport partners are:

Idle reduction. Reducing prolonged idling of long-haul trucks can save up to 2,000 gallons per truck each year, reduce emissions and lower engine maintenance costs.

Improved aerodynamics. Using a streamlined profile truck tractor with aerodynamic devices such as cab extenders can reduce fuel consumption by at least 600 gallons and eliminate over six metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year compared to a typical classic profile tractor.

Improved freight logistics. Logistic strategies include load matching, more efficient routing and scheduling of vehicles and improved receiving policies. If a long-haul carrier reduces its empty mileage by 1 percent, it can save nearly 200 gallons of fuel and eliminate almost two metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per truck each year.

Self-inflating tire systems. Installing automatic tire inflation systems on truck and trailer axles can save nearly $300 per year in tire replacement costs and reduce fuel consumption by at least 90 gallons per year for a typical combination truck with an annual cost saving of at least $135 and eliminating at least one metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions.

Driver training. Drivers trained to use techniques such as the use of cruise control, coasting whenever possible, reducing maximum freeway speeds and minimizing idling can improve fuel economy by at least 5 percent, saving more than $1,000 in fuel costs and eliminating nearly 8 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Other SmartWay partners are Canon USA, Coca-Cola, Federal Express, H-E-B Grocery Co., IKEA, Interface Inc., Nike, Norm Thompson Outfitters and UPS