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Refrigerated truck body
Johnson Truck Bodies now offers the Xtreme XT series insulated truck body. The company says the newly designed body is better suited to meet the needs of mechanical refrigeration applications.

The company also says that the new Xtreme body features Johnson’s aerodynamic, FRP exterior, offering thermal efficiency with a seamless, smooth surface, and no screws or rivets. Longer life-cycle fiberglass will not rust or corrode and is puncture and tear resistant. Also Xtreme’s bright white glass board interior is waterproof.

Urethane insulation is foamed in place under pressure to guarantee a void free product, and provides 2.1 pound density for temperature retention. The exterior and interior fiberglass panels are 182 times more resistant to heat penetration than steel, and 896 times more resistant than aluminum.

Stud extractor
Klann Tools’ universal tool for stud extraction and insertion is impact-rated and offered in either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch drives. The company says the tool makes the job quick and easy. Simply attach the extractor and turn down the impact gun’s torque setting as low as it will go and reduce its air pressure. The slow, steady vibration that results will first break the corrosion binding the stud and then unscrew it. The tool’s stepless adjustment design accommodates any stud diameter from 6 mm to 12 mm.

Superfilter for Power Stroke diesels
Unique Metal Products is now offering a new and improved Superfilter for International Power Stroke diesels, the company says. The UMP Superfilter has a swirl flow design inside an aluminum air box to help remove larger dirt particles before they reach the filter. The filters are developed by Donaldson.

The filter is ducted to outside air eliminating heat and dust inside the engine compartment and offers filtering capabilities compared to oiled gauze style filters, the company says.

Refrigeration unit
Thermo King has designed a refrigeration unit exclusively for fresh produce applications on small trucks and vans. The C-290 truck refrigeration unit features a set-point fixed at 35 degrees F, and an in-cab control with a simple on/off switch and digital LED thermometer. It also contains the most basic circuits, with indispensable electronic controls, to make it easy to maintain, the company says.

Other features include: an ultra slim, seven-inch evaporator for maximum cargo loading; automatic defrost; constant air circulation; and a cooling capacity over 9,500 Btu/hour at 100 degrees F.

Air ratchet
Mac Tools’ new Mac 1/4-inch Sealed Head Air Ratchet features an offset head that allows for greater finger clearance in tight work areas. This clearance makes it easier to fasten in hard-to-reach places.

The compact, sealed and greased head helps prevent unwanted debris from disturbing the dual pawl within, allowing for longer life and durability. The ratcheting mechanism allows for quick removal and rundown of 1/4-inch fasteners. At the end of the ratchet handle is a swivel air inlet that can be adjusted 360 degrees to expel exhaust away from work and help prevent dust and dirt from spraying back on the technician.

For added comfort, the Mac 1/4-inch Sealed Head Air Ratchet has an ergonomically designed molded rubber grip, made from sanopreme, which is resistant to chemicals and oil.

Torque fuse system
The Power Train Saver welds into the drive shaft. It has three slots in which three torque fuse pins sit. The torque fuses are designed to shear; this shuts down the differential before any damage can occur, saving the drivetrain from over-torque damage. The fix is easy and quick, because the driveline has remained intact on a support bearing. Line up the yokes, install new fuses and the truck is back on the road in minutes, says the manufacturer. The unit comes in all sizes to fit medium and heavy-duty trucks (Class 6, 7 and 8), and will work on many other types of equipment. The torque fuses are tensile tested, weight rated, and range from H at 7,500 lb-ft, to Z at 25,500 lb-ft. This allows operators to customize their setups, and achieves the highest degree of accuracy.

New tool storage cabinets
Knaack has designed tool storage cabinets for industrial and jobsite use. The Knaack Jobmaster Cabinet features a new, deeper door design, increased from 1 inch to 3 inches deep. The extra depth adds security, and better resistance against pry bars. The doors also include two shelves, welded in place, to add strength and allow better organization of tools.

The Jobmaster Cabinet has a foot latch that allows hands-free opening of the cabinet doors. The cabinet includes the Watchman IV Single-Lock System, which is a high-strength, dead-bolt-style, three-point latching system.

Air-sensing fan drive
Horton’s VMaster is a viscous, air-sensing fan drive for medium-duty trucks. It has a precision, bimetal sensor that automatically adjusts the fan speed, based on the temperature of the air from the engine’s heat exchangers. The fan operates at optimum speed, cooling only as needed, resulting in less noise and less fuel consumption, the company says.

Fuel filtration system
Webb’s new, patented VorMax fuel filtration system, with its cyclonic filter technology, has been tested by independent laboratories and found to remove up to 97 percent of water and contaminants from fuel prior to reaching the secondary filter, the company says. The VorMax, which is designed for use with any commercial diesel engine, also has a filter restriction indicator that can provide positive, accurate pressure differential readings so maintenance technicians will know the exact remaining life of the fuel filter.

The company says the VorMax will significantly increase fuel filter performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Diesel fuel additive
Radiator Specialty Company’s Solder Seal/Gunk Milemax Diesel Fuel Additive (M67-series) is formulated to provide superior lubricity and fuel economy while improving performance and reducing emissions. Milemax is backed by industry-recognized testing procedures to ensure that it meets the requirements of the professional truck driver, the company says. The new additive is effective as a dispersing agent of water in fuel, increases fuel stability in standardized testing, and offers oxidation and corrosion protection verified by ASTM and NACE test methods. It also removes carbon, gums and varnish deposits. Milemax contains no alcohol or glycol ethers, which can damage fuel pumps.

The company says the additive can extend fuel filter life and provides enhanced injector cleanup. It also contains a seal conditioner to enhance durability of fuel systems.

Spring assembly
Aero Industries Inc.’s PowerPack Sidemount Spring Assembly configuration features a low profile design for improved aerodynamics and protection from potential damage. The springs are also encased in a strong aluminum style casting for further protection. They are available in the 75 Series Easy Cover line, with a variety of drive options: direct drive, cab extension, ground level or with Aero’s PowerPro electric motor.

Angle light
Mac Tools’ Mac X-1 Angle Light is made to increase productivity for technicians by eliminating mistakes caused by poor lighting, the company says. The translucent plastic lens of the X-1 is shaped around the bulb allowing for 20 percent more light output efficiency than previous angle lights form Mac Tools. It is also equipped with an adjustable magnet and 360-degree swivel hook, giving technicians the option of either suspending or stabilizing the light in the desired direction.