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Freightliner upgrades Classic, Classic XL
Freightliner has announced changes to its Classic and Classic XL trucks, including a new chassis design currently in production that the company says will offer better ride and maneuverability.

The Classic XL offers a 132-inch BBC measurement, and the Classic has a 120-inch BBC design. The new chassis design in both models makes for a smoother ride, quieter performance, improved maneuverability and a stronger frame. Changes include a new leaf-and-a-half taper-leaf front suspension with a lower dynamic rate for bumpy roads. The Freightliner Airliner front air suspension is now available on the Classic XL. Rear air springs that are larger than before smooth the ride, and the air-ride cab mount is standard on the daycab.

Freightliner has improved the exhaust system’s sound damping and added a quieter clutch linkage design. Front cab mounts will soften vibration, and the new rear cab air ride suspension and improved engine mounts will lessen sound and add comfort, the company says.

Additionally, the chevron-shaped engine mount, which uses natural rubber, and the front cab isolator housing both contribute to less vibration. Finally, sound-dampening materials are in the cab floor and firewall for less interior noise.

Most of the axle configurations have better maneuverability because of the new narrow high-pressure steering gears, which give tires more space to turn. The new Classic XL chassis introduces stronger steel frame rails, along with an aluminum front casting that saves on weight. Both models can be ordered with Detroit Diesel or Caterpillar engines, and the truck’s chassis offers larger radiators with more cooling capacity for the new engine designs. Radiators with a maximum of 1,400 square-inch frontal areas are available.

Plastics repair products
Nexa Autocolor has announced two components of its overall plastics painting system: P572-2001, a 1K adhesion primer for plastics, and P572-2000, an aerosol primer for plastics. P572-2001 has superior adhesion to all types of paintable plastics, resulting in less rework and eliminating the need to identify the substrate, the company says. It can be overcoated with any Nexa Autocolor topcoat system.

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P572-2000 is supplied ready to use. Only two single coats are necessary, with a 2-minute flash-off time between coats. Both P572-2001 and P572-2000 air dry in 10 minutes at 70 degrees F.

Lube-free connection
Direct Dimension, Inc.’s new PlateMate features a self-lube surface that eliminates and outperforms grease. It works continuously to improve maneuvering ability while reducing the stress and strain of steel grinding on steel between the tractor fifth wheel and trailer upper-coupler plate. The product is guaranteed for two years.

Crane diagnostics
Auto Crane Company’s Smart Crane Diagnostic System is available for both the 6406H and 8406H model telescoping cranes. Critical information such as voltage, lift cylinder pressures, FM signal strength and error code histograms are all instantly available by plugging in the Auto Crane-programmed Palm Pilot.

Door replacement panel
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation has introduced the Universal GX-4000 Replacement Panel. The Universal Panel is a solution to the continuing problem of sectional door damage. It helps to minimize maintenance costs and door repairs at the loading dock. Made from an extruded vinyl material, the panel can be retrofitted to most existing sectional doors. The GX-4000 has an interlocking modular design that allows for configuring different sectional door panel heights.

Antilock brake actuating system kits
BluDot’s TA-7000 and TA-8000 Series Antilock Brake Actuating System Kits are designed for short-run installations where same day or quick turnaround ordering times are desired. The ABS air brake system kits fit a wide variety of commercial-duty one-, two- and three-axle trailers and feature an electronic control unit relay valve that monitors the movement of each sensored wheel, thereby modulating air pressure on the trailer brakes for controlled stops.

The air brake system kits meet current FMVSS 571.121 regulations for ABS air brake systems and offer the benefits of reduced tire flat spotting and trailer swing, thus lowering trailer downtime, the company says. In addition, the ABS air brake system kits feature custom-order capability for universal fit and come complete with packaging to lower inventory costs and increase installation efficiency.

Strobing LED lamp
Truck-Lite’s Model 60 Strobing LED lamps offer users a choice of strobe frequency and viewing angles. Users can select between dual and quad flashing patterns by altering the way each lamp is wired. The Model 60 Strobes can also be connected through double-throw switches, allowing operators to alternate between patterns. Users can select the field of view they desire by ordering a metalized or nonmetalized reflector version. The 6-inch oval Model 60 Strobe fits standard trim and protection rings and is rated at 100,000 hours.

Automatic fire suppression
Firetrace International has introduced an automatic fire detection and suppression system that detects and extinguishes fires inside engine compartments and other small spaces. The fire suppression systems are fully operational without requiring electricity or another external power source.

ABS traction control
Bendix’s ABS with Smart ATC is an automatic traction control system with the ability to distinguish between, and respond to, two of the most demanding traction scenarios: accelerating uphill (requiring more traction); and driving into a curve (requiring more stability). Smart ATC responds with the appropriate level of traction control for each situation, giving more power to the driver when warranted. Bendix ABS with Smart ATC is available now and can be purchased through any major OEM, authorized Bendix distributor or dealer.

Wider, thicker seats
Bostrom Seating’ new Liberty Series heavy-duty truck seats offer increased foam density with a wider seat and backrest configuration. The new contoured seat design adds support while promoting improved circulation in the lower extremities to reduce fatigue. The series also incorporates Bostrom’s new Flex-Support System, which combines superior energy absorption, improved support and increased comfort, the company says.

Slim-line LED
Peterson Manufacturing has added the model 168 Slim-Line Clearance/Side Marker Light to its Piranha brand LED line. The new, two-diode mini LED is less than 3 inches wide. Its two diodes are housed in a sealed light that operates from 8 to 16 volts and includes separate lead and ground wires for ease of installation. Available in amber or red, the 168 may be surface mounted with or without brackets. A multi-volt version is available.

Gear reduction starter
Denso Sales California, Inc., has introduced its P5.0 Planetary Gear Reduction Starter, designed specifically for use on heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with 8- to 16-liter diesel engines. Its features include a compact and lightweight design, high-torque design for maximum starting power, slow-rotating engagement for improved durability of pinion and ring gear, needle bearing in-drive housing for long-life operation and rotatable drive for increased application flexibility.

Mobile power for trucks
Xantrex Technology, Inc. has launched its XPower line of inverters designed for long-haul trucking. The XPower product line encompasses inverters – which convert DC power to AC power -ranging from 75 to 3,000 watts, and powerpacks, which are battery-integrated systems that provide up to 1,500 watts of portable household power. The first two Xpower models, the XPower 1200 Plus and XPower 1750 Plus, are designed to meet the AC power needs of drivers operating long-haul sleepers.

Transmission monitor
GearMaster International has developed the GearMaster II transmission monitoring system. This instrument allows truck drivers to virtually see inside their transmissions while they are driving. By referring to the GearMaster’s interactive graphic display, a driver can observe which gears are available and how fast the engine needs to be going to shift into any of those gears. The system can be used with most trucks and can accommodate up to 20 gears. Improvements over the original instrument include the elimination of the auxiliary electronic box, modified hardware and software, the ability to receive speed and rpm information from the senders on which the older system was based, and a digital indication of speed and rpm.

Lift-axle air control
Hendrickson recently launched production of a new lift-axle air control kit, the AKAD1001. This independent electric or manual lift axle control delivers an increased flow rate and improves performance in extreme temperature conditions. The kit features an accurate and readable liquid-filled gauge and improved corrosion resistance and durability. Hendrickson says that tests have shown the ball-valve design and poppet-style solenoid valve to be superior to spool-type valves for operations in extreme temperatures and poor air quality.

Traveling-axle trailer
Landoll recently introduced the 400 series traveling-axle trailer, which is available in either tandem or triple axle. The 400 series trailers are available in 48-foot, 50-foot or 53-foot lengths and a 10-foot-1-inch spread axle and allows load angles as low as 6.6 degrees for accessible loading of paving equipment. The 400 model features adequate clearance for loading manlifts from lower to upper deck. The 410 model is a triple axle and features standard equipment of a 12,000-pound worm gear winch, Neway 22,500-pound axles, 4S2M ABS brake system, 2 6-inch by 3-inch tilt cylinders and a flat approach plate with six keyhole tie down. The 425 model is a tandem axle, 41 feet long, 102 inches wide and is rated at a 35-ton capacity.

Maintenance software
Link It Software’s EZ Maintenance is a complete Windows-based software package that can manage, track and control all equipment or vehicle maintenance. In addition to scheduling, tracking, keeping histories of and producing work orders for all maintenance on equipment or vehicles, the software also tracks costs and hours of downtime for repairs. It includes over 80 reports and has a link to Excel for the creation of specialized reports.

EZ Maintenance also tracks both vehicle and driver’s license information and license expiration dates, producing a report showing all expiring licenses 30 days in advance. It records all driver information and allows for entry and tracking of all driver incidents.

350-hp rating for ISL engine
Cummins Inc.’s new 350-hp rating for its ISL engine is aimed at the 4 x 2 short-haul truck market. The new rating has been developed in conjunction with Allison Transmission to optimize the engine/drivetrain package and deliver substantial weight savings for increased productivity. The ISL is a fully electronic in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine capable of providing ample power and excellent fuel economy, as well as electronics that make servicing the engine easy, Cummins says.

Hydraulic ladder rack
Knaack Manufacturing’s EZ-Glide System ladder rack from Weather Guard Equipment features an ergonomic design with hydraulic action, allowing easy raising and lowering of ladders without strain or injury. The EZ-Glide System is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including vans, minivans, hi-cube vans and Sprinter vans.

Obstacle sensing device
Rostra Precision Controls, Inc., introduces the RearSentry Obstacle Sensing System, designed for straight-truck fleet applications. The RearSentry mounts out of sight behind or on the vehicle’s rear bumper and alerts drivers to obstacles up to 12 feet from the rear of the vehicle. It works in the dark and during fog, rain or snow and alerts the driver through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity as the object draws closer. There is also an in-cab display with green, yellow and red lights. RearSentry comes with a 5-year, 50,000-mile warranty.

Hazard perception training
J.J. Keller and Associates’ Hazard Perception Challenge II is an interactive video program designed to capture drivers’ attention and enlist their active participation in building hazard-perception skills. The video teaches hazard perception through a series of brief scenarios, each followed by a “what did you see?/what would you do?” challenge question. Drivers are given limited time to think about the scenarios presented and record their answers on the test sheets provided before moving on to the next challenge, forcing them to think fast. The 60-minute video is broken into five segments of 12 minutes each, so training may be presented in a single session or spread out over several.

Detergent/degreaser for pressure washers
Landa’s Dyna-Might degreaser and vehicle wash is formulated specifically for use with pressure washers. Dyna-Might is a butyl-based, liquid detergent with a precise amount of caustic for quick removal of grease, oil and road film. It is safe to use on aluminum, stainless steel, glass, paint and even fine automotive paint finishes. It also contains Landa’s advanced multi-metal corrosion inhibitor to prevent rusting.

Trailer for the West
Fontaine Specialized’s 44EXP model trailer design is designed specifically for operations in California and the western region of the United States. The 44EXP is an ultra-lightweight trailer designed to maximize potential payloads in conformance with California statutory lengths and axle group loadings. In order to provide for the maximum allowable axle weights, the 44EXP makes use of an Expando Trunnion suspension system, which employs eight tires per axle line in a tandem trunnion configuration.

Fontaine combines the advantages of the Expando Trunnion configuration with an air-ride system. The patented Air-ride trunnion protects your trailer frame and cargo from shock loads absorbed from normal dynamic loadings.

Battery manager
Midtronics has released a new version of its InGen battery management system for lead-acid batteries. The system provides energy management and charging system prognostics for deliverable energy, charge capability, discharge power capability and state of life. InGen battery diagnostics enable energy management for automotive electronic systems that increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and provide convenience features for drivers and passengers.

Engine brake for the N-14
Pacbrake Company has announced the new P-14 engine brake for Cummins N-14 Plus engines. Pacbrake has specifically designed this three-housing brake for the aftermarket. The re-engineered brake provides 434 retarding horsepower at 2,100 rpm. Pacbrake’s exclusive solid carbide master piston wear contacts mean virtually lifetime operation. Positive control valve indexing allows for more effective control over slave piston lash. The brake includes a one-year or 100,000-mile warranty on machined castings, related attaching parts, switches, and O-rings.

Pressure-washer pump
Landa has introduced a high-pressure pump for its line of hot- and cold-water pressure washers. The new triplex pump has been engineered to deliver the same output of similarly sized pumps, but with 10 percent lower rpm, adding many hours to the Landa Pump’s overall life. The features included on the new pump are a valve cap design made of Zytel plastic, 10mm manifold bolts made of 12.9 class steel, heavy-duty ceramic plungers seated inside chamber walls and a metal dipstick with a unique design that allows the cap to breathe without clogging.

All three models of the pump are backed by a five-year warranty on the oil end of the pump, and a lifetime warranty on the brass head or water end.

Signal mirror
Muth Mirror Systems’ Driver Warning Signal Mirror for dump, concrete and other heavy trucks with liftable hoppers or beds features a signal that alerts the driver that the hopper or bed is still in the raised position.

Heavy trucks that already have the standard West Coast style mirror-mounting bracket can have the driver side mirror replaced with this new Driver Warning Mirror. The signal appears in the lower portion of the glass of the mirror and consists of red LEDs in the shape of a chevron that point up and flash until the hopper or bed is lowered.

Long-lasting lamps
Grote Industries’ SuperNova Three-Inch PC LED Lamp meets the SAE PC rating, allowing each trailer front corner to use only one lamp instead of two. The new lamp also features a replaceable lens. The lamp uses a high-performance bullet-proof potting compound to protect against dirt and moisture. It eliminates failure points with Advanced Pin Connection System terminals and offers “Plug and Go” technology for interchanges with incandescent lamps. When used in conjunction with a Grote Ultra-Blue-Seal wiring harness, SuperNova LED lamps will last the life of the trailer, Grote says.

Multi-Temperature System
Thermo King’s new Spectrum TS multi-temperature refrigeration system uses new Spectrum remote evaporators, a scroll compressor and the Spectrum controller. The remote evaporators provide up to 35 percent more capacity than existing units, resulting in up to 20 percent faster pull-down and up to 25 percent more airflow, Thermo King says. The scroll compressor has 85 percent fewer moving parts, and the new controller fits in the dash. The Spectrum TS features Thermo King’s new Smart Set technology, which, according to the company, allows temperatures to be maintained within a tight band, helps to keep dehydration to a minimum and allows produce to be delivered in the freshest state.