Seven to go for Continental

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A truck tire, outfitted with thermocouples, awaits running-temperature testing at Continental’s Uvalde, Texas, proving ground.

While Continental Tire North America has been involved in the truck tire market for years, “We didn’t have a Continental-branded product for every application,” says Cliff Armstrong, director of OE and brand management.

Hence the launch of what Armstrong refers to as “The magnificent seven” – seven new tires whose design and manufacture, he says, draw on parent company Continental AG of Germany’s global resources and capabilities.

The new tires include:

  • The HSL Eco Plus, a long-haul, steer tire with 18/32-inch tread and equal rib widths which, says Continental, evenly distribute pressure, providing long mileage, reduced rolling resistance and decreased irregular wear. A stone-ejection system is designed to reduce casing penetration;
  • The HDL Eco Plus, a long-haul drive tire with 28/32-inch tread and a new tread compound, claimed to provide long mileage and low rolling resistance. A closed-shoulder tread design, says Continental, provides even tread wear while providing excellent traction;
  • The HTL, a long-haul trailer tire, with 13/32-inch tread and a shoulder-protection rib, designed to provide long mileage and resistance to shoulder wear. Scuff ribs are added to

    The HSL Eco Plus, steer tire has equal rib widths, for even pressure distribution, and a stone-ejection system. Note Visual Alignment Indicators at outer edges of tread.

    protect the sidewall from curbing damage. The HTL and all Continental rib-pattern tires come with a Visual Alignment Indicator – a series of small indentations that wear smooth at different rates. There’s a set on each shoulder for side-to-side comparison and easy detection of alignment problems.

The company also introduced four on, on/off- and off-highway tires, with various tread depths and patterns, and sidewall curb ribs, for more severe service.

The tire launch afforded CCJ an opportunity to tour Continental’s 5,000-plus-acre proving ground in Uvalde, Texas. The facility, which includes paved and off-road test courses, as well as wet-testing surfaces, is used by Continental for tire development and evaluation, and by auto and truck manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, independent testing firms and the U.S. military.