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Eaton launches fully automated 10-speed
Eaton Corp. has introduced its “two-pedal,” heavy-duty, Eaton Fuller UltraShift 10-speed transmission.

According to Eaton, key features include:

  • Automatic start with no clutch pedal, which reduces drivetrain abuse;
  • Automatic shifting that lets drivers keep both hands on the wheel;
  • Computer-controlled shifts, made at ideal engine speeds, for improved efficiency and performance;
  • Skip-shifting provided as operating conditions allow, for optimum performance and fuel efficiency;
  • A patented, centrifugal AutoClutch that uses a 15 1/2-inch, two-plate design with ceramic facing material;
  • A high-capacity inertia brake that speeds automated upshifts, and serves as a clutch brake;
  • Clutchless float shifting between gears, eliminating hundreds of clutch actuations per day and providing extended clutch life.

The UltraShift 10-speed allows drivers to use the transmission in full automatic mode or with manual intervention, depending on conditions and driver preference. A manual mode holds the current gear and allows driver-selected upshifts or downshifts. The low mode feature can be used in any gear to prevent the transmission from upshifting, and initiates downshifts to optimize engine braking performance. Low mode can also be used to select first gear at a standstill, and will hold in low until drive mode is selected.

The UltraShift 10-speed is currently available in limited quantities – Eaton will produce 1,000 during the next 12 months. Full production begins in the spring of 2004.

Torque wrench
Tireman’s Torque Wrench uses a flex action handle that makes it virtually impossible to over-torque the wheel stud, according to the company. Calibrated to ISO 9000 standards, the Tireman comes in five models delivering a range from 70 to 1,500 lb-ft of torque. It is available with either a 3/4- or 1-inch square drive.

Wide-tread truck tire
Toyo Tires’ wide-tread M-122 commercial truck tire is designed specifically for local delivery and regional haul applications. Toyo Tires says the M-122 provides an improvement in steering response and provides excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. Stone ejector grooves are incorporated into the design to minimize stone drilling. A rugged sidewall helps to prevent harm from curb strikes. The casing features all-steel, four-belt construction for extended life.

Flat-top/Box-top utility cart
Akro-Mils’ ProCart, which functions both as a flat-top and box-top cart is designed to move cartons, loose components or mixed items. The ProCart has hinged side gates that flip into position and lock in place to convert it from a flat-top to a box-top cart. The ProCart is molded from high-density polyethylene structural foam that is dent resistant and rust proof. The I-beam construction eliminates corner posts.

Interchangeable multi-treatment cartridge
Haldex’s new air dryers come with an interchangeable, high performance Multi-Treatment Cartridge. The Multi-Treatment Cartridge uses a five-stage cleaning system and is designed to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants in the air system.

The five-stage cleaning system begins by eliminating solid particles through a fine corrosion-and chemical-resistant aluminum mesh. The air then flows through a large desiccant bed where oil and water droplets are eliminated. The main desiccant bed treats water vapor and any remaining contaminants. A second desiccant bed removes oil and water vapor. As a final precaution, ultra-fine particulates are removed from the air flow through a dust filter before the air enters the system.

Natural concrete cleaner
New Pig’s PaveClean Concrete Cleaner, an all-natural way to remove unsightly oil stains from concrete or asphalt, conserves water resources and eliminates contaminated storm water runoff. It also removes surface sheen and slipperiness from stained concrete or asphalt. The product comes in 1-, 5- and 20-pound containers.

Stowaway liftgate
Thieman Tailgates’ level ride stowaway liftgate (LRST) is designed for handling loads up to 4,000 pounds. The LRST features a self-leveling action and an adjustable platform to provide a stable, level-with-truck surface for all types of loading conditions. Other features include self-lubricating Teflon bearings, a plastic pump enclosure for protection from weather and an 80-inch by 60-inch aluminum platform.

Truck frame repair kit
Huck Fasteners’ Truck Frame Repair Kit provides the installation tool and portable power source needed to pull the Huck fasteners most commonly used to repair heavy-truck frames, the company says. The kit includes the Huck 586 tool, which offers 5,400 pounds of pull capacity, and the Huck PowerRig 940 Hydraulic Source, a 75-pound portable power source.

Power rotation economy crane
Stellar Industries’ EC2K-P, a 6,500-lb-ft power rotation economy electric crane, can lift a maximum of 930 pounds at 7 feet. The EC2K-P uses a heavy-duty 12-volt electric hoist winch with a 9.5 foot/minute winch speed. It has a reach of 7 feet from the centerline of the crane.

Unbreakable tarp arm
Mountain Tarp Inc. has created StrongArm, an unbreakable tarp arm. Constructed of 2-inch thick extruded aluminum, StrongArm has no elbow joints or telescoping parts. It is available in both manual and electric versions for use on end-dump trailers up to 38 feet in length. According to the company, the product’s polished and anodized aluminum finish is virtually maintenance-free and requires only periodic applications of penetrating fluid to keep its springs and bearings in good working order.

Tire sealant
Bar’s Leaks’ new Tire Stop Leak and Sealant prevents flats, stops leaks and seals punctures up to a quarter inch in diameter, according to the company. Tire Stop Leak is a permanent protective coating for the interior of tires. After letting the air out of a tire, users must squeeze in the proper amount of the product and reinflate. Flexible fibers will create a seal to eliminate leaks and protect the tire’s interior.

Geographically arranged road atlas
Michelin has created the North America Road Atlas, which is arranged geographically, instead of alphabetically. The United States, Canada and Mexico are divided into a sequence of squares, each of which is a simple-to-use map, Michelin says. Truckers can use “go-to” pointers to trace their route from one map to the next. The atlas includes more than 170 distance charts. An interstate map provides distances and driving times. A city-to-city chart shows distances between major North American cities, and regional distance charts are included on each page spread. The atlas is spiral bound, and its index includes metropolitan and downtown maps.

DOT safety videos
J.J. Keller & Associates’ DOT Safety Compliance Seminar Video Series consists of six videos that deliver current DOT safety compliance information. Each video is based on regulations and supported with real experiences of the Keller presenter. The videos offer an alternative to seminar attendance and are available as a series for $349. They may also be bought separately for $129 each.

Heated windshield wiper blade
Rostra Precision Controls Inc. has developed the Safety Hot Blade. The wiper blade, which heats up, is automatically activated by the onset of freezing conditions, Rostra says. The Safety Hot Blade retails for $49.95 per blade.

Temperature and conditions dataloggers
Thermo King’s new TransScan 2 Dataloggers allow drivers of refrigerated vehicles to provide proof of the temperature in their chiller compartment by pushing a button. The three new dataloggers are Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP)-compliant, and offer simple offload of recorded data for storage and analysis on a standard PC using Wintrac 4.1 software. Built-in printers produce delivery tickets, journey tickets or multi-day graphs.

High-impulse, flexible hose
Parker Hannifin’s new 472TC hose for high-impulse applications has an oil-resistant, synthetic, high Nitrile rubber tube to handle a variety of petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, lubrication oils, water/oil emulsion, water/glycol hydraulic fluids and polyol ester fluids. The hose is compatible with Parker’s Parkrimp family of crimpers and can be crimped without removing the hose cover.

Lightweight impact wrench
Snap-on Tools’ new IMC500 1/2-inch square drive impact wrench has a patented muffler bypass system that allows users to run it in either open or quiet mode. The IMC5001/2″ achieves a total of 525 lb-ft of forward torque and 620 lb-ft of reverse torque at full power. The unit weighs 4.4 pounds and is protected by an aluminum front housing and a protective composite rear housing. It has a ribbed and textured handle, a contoured trigger and a three-position regulator that offers adjustable power settings for multiple applications.

Keyless entry
TriMark’s new Electronic Access Security Keyless-Entry offers increased security for both passenger and compartment doors. The base system provides a standard remote radio frequency (RF) transmitter fob and externally mounted keypad. According to TriMark, the fob provides automotive convenience to your vehicle and the keypad provides true keyless entry. The keypad can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and with means to protect against vandalism and other tampering. Complete system kits are available and include handles, latches and power actuators.

Hand-held spotlight
The Model 9770 Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) hand-held spotlight from J.W. Speaker Corp. combines the brightness of Xenon with a portable unit. The Model 9770 produces white light with daylight color impressions at four to five times the illumination of halogen lamps at equal energy consumption, the company says. At 2.5 million-candle power, the light emitted makes objects more recognizable up to five miles.

The Model 9770 is constructed of industrial-grade materials, stainless steel hardware and high-impact chemical-resistant housing. It has a service life of up to 4,000 hours, and because the Xenon HID bulb has no filament, there is no breakage from shock and vibration. The 12-foot coiled cord with cigarette plug fits into 12-volt vehicle receptacles.

Dual-rate alarm
Cole Hersee’s Dual-Rate Alarm for trucks connects to any two remote switches, manual or automatic and emits an intermittent tone at one of two different rates, audibly identifying the switch. The alarm has hundreds of uses, but typical applications include: headlights, door ajar, low fuel, high/low pressure and high/low temperature.

The dual rates of the alarm tone are approximately 60 and 120 cycles per minute. The alarm measures 2 inches long and features solid-state construction. It is designed for 12-volt systems and fits a standard sealed-beam connector, Packard connectors or individual blade connectors.

Flush pull handle
TriMark’s 020-0700 Flush Pull Handle offers ergonomic function and styling, is adaptable for power door lock actuation and has a free-floating handle when locked. The handle is available in right- and left-hand configurations, as well as locking and non-locking versions. The handle can be used either horizontally or vertically and meets FMVSS 206 locking requirements.

Folding truck ramp
Bustin Industrial Products’ Rx Ramp, an aluminum folding truck ramp, is designed to meet the requirements of step- van operators. It is made of lightweight self-cleaning serrated grating and can be deployed in 15 seconds.