FleetPortal is opening

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FleetPortal’s smart, illustrated parts catalog (IPC) provides vehicle-specific parts lists with hyperlinked graphics. Integrated with the operator’s internal maintenance information system(s), the IPC provides a single point of entry to all mission-critical maintenance information.

As you read this, TMC FleetPortal is well under development. It’s an electronic information site, designed to support fleet parts and maintenance operations.

Conceived under the auspices of the Technology & Maintenance Council, FleetPortal will offer fleets a central library of maintenance information and a specialized, interactive, illustrated parts catalog, comprising products from all major OEMs and suppliers.

The site is hosted by Continental DataGraphics, a subsidiary of the Boeing Company, and its architecture is based on a similar system, developed by CDG, that is widely used by the aviation industry.

Claimed benefits of FleetPortal will include:

  • Substantial reduction of manual data entry and problem investigation time by using fleet vehicle profiles to pre-fill forms. Searches can be filtered down to relevant data pertaining to a specific vehicle.
  • Rapid, one-point publishing, which allows manufacturers to reduce parts and maintenance documentation costs, while giving customers quick access to the latest information.
  • Elimination of inefficiencies inherent in manual sourcing. Fleets can verify that they have realized price targets and delivery terms over the life of a contract.
  • Secure data channels for confidential vendor-customer pricing agreements and transactions.
  • Standardized parts and maintenance information via TMC’s VMRS 2000 (vehicle maintenance and reporting standards) – a universal language for fleets, OEMs, suppliers and equipment users, used to identify equipment specifications, labor functions, part numbers and more.

While it may take a couple of years for the site to be fully operational, you can visit this site now and take a virtual tour. There’s even an online survey form. Tell them what you think.