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Life seal spring brake
Haldex introduces the Haldex/Anchorlok Life Seal. The Life Seal is designed to eliminate the major causes of spring brake failure, the company says. The Life Seal’s design eliminates contamination by completely sealing the emergency brake chamber, and the increased wire diameter of the heat-treated compression spring enable its output force to outlast other spring brakes, the company claims.

Irregular wear-fighting steer, drive tires
Bridgestone/Firestone is introducing its new Bridgestone R280 steer-axle tire, and FD690 Plus deep-tread, drive-axle tire.

The R280 steer tire is designed primarily for long-distance and long, regional hauling – two applications where steer tires are often removed from service for irregular wear rather than wearout.

The R280’s footprint automatically optimizes itself during early stages of wear, says the company, to increase the effectiveness of the proprietary Equalizer Rib design. In addition, there is stress-relief siping along every rib to combat river wear, new sipe contouring to resist block wear, straight-sided ribs, and Bridgestone’s Defense Groove design to fight wavy and shoulder edge wear.

These are combined with an extra-wide tread that delivers slow, even wear, and groove-bottom platforms to prevent retention of casing-damaging stones.

The tire is initially available in 22.5- and 24.5-inch, low-profile sizes, with standard-profile versions available later this year.

Bridgestone’s FD690 Plus drive tire for long-distance hauling features 29/32-inch-deep tread for long original tread life, and an aggressive block/lug design, with numerous, angled edges to cut through water and road film.

The center lugs are linked to each other with tie bars to reduce tread squirm and to fight heel-and-toe wear – the most common type of irregular wear on deep-tread drive radials. Additional tread stability is provided by a continuous shoulder design, which resists side forces and prevents the initiation and spread of irregular wear.

Suitable for single and tandem-drive applications, the new tire is available in standard and low-profile sizes for 22.5- and 24.5-inch wheels.

Automatic filter cleaning washer
System 1 introduces an automatic filter cleaning washer. The washer is to be used in conjunction with System 1 industrial and fleet cleanable and reusable filters and is available to distributors and direct government accounts.

Wire-protection products
Phillip’s Clear-Vu line products are designed to prevent corrosion and other wire-related problems before they occur. The Clear-Vu junction box is designed to easily accommodate ABS and ISO cables in a durable, transparent housing. Any sign of corrosion can be easily detected, the company says. Cable pass-throughs are grommet-protected, adding an additional level of corrosion resistance, and the termination points are stainless steel, for maximum reliability and corrosion protection.

The Clear-Vu battery cable is a rope-stranded cable with a durable, flexible, transparent coating. The cable is available in five gauges, from 6 to 2/0.

The Clear-Vu tubing is a transparent, abrasion-resistant shrink-tube wire covering. The product, available in clear and three colors, permits a visual check for corrosion and wire integrity. The tubing is available in 6-inch lengths for wires of 22 to 1 gauge.

Vehicle tracking GPS
Abbott Enterprises introduces the ATTI Shadow Tracker Jr. GPS passive vehicle tracking device. The Shadow Tracker Jr. has a compact design and provides complete vehicle travel information such as locations, time traveling stops and vehicle speeds.

Brake stroke status system
MGM Brake’s e-Stroke (Electronic Stroke Alert) System is designed to conduct quick, accurate brake stroke status checks, the company says. With this system, crawling under a truck or bus to evaluate the stroke status of brake chambers is eliminated.

White LEDs
A.L. Lightech introduces several White LEDs for backup use. Each light contains 19 LEDs and uses high-quality computer chips, the company says. All of the lights meet FMVSS108 and SAE requirements and have necessary 45-degree angles. They are sealed and have a polycarbonate lens and housing. They operate at 12.8 volts DC and consume less than 0.4 amps. They are available in 4- and 7-inch round and 6-inch oval.

Expanded chain offerings
Kinedyne has expanded its line of Grade 70 transportation chain and accessories. The product line now includes 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch chain in 16-, 20- and 25-foot assemblies with grab hooks on each end, plus bulk chain in barrels and clevis grab hooks. The 5/16-inch chain is rated at a breaking strength of 18,800 pounds and a working load limit of 4,700 pounds, and the 3/8-inch chain is rated at a breaking strength of 26,400 pounds and a working load limit of 6,600 pounds.

Accessories include standard and heavy-duty ratchet binders that adjust from 23 inches to 30 inches hook to hook; standard and heavy-duty lever binders; a recoilless binder that features an anti-kickback handle; and a steel corner protector.

Automatic lubrication system
Lubriquip’s NGM RoadWarrior is an automatic lubrication system for Class 3, 4 and 5 vehicles. The unit incorporates Lubriquip technologies, including the pump, controller, manifold and lubricant reservoir into a single, impact and weather-resistant housing. Features of the RoadWarrior include a single integrated housing, a quick-change pre-filled grease cartridge that can be replaced without tools, and the delivery of grease to as many as 16 lube points simultaneously.

Trailer cables
Del City introduces 4, 6, 7 and ABS conductor trailer cable in a variety of gauge sizes. Each is manufactured with a polyvinyl

chloride jacket outside and general-purpose primary wire inside. Each conductor is stranded copper and color coded to meet industry standards. It is resistant to cracking, abrasion, oils and acids, the company says.

Del City’s ABS cable meets the recommended wire gauge requirements to ensure constant power to antilock braking systems. It is available with a lime green jacket for easy identification. Black is also available.

Aluminum suspension hanger
East Manufacturing’s Lite-Ride aluminum suspension hanger is available in a bolt-on version for most aluminum frame trailers, and as an intergrated weld-on option for East Frameless dump trailers. It saves more than 150 pounds per tandem, and the integrated weld-on option for frameless trailers is more than 370 pounds lighter than current steel hanger assemblies.

Temperature tracking device
Cadec’s TempTracker is a temperature monitoring and reporting device used in trailers. The TempTracker can wirelessly monitor up to three separate locations within the trailer. Used with Cadec’s Mobius TTS onboard mobile logistics management system, TempTracker will audibly and visually warn the driver if the temperature in the trailer does not meet the pre-determined standards set by management.
New reports included with TempTracker can display temperature discrepancies by date, vehicle, trailer or driver. Temperature readings for each sensor are reported during deliveries, pickups, account delays, drive starts and hooks.

Hose reel
Nederman’s 865 hose reel is designed for fleet maintenance facilities and vehicle repair shops. The 865 hose reel removes harmful exhaust fumes before they can be exhaled into the lungs. The 865 hose reel is available in spring cassette or motorized and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The hose, available in various lengths, types and diameters, can be unwound automatically or with the use of a remote control. Once the hose is unwound, the end, equipped with a nozzle, is attached to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle to be worked on. Diesel exhaust and carcinogens are safely extracted through the hose and vented outside.

Telescopic forklift
Sellick’s Teletruck is a 6,000-pound capacity industrial pneumatic-tire forklift that incorporates telescopic boom technology instead of a vertical mast design. The Teletruck is capable of reaching over and lifting a 3,500-pound load from the other side of a truck, trailer or rail car. The telescopic boom design also provides the versatility of switching from one attachment to another through quick disconnect auxiliary hydraulics, and a carriage with 111 degrees of tilt.

Safety device for high-speed doors
Rite-Hite Doors introduces the I-Zone Area Detection System, a safety device for high-speed doors. The system uses infrared technology to sense pedestrians before they are in the door opening, and prevents a door from

beginning to close when a person enters the 7-foot safety zone. The I-Zone extends safety beyond the door opening and detects people as they approach the door from either side of the opening. Each infrared sensor looks out in front of both sides of the opening, and the infrared beams cross to form a safety zone, the company says.

The I-Zone also includes a self-monitoring feature. If the system detects a potential problem with its proper operation, an alarm will sound to indicate that the sensors should be examined. The system is available exclusively on Rite-Hite Doors’ Protecdor and TrakLine series doors and can be added to new and existing installations.

Wireless fluid management system
Graco’s Matrix Total Fluid Management System provides a wireless metering, tracking and delivery system for dispensing and inventorying oil, gear lube, anti-freeze and transmission fluids. It provides tracking of all fluids dispensed through the Matrix system, a record of transaction and inventory levels, as well as multi-level security and PIN codes to protect your system and assets. The system features electronic meters that accurately dispense fluids in pints, quarts, gallons or liters, and tank level monitors that keep track of the amount of bulk fluids in storage tanks. The meters and monitors wirelessly transmit their information to a transceiver connected to a PC.

Software evaluation tool
Arsenault Associates introduces an evaluation format to help companies purchase software. The free tool is accessible at Users should choose “Decision Matrix” from the Menu and will then be taken to a screen that offers either a blank fleet maintenance software company decision matrix in a PDF format or a form in which Arsenault has already completed the matrix with its own information.

Natural gas heated hot pressure washer
Landa introduces a 102-volt natural gas heated, hot-water pressure washer. The VHG3-11024D delivers cleaning power of 2.5 gallons per minute at 1000 psi. The VHG is 24 inches wide by 53 inches long by 49 inches high. It is designed with a hinged door on the side and a removable panel on the top of the steel cabinet. Both are easily accessed by turning thumbscrews. The VHG has a power platform mounted on six vibration isolators to avoid component wear and studded bolts for easier servicing.

Air suspension for drive axle
Ridewell’s Model RAD-241H Parallelogram Air Suspension is designed for light truck, transit, paratransit and shuttle applications. It is equipped with oversized bushings for ride stability and long-term durability on irregular and deteriorated roads. Load distribution is 70 percent supported on the air springs and 30 percent on the main pivot bushing. The unit is a 3-link parallelogram trailing arm design with a hinged axle seat that provides constant pinion angle.

Permanent precision tire balancing
Equipment Supply Company’s Easy Balance is a balancing material that is poured directly into the tire as it is being mounted on the wheel for faster, permanent balancing, the company says. The material absorbs moisture in the tire with no lump formation. It balances with every wheel revolution and constantly adjusts to changing load effects. Easy Balance is also environmentally friendly and requires no special disposal measures.