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The Holland Group has added the lightweight FW17 to its family of fifth wheels. The new fifth wheel is made using a steel casting technology that allows for a maximum durability, while reducing rib and wall thickness to minimize weight. According to Holland, the new fifth wheel assembly is up to 16 percent lighter than comparable products.

The FW17 incorporates Holland’s reduced-effort release mechanism and simplified adjustment system. It’s compatible with all current Holland on-highway sliding and stationary mounting systems and can be configured as a complete fifth wheel assembly or as a top plate to replace in-service Holland units.

The FW17 comes standard with an easy-grip drop handle to protect the handle from damage caused by a missed couple, and it incorporates the same low-maintenance and safety features found on the FW35 and FW8 models. These include NoLube packet liners, grease retaining grooves cast into the fifth wheel surface, treated lock sets, an automatic secondary lock and visual lock indicator. The FW17 is rated for 95,000-pound GCW, 5-axle, on-highway applications.

Seats Inc.’s Heritage Series line has a wider cushion with four-position adjustability for extended leg support, two-way lumbar control, 15-degree recline, and 7-inch track travel.

The Heritage HD targets heavy-duty work applications, providing increased side-to-side stability with its 5-inch wider suspension, a dual shock system, and reinforced suspension. The Heritage LO (low-profile suspension) targets low-rider applications such as Class 6 and Class 7 trucks, providing 3 inches of suspension stroke and a feature that minimizes topping and bottoming out.

Citgo’s new Citgard Transit Low Ash Engine Oil is formulated to help high-output, low-emissions engines combat deposits, disperse soot, and resist oxidation. Additionally, it has the ability to lubricate both two- and four-cycle diesel engines. Available in SAE 15W 40, SAE 40 and SAE 30 viscosity grades, Citgard contains specialized detergents to control piston ring deposits in highly stressed engines.

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Additionally, extensive field tests have proven the oil’s performance in fleets that contain both gas and diesel engines. It is appropriate for use with a variety of engines: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, Mack, International and Volvo.

Safe Shop Tools has improved the tilting brackets that are at the core of its Clever Lever Tire and Wheel Caddie. The patented Clever Lever gives truck technicians a10 to 1 lifting advantage, allowing them to easily remove or install a tire up to 285 pounds, the company says. Previously the Clever Lever required both left- and right-side brackets, but each bracket can now fit on either leg of the tool. The redesigned bracket is also stronger.

PPG’s DC3000 high velocity clear is designed for use with the Deltron system. It is designed to speed up productivity in both air-dry and low-bake paint operations. DC3000 offers gloss retention and a 9-minute bake time.

Advent Product Development introduces the Clutch Lock, which was developed by a professional truck driver. The Clutch Lock locks the clutch of a semi-truck in place, preventing theft of the truck. It mounts on the floorboard or firewall and securely locks to the clutch lever, behind the pedal.

Portable hot-water pressure washer
Landa has introduced a line of self-contained, hot-water pressure washers, ideal for on-site cleaning, The gasoline-powered, diesel-heated PGHW series has four models with cleaning power ranging from 3.5 to 4.8 gallons per minute and 3,000 to 4,000 psi of pressure. All four models are skid-mounted and encased in an industrial-duty steel cage for added protection. They are totally self-contained with no electricity needed and are capable of drawing water from a tank in the field and cleaning for hours without interruption.

Three of the models are driven by Honda engines, 11 and 20 hp, while the remaining model is driven by a 16-hp Vanguard engine by Briggs & Stratton.

Transcraft has introduced a lower-deck height option of 36.5 inches in the unloaded condition, on all three drop deck trailer models: the DTL3000, DTL2100 and the D-Eagle. With lower deck heights, customers can transport taller loads and have easier access to the lower-deck area, the company says.

Hendrickson’s Intraax low-ride platform sliders offer the benefits of an integrated suspension system to haulers running low flatbed and drop-deck sliders. The low-ride, single-axle, AAZL 23K and tandem, AAZL 46K, complement the top-mount single and tandem platform sliders to provide a larger selection for haulers requiring this configuration. Offered in ride heights from 6.5 to 12 inches, the AAZL tandem and single-axle systems feature a combination of a Z profile box and the Intraax integrated suspension system. The slider box fits between the trailer I-beams with lock-pins engaging through holes in the web of the beams. The platform sliders fit I-beam centers of 37, 38, 43 and 44 inches, and the tandem can accommodate 49-, 60- and 72-inch axle spreads.

Fleet Products’ Airpods are tubular air bag void fillers that keep cargo safe from damage caused by shifting and tipping of freight. They are designed to fill voids down the center aisle or along the sidewalls of the trailer, preventing cargo from tipping or falling. The re-inflatable Airpods are inflated through a separate airline running from the nose of the trailer to the rear door. Permanently attached to the trailer walls or ceiling, Airpods are adjustable up or down depending on cargo size. Roll-up styles are also available.

Tracer Products’ Tracerline UV Max Plus is a fluorescent leak detector with a telescopic extender that reaches up to 28 inches. The UV LED light makes all fluid and air-conditioning and fluid leaks glow brightly. An adjustable service mirror allows technicians to see around hoses, fittings and other obstructions, revealing leaks that are hidden from direct view. The UV Max Plus is 6 inches long and weighs 3 ounces. It is powered by three 1.55-volt alkaline coin batteries that are supplied with the detector.

Grote’s new high-diode count LED lamps line includes seven varieties of clearance/marker and stop, tail and turn lamps in red and yellow. The line features Grote Plug and Go technology, which enables easy exchange with incandescent lamps. All of the lamps are completely sealed to keep environmental contaminants out of the circuit boards and are backed with Grote’s two-year warranty.

East Manufacturing recently added a new line of smooth bright-finish aluminum full-fenders. East smooth fenders are built with special milled 3/16-inch aluminum and double-lip edges for extra strength and durability. Non-lip versions are also available. The aluminum is corrosion resistant, doesn’t peel or chip and looks like new for years after simple polishing, the company says. The East smooth full-fender has a radius of 18 inches to better match the contour of the tires, and the fender rolls halfway down the tire on both the front and back for enhanced protection from road hazards. The smooth finish is also available on half-fenders and on full-width fender caps. Full-fender mounting kits are sold separately.