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Dodge has introduced a cab/chassis version of its Sprinter van. The vehicle allows easy upfit for a wide variety of commercial applications, the company says. Upfit specialists can take advantage of features such as integration of the fuel filler neck and nozzle into the cab, which eliminates the need to reroute the fuel fill system or build bodies around it. Taillight wiring harnesses may be lengthened easily to fit extended utility bodies, or taillights may be deleted altogether. Other options include a rear window for the cab and wiring harnesses for lighting the interior of upfit bodies.

As in the Sprinter van, a 5-cylinder, 2.7-liter turbo diesel produces 154 horsepower and 243 lb-ft of torque, and is coupled to an automatic 5-speed transmission. GVWRs are 8,550 or 9,990 pounds, and wheelbase choices are 140 or 158 inches.

Dodge claims fuel economy of more than 25 miles per gallon, with a vehicle range of approximately 550 miles, while maintenance intervals can be as long as 20,000 miles.
Four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and integrated acceleration skid control (ASR) are standard, and driver and passenger airbags are available. The 2500 models are equipped with an electronic stability program (ESP).

The Sprinter cab/chassis includes standard power steering and excellent maneuverability in tight areas, while its spacious interior provides ample leg and shoulder room, and ergonomically designed seats.

Grease grabber
Abanaki’s improved Grease Grabber removes up to 160 gph of floating grease and oil under the harshest conditions – freezing temperatures, fluctuating levels and turbulent liquids, the company says.
The latest updates include: a new modular design; increased hopper capacity; elevated hopper heat range; a stainless steel tail pulley; and a stainless steel belt retainer. Using only a 28-inch by 7-inch mounting area, the unit elevates skimmed grease and oil 100 feet or more for discharge.

Electronic odometer
Haldex’s Electronic Odometer is an alternative to conventional mechanical hub odometers. Its simple design allows access to trailer odometer readings at the press of a button. With an onboard battery, the e-Odometer operates without vehicle power. When the trailer is powered, the e-Odometer can also verify sensor readouts. It mounts to the nose of the trailer for damage protection, while the EGP cover adds additional protection, in addition to a level of data privacy. It restricts tampering since data is stored in the ECU.

All-position radial
The Yokohama RY617, a linehaul, all-position radial, is an upgrade of the RY083A. In addition to a five-rib tread design and casing configuration, it has thousands of additional sipes for water evacuation, wet traction and uniform wear. A wavy groove wall design strengthens rib stiffness and combats uneven wear, while a stress wear control groove reduces contact pressure at the tread edge, providing increased resistance to shoulder step-down wear. The RY617 has a four-year, two-retread limited warranty.

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High-pressure hose
Parker Hannifin’s 791TC Extreme Hose is designed for high-pressure applications where space is tight. The hose features a constant working pressure of 6000 psi in all sizes. Hose sizes include: 3/4-inch ID, 1-inch ID, 11/4-inch ID and 11/2-inch ID. It meets or exceeds SAE 100R15 and ISO 3862-1 Type R15 specifications.

Hose construction includes a neoprene synthetic rubber inner tube surrounded by four or six spirals of high-tensile steel wire reinforcement. An MSHA-accepted Tough Cover is engineered to resist abrasion in aggressive environments. Parker 791TC Extreme Hose handles a variety of petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, water/oil, and water/glycol hydraulic fluids.

Electric traveling crane publications
The Crane Manufacturers Association of America announced the release of two revised publications: Specification 70, Specifications for Top Running Bridge & Gantry Type Multiple Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes and Specification 74, Specifications for Top Running Single Girder Electric Traveling Cranes Utilizing Under Running Trolley Hoist. Both specifications have been developed by CMAA to provide a basis for uniform quality and performance and consist of seven sections: general specifications, crane classifications, structural design, mechanical design, electrical equipment, crane inquiry data sheet and a glossary.

Heavy-duty tensioners
SKF recently introduced a full line of heavy-duty tensioners and idler pulleys. The tensioners feature a round spring design, a patented feature that allows them to maintain constant tension even during changes in operating loads and torque. SKF’s patented Noose Ring technology reduces tensioner motion for improved life. The Noose Ring acts like a shock absorber by reducing system vibration and stress on other components, such as belts and bearings.

Stretch wrapper
Arpac Group’s Infrapak PA-Series Plus stretch wrapper is a two-station system that increases forklift operator productivity, the company says. It is completely accessible to forklift operators without getting off the truck. Upon completion of the wrapping, the TIE-GR film-tail capture mechanism automatically clamps, cuts, ties and secures the film to the pallet, leaving no tail. Standard features include user-friendly operator controls, Steel-It scratch-resistant paint and powered feed conveyor.

Sealed connectors
Waytek has recently added interface seals and wire seals to their Mate-N-Lok connector product line, providing another option when sealed connections are needed. The connectors are universal because the pin and socket terminals may be intermixed in the same housing. The plug and cap lock together positively and completely enclose the terminals.

Strick Corp. has added The Gold Standard to its product line. The trailer has 101 inches of inside width and includes: a plywood-free sheet and post trailer that eliminates plywood replacement; damage-resistant top rails with integrated full-length protection to reduce cargo and trailer damage; an inboard roof design that prevents roof damage; and a paint system that resists peeling and corrosion on the kingpin wrap, rear frame and bumper, the company says.
Strick backs The Gold Standard with a five-year warranty that includes protection for painted steel surfaces, the synthetic lining and side posts.

Magnetic mirror
Superior Signals‘ magnetically mounted Mag-Mirror can attach to any iron surface at any angle. The mirror is available in either a 33/4-inch or 6-inch convex or flat model. The magnet offers 60 pounds of holding power. Accessories include a mounting plate for non-iron metal surfaces and 6-, 9- or 12-inch extensions.

Brake tool set
Ken-Tool’s 7-Piece Brake Tool Set contains the most commonly used brake service tools for drum brakes, the company says. The set includes: #1032 brake adjusting tool; #1035 brake adjusting tool; #1039 universal brake spring pliers; #1042 retainer spring tool, #1044 brake shoe retaining spring tool; #1046 brake spring removal tool; and #1047 brake spring installing tool.

Canister flashers
Transportation Safety Technologies introduced Titan Flashers – small canister flashers that can be used in incandescent or LED lighting applications. Titan Flashers feature 100 percent solid-state construction, operate within extreme weather conditions and use TST’s Extenda-Life technology, which provides life-of-vehicle operation, the company says. Two models are available: a 5-pin alternating with two 10-amp loads, and a 3-pin flashing with one 10-amp load.

Diesel engine piston de-carbonizing unit
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering’s Strontium Ferrite Fuel Stabilizers decontaminate and stabilize diesel fuel without the use of chemical additives. They reconstitute aged fuel, kill algae and improve fuel combustion characteristics as the engine runs. Installed between the fuel tank and primary fuel filter, the fuel that goes to the engine is treated and goes back to the tank via a return line. Units are available in 5-gallons-per-hour to 2,500-gallons-per-hour flow rates.

Carbon monoxide monitor
Draeger Safety’s microPac Plus Carbon Monoxide Monitor is a compact gas measuring and warning device for carbon monoxide in the 0-1000 parts per million range. The two-year maintenance-free instrument features an LCD concentration display with audible, visual and vibrating alarms. The lightweight unit can be worn on the lapel, shirt pocket or belt of those in the presence of hazardous gas concentrations.

All-position tire
BFGoodrich’s ST576 On/Off road all-position tire features four-belt construction and is available in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes, both in Load Range H. It also features a full-width protector ply to better shield the working plies against shocks and penetrations.

Spray lube
WD-40 lubricant is now available as WD-40 Big Blast, with a wide-area spray nozzle that allows for larger surface coverage. Engines and equipment covered with the WD-40 Big Blast can receive the benefit of a protective coat against rust and corrosion.

Dunnage boxes
Transcraft has added factory-installed rear dunnage boxes as a flatbed trailer option. The addition of a rear dunnage box reduces paint damage caused by storing dunnage in the knee brace area or between the main beams. Measuring 51/2 inches by 8 feet high, the dunnage box adds very little weight to the trailer and is located in the rear plate between the rear frame lights in an area normally not used. The box comes standard with a drop-down door that locks into place to keep the timbers secured. It is available on all Transcraft flatbed with an all steel or aluminum rear plate.

In-van material handling system
Wayne Engineering’s high-speed CargoMaster for vans and for semi-trailers can now load and unload freight up to 8,000 pounds faster and more smoothly than before. The improved performance is based on a new direct-acting, proportional hydraulic valve design from Hydroforce.

Cab protector
Weather Guard Equipment’s Protect-A-Rail Cab Protector is designed to protect pickup cabs from shifting loads in the cargo area. The Protector is constructed of steel tubing and features an accessory-ready design for mounting warning lights. Hollow tube pathways house and protect wiring from warning lights, and tie-down holes on the sides of the cab protector secure cargo. A ladder mount extension accessory is also available for securing ladders.

The Protector is designed to custom fit a variety of models including Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge. Six separately sold vehicle-specific installation mounting kits are required to custom fit the Protector to individual vehicles.

Key storage cabinets
GE Security’s Supra division announced three key storage cabinets, which will store 30, 60 or 120 keys. The storage cabinets employ GE Security’s recently-introduced QuickAccess keyless pushbutton lock, which eliminates re-keying by enabling end users to change the combination right at the lock as often as needed.

All three versions of the cabinets feature 16-gauge steel construction with piano-hinged doors to resist vandalism. Inside, key hooks can hold multiple keys on supplied key tags, or hold them directly.

Stackable tub
Akro-Mils’ Cross-Stack Akro-Tub is available in two sizes, each in heights of 8 inches and 12 inches. They feature side and bottom stacking grooves that allow stable, 90-degree stacks of loaded containers to provide efficient transport on pallet or dollies. When emptied, the tubs nest to conserve space.

Maintenance management system
Kenworth is offering new versions of its PremierCare Connect maintenance management system designed to help fleets and repair shops manage their parts inventory and maintenance operation. The system provides maintenance managers with real-time parts usage history and gains in inventory accuracy through the use of bar-code technology, the company says. The online tool facilitates parts reordering and customer invoicing.

Kenworth PremierCare Connect Professional is for small to medium-size fleets that require more features for their daily operations than the original Connect system offered. Connect Professional offers features such as inventory control, preventive maintenance scheduling, work order generation, repair order invoicing and counter sales invoicing.

For larger fleets, Kenworth is offering Connect Enterprise. It includes all of the features available with Connect Professional plus advanced functions, such as multi-currency capability, support for multiple business units, and integration with other business software systems. Customers can also keep track of parts and technicians’ time spent on each work order by using a bar-code scanner connected to the computer workstation. An optional mobile bar code scanner is also available.

Alignment program
Josam Products introduced a Windows-based alignment program for its Laser AM Equipment. The new program does all the computation of numbers, stores the data and prints report sheets.

Compartment latch
TriMark’s Heavy-Duty Pivoting Catch Compartment Latch is designed for storage and compartment doors for off-road vehicles, including agricultural and construction equipment and industrial enclosures. It has a laminated hook and heavy-duty die-cast zinc paddle . Other features include: a pivoting catch; reverse paddle design; and a zinc-plate, yellow chromate finish. It is available in locking and non-locking versions, and is easy to install with four 1/4-inch or 6-mm pop-rivets or screws.

Replacement panel
Rite Hite’s Universal GX-4000 Replacement Panel is now available in a 3-inch thickness. The panel is made from extruded vinyl material and can be retrofitted to existing 3-inch sectional doors. It has an interlocking modular slat design that allows for configuring different sectional door panel heights. Slats are 3 or 6 inches in height and slide together to create a complete panel.

Available in lengths up to 14 feet 2 inches, the panel incorporates an integral support system and can be used for bottom, intermediate or top section panel replacement. For intermediate panel replacement, the GX-4000 can be ordered with optional 24-inch by 8-inch windows or a full-width translucent slat.

Ratchet and winch system
Affiliated Inventors’ Speed Handle for flatbed trailers is a steel ratchet and winch system used to roll up the cargo straps on a flatbed trailer. The simple design makes it easier to retract nylon straps.

Solvent heater
The Rostra Precision Controls Safe-Vue washer solvent heater from Rostra Precision Controls heats windshield washer solvent to melt ice and snow, remove road oils, tree sap, insects and other dirt or film. Suitable for use in virtually any vehicle from commercial trucks to passenger vehicles, the patented system automatically heats the solvent in a separate reservoir within 90 seconds of a cold start, is thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating, and is insulated to continuously and safely keep the fluid warm, the company says.

The system installs in the factory washer supply hose that connects the reservoir to the nozzles. The nozzles are mounted at the base of the windshield, in the hood or on the wiper arms. The system is also suitable for headlamp washer systems.

Howard Leight has combined new material with a new design concept to develop the Matrix line of single-use earplugs. The earplugs feature improved fit and comfort, easier insertion without rolling and the ability to screen harmful noises out while allowing human voice frequencies in.