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Heavy-duty power rack
Hunter’s RKHD Heavy-Duty Power Rack’s standard configuration is 24 inches high and includes a turnplate section, four runway sections and a pop-up ramp per side. The overall standard length is 380 inches, but additional runway sections can be added for unlimited wheelbase capacity. The RKHD can also be installed in shallow-pit configurations of 24-inch or 30-inch depths.

The truss design provides a 20,000-pound per axle capacity. Each leg of the RKHD bolts directly to the bay floor for maximum strength and can be adjusted for level accuracy.
The turnplate sections are recessed to accept optional turnplates and include adjustable front wheel stops to provide clearance during service operations. Runway sections are 33 inches wide, making drive-on and drive-off easy and safe without moving the runways. Inside rub-rails help prevent smaller vehicles from driving off the sides of the runways. The pop-up ramps add wheelbase capacity while making maximum use of the available bay space. Back wheel stops automatically engage when the ramps are raised to the up position. The ramp legs safely lock in the over-center position at maximum rise.

Cam lock
ABLOY Security’s ABLOY CL110 heavy-duty cam lock combines increased durability with the patented ABLOY EXEC cylinder mechanism. The heavy-duty construction of the CL110 provides maximum resistance against physical attack, the company says. The hardened, free spinning protection plate prevents drill bits from penetrating the lock. This design also provides good pull-strength, the company says. The cylinder system also offers extensive master-keying possibilities. Key duplication is only available through authorized ABLOY Service Centers, making it difficult to copy key cuts or impressions.

Low-volt dome light
Phillips Industries’ PermaliteT fluorescent dome trailer lamp features an efficient ballast circuit that pulls less start-up amps and uses lower operating volts, extending lamp and bulb life, the company says. The low-profile, impact-resistant polycarbonate housing, unbreakable lens and stainless steel fasteners protect the unit from extreme conditions and routine trailer loading and cargo damage.

The lower-demand ballast circuit means a trailer can run up to 6 lamps, each with a 24-watt, 12,000-hour fluorescent bulb, increasing visibility for shipping and receiving personnel. Additionally, the design negates the need for heat strips and fits in most standard refrigerated trailers.

Sealed connector system
The Molex MX150 Sealed Connector System is submersible and designed to withstand harsh conditions. The system is shipped in one piece and includes mat and interfacial seals, as well as housing and terminal position assurance (TPA). This pre-assembled design eliminates the need to purchase or handle wire seals. Simply insert a crimped terminal lead and seal the TPA into its final lock position.

The system was designed to meet the USCAR-20 Filed Correlated Life Testing (FCLT) requirements, which are aligned to 150,000 miles or 15 years of service life. The product is also compliant with UL, USCAR-2, Rev 3 and IEC IP67 performance standards for sealed connectors.

Push-button switches
Cole Hersee introduces its momentary push-button switches for truck applications. Well-suited for exterior applications, the switches are permanently engraved “Engine Start” (on 90047-01 switch) and “Engine Stop” (on 90048-01 switch) into the surface of the button and will not wear off. Both switches have two brass screw terminals with lockwashers and rugged diecast zinc housing with knurled aluminum facenut. The switches are keyed so that the switch or lettering will not rotate after it has been installed and are rated at 35A at 12V DC, 20A at 24V DC.

Backup LED
A.L. LIGHTech’s White LED for backup use contains 19 LEDs. It meets all the FMVSS108 and SAE requirements and has 45 degree angles. It is sealed and has a polycarbonate lens and housing. It operates at 12.8 V DC and consumes less than 0.4 amps. This light comes in both 4-inch round and 6-inch oval and soon will be made in 7-inch round.

Modifiable flatbeds
Great Dane Trailers’ Freedom line of straight-frame and drop-deck platforms are designed to be easily modified at the branch or dealer with add-ons such as toolboxes, tire carriers, bulkheads, winches and straps. The combination steel/aluminum flatbed trailers feature integral winch tracks and modular construction for ease of repair.

Freedom flatbeds are available in two specs: 12-inch crossmember spacing for extra strength in forklift operations and 16-inch crossmember spacing for heavy-load hauling where trailer weight must be kept at a minimum. The Freedom drop deck is standard with a deck height of 40 inches.

The 1.25-inch aluminum floor with four apitong nail strips adds versatility for load securement. Chain tie-downs are recessed in the floor to secure loads. Double pipe spools and stake pockets on 24-inch centers are standard.

Great Dane’s aluminum winch track includes 10 winches the full length of the roadside track so customers are not tied to proprietary components. Aluminum track can be one side, both sides or deleted from the order.

The Freedom offers a steel front end with reinforcements for rated bulkheads, a 48-inch coupler height and a 30-inch kingpin location. Reinforcing “doubler plates” in the high stress regions of the gooseneck and gussets in the suspension area increase durability and eliminate cracking.

Molded connectors
Waytek’s molded connectors with color coded wires are available in loop style with a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other end, or with either a male or female connector on one end only. The connectors are available in one to eight contacts, excluding a 7-contact connector, and are designed for 12- and 24-volt applications.

Dispatcher’s wall map
Universal Map’s 2004 U.S. Dispatchers’ Wall Map provides high-quality standard cartography in an oversized 77-inch by 54-inch commercial wall map. Users can find weigh station and scale listings by state, a city-to-city mileage chart, time zones, latitude and longitude lines and a separate index book.

Integrated auxiliary power
Cummins’ ComfortGuard system is fully integrated with the vehicle’s heating/ventilation/air-conditioning (HVAC) system, so that the vehicle’s main engine does not have to be running to provide heating and cooling for the cab. The system is based on a two-cylinder diesel Onan genset. The ComfortGuard system provides 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC power so that end users will be able to operate computers, microwaves and other electronic devices. ComfortGuard will be available in early 2005.

Cordless scanners
The HHP Imageteam 5620 and 4620 cordless imager systems can operate up to 33 feet from the host workstation thanks to its Bluetooth Class II v1.2 technology. The imagers also utilize adaptive frequency hopping for improved performance in existing radio frequency environments. Power is provided by a lithium ion battery capable of delivering up to 25,000 scans between charges. The IT5620 and 4620 also have ergonomic features that make scanning and docking easier, HHP says.

The Imageteam 4620 also features 2D bar code and image capture capabilities. Both scanners will be available later this year.

Factory-like finish
The DuPont Imron Elite system for high-performance, low-VOC commercial and fleet finishing allows repair shops to recreate a factory finish quickly and easily. Its two-component polyurethane technology also delivers durability in low-VOC, low HAPS, and lead- and chrome-free formulations.

Imron Elite SS Polyurethane Enamel Topcoat is a single-stage finish for use on commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers. This air-dry urethane also may be force-dried for extra versatility. Imron Elite BC Polyurethane Enamel Basecoat and Imron Elite Clearcoat are designed to be used together. Color coats are compatible with all DuPont OEM/Fleet Primer systems, and the Clear is compatible with both the Single-Stage and Basecoat.

Epoxy adhesive
Master Bond’s room-temperature curing, high temperature resistant epoxy adhesive, EP35, produces high-strength bonds designed to withstand long exposures to temperatures up to 450 degrees to 500 degrees F. The adhesive has a 100 to 70 mix ratio by weight and can be applied without sagging or dripping even on vertical surfaces.

Master Bond EP35 produces durable and tough bonds that resist thermal cycling and chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents. It has a service operating temperature range of -60 degrees F to 450 to 500 degrees F. EP35 is 100 percent reactive and does not contain any diluents or solvents. Only contact pressure is required during cure. It is available in pint, quart, gallon and 5-gallon pail container kits.

Flow indicator
Oil-Rite Corp.’s new Sight-Rite flow indicator is intended for applications where visual inspection is critical and liquid output is required. It permits fluid flow monitoring at a glance via a green LED light.

Strobe LED
Truck-Lite’s Super 44 Strobe Warning LED lamps offer users a choice of strobe frequency and viewing angles. Users can select between dual, quad and alternating dual flashing patterns by easily altering the way each lamp is wired. The Super 44 Strobes can also be connected through double-throw switches, allowing operators to alternate between patterns.

Users can also select the field of view they desire, by ordering a metalized or non-metalized reflector version. The Super 44 is ideal for municipal or utility applications where visibility is needed. The non-metalized reflector lamps have a wide field of view, similar to standard Truck-Lite Series 44 LED lamps. Other Truck-Lite Super 44 Strobes incorporate metalized reflectors that concentrate the light in a narrower, more intensely focused pattern.

The high intensity lamps meet SAE specifications J845 and J1318, as well as providing Class 1 or Class 2 ratings as applicable. The Super 44 Strobe fits standard trim and protection rings, as well as other existing 44 and 40 Series components and accessories.

High-pressure hose
Parker Hannifin’s Parker 781 hose is designed specifically for high-pressure, high-impulse applications. With a constant working pressure of 5000 psi in all sizes, it is ideal for all weather applications. Parker 781 hose meets SAE 100R13, ISO 3862-1 Type R13, and EN 856 Type R13 specifications. The 781 hose accommodates a variety of petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils, water/oil emulsion and water/glycol hydraulic fluids. When used with Parker’s Parkrimp 78 Series fittings, 781 hose provides leak-free performance. In addition, the hose is compatible with Parker’s family of crimpers and can be crimped without removing the hose cover due to its No-Skive design.

Protective gladhands
Phillips Industries’ STA-DRY Anodized Gladhands protect against harsh winter conditions, which cause corrosion.

Anodized to MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class 1, they are fitted with color-coded steel connector plates and E-coated hardened steel screws for additional corrosion resistance. Further, the optional urethane seals on service and emergency, straight and angle mount Anodized Gladhands ensure a longer life, the company says.

Tire monitoring from Reineke
Reineke Co., manufacturer of the PressureGuard Tire Inflation System, is the exclusive distributor to the heavy-duty truck market for the new Tire-SafeGuard Tire Monitoring System, which automatically monitors tractor vehicle tires and warns of abnormal tire pressure and temperature. The system monitors all tractor tires while the vehicle is moving and displays the current pressure and temperature readings.

The Tire-SafeGuard sensor mounts to the tire’s rim, and monitors up to 10 tires plus a spare in real-time up to 145 psi tire pressure with +/- 1 psi of accuracy. For higher-pressure tires – up to 199 psi – the accuracy is +/- 3 psi. An LCD monitor mounts in the cab to indicate pressure and temperature for each tire. The monitor’s pressure and temperature warning threshold may be adjusted. The monitor indicates rapid pressure loss, slow air leaks and low or high tire pressure and high temperature. Because Tire-SafeGuard is wired into the vehicle’s battery, it monitors tires even while the vehicle is parked.

RigMaster APU
RigMaster Power is offering a new auxiliary power unit that provides 20,000 BTUs of air conditioning power and 4,000 watts of 110-volt cab power for electrical appliances. The unit also features a DC alternator to charge a truck’s batteries and a battery voltage monitor to ensure voltage. The RigMaster Power APU is powered by a Perkins 100 Series, water cooled, 2 cylinder engine and uses an efficient Sanden air conditioning compressor.

New repair software
Mitchell 1’s OnDemand5 Heavy Truck is a repair information system with data coverage for Class 3 through 8 trucks. Enhancements to the OnDemand5 Heavy Truck software include: Improved navigation, a more powerful search engine, multi-user functionality, increased light- and medium-duty truck coverage and better graphics and print capabilities.

The system allows technicians to select a truck in need of repair and then choose from a list of applicable components and manufacturers. The software provides step-by-step procedures and illustrations ready to print. Featured component manufacturers include: Allision, Bendix, Bosch, Caterpillar, Chrysler, Cummins, Delco-Remy, Detroit Diesel, Eaton, Hendrickson, Kelsey-Hayes, Leece-Neville, Midland, Rockwell, Saginaw, Spicer and Wagner.
Vehicle manufacturers included in the software are: Autocar, Chevrolet, Kenworth, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Isuzu, Iveco, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan/UD, Peterbuilt and Volvo.

Current subscribers of On-Demand Heavy Truck will receive a free upgrade to the new version 5 software. A free 30-day demo is available to prospective users.

Upgraded liftgate
Maxon Lift Corp. has upgraded its MTB Series Liftgate. The Liftgate, which bolts directly onto a truck body, now features adjustable side plates and a redesigned pump. The new adjustable side plates allow the lift gate to be mounted on truck bodies that have a rear sill height between 4 to 6 inches. The updated pump mounts directly to the main frame of the unit, which allows for easier access.

The MTB Liftgate Series also can be bolted directly to the rear sill of the vehicle instead of welding to the chassis frame rails, which cuts installation time.

Updated license prep manual
A revised edition of Barron’s How to Prepare for the Commercial Driver’s License Truck Driver’s Test contains up-to-date information on hours of service, hauling hazardous materials and securing cargo, all of which were affected by recent changes in federal regulations.
Mike Byrnes & Associates Inc. (361) 980-8337

Lightweight lift axle
Hendrickson’s new 13,500-pound capacity lift axle, the Composilite FX, features aluminum beams, zero torsion bushing and in-line air springs to provide maximum packaging space and to reduce driveline interference.

Fuel spill protector
The Tank Top Pro from RacePro Motorsports, a combination of towel and petroleum resistant fibers, is a large 18″x18″ disposable sheet with a 3-in. hole to place over the fuel filler neck and drape over your tank as you fill up. It provides a non-marring surface on one side and an absorbent surface on the other. Fuel that spills on the surface of the Tank Top Pro will not soak through to discolor the tank’s aluminum finish or the truck’s paint finish.

Luxury line of seats
Seats Inc.’s Legacy Series includes the Legacy Silver, with a two-way air lumbar and a standard parallelogram suspension; the Legacy LO, featuring a four-way lumbar and an anti-topping/bottoming-out low-profile suspension suitable for Class 6 and 7 trucks, or drivers who prefer a low-riding seat; and the Legacy HD, which has a four-way lumbar, but features a heavy-duty wide suspension. Other features include a four-position adjustable seat cushion, fully reclining 22-inch wide backs and 22-inch seat cushions.