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Mack’s Advantage
Mack Trucks’ new Advantage chassis for highway tractors features lower weight, greater maneuverability, smoother ride, reduced cab noise and a lower center of gravity than the truck maker’s current offering, the company says. The Advantage chassis will be standard on all new Mack Vision and CH models beginning in mid-July 2004.

Advantage offers four rail options – 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm and 9.5 mm – all with increased resistance bending moment, or RBM. Weight-sensitive bulk haulers, for example, can use the 7 mm rail, which has a higher RBM than Mack’s current 8 mm. But depending upon wheelbase, the 7 mm is up to 100 pounds lighter. For customers requiring a very heavy-duty rail, the new 9.5 mm is a lighter alternative to the 6 mm with inside channel reinforcement. Foregoing the channel reinforcement helps eliminate the potential for corrosion.

The new chassis provides up to 50-degree outside wheel cuts. An Advantage-equipped vehicle with a 185-inch wheelbase could have an improvement of up to 15 feet in turning diameter, the company says. On the Mack Vision chassis, Advantage decreases the turning radius by 10 feet.

The standard front taper leaf suspension has new taper leaf springs spaced slightly apart to reduce friction. And the spring rate has been reduced to provide a softer ride, Mack says. An optional Hendrickson AIRTEK air-ride front axle-suspension combination provides a smooth ride and additional weight savings.

The Advantage chassis addresses a leading cause of driver fatigue – excessive interior noise and vibration, Mack says. The combination of a new engine support cross member and a new cab mounting system – complemented by new sound-dampening material in the cabs – reduces vibration and cuts noise levels by 3 decibels. Other Advantage features include:

  • overall lower center of gravity and improved handling because of new engine mounts and the new taper leaf front suspension;
  • Wider, “bowed-out” front frame section allowing for a 10 percent larger cooling system;
  • MaxLite rear air suspension with outboard-mounted shocks for increased stability and a more accessible ride height adjustment;
  • Color-coded lines for ease-of-service;
  • Push-to-connect fittings to reduce the risk of air leaks;
  • Charge air cooler piping re-routed to avoid potential damage from road debris;
  • New Lo-Pro deckplate that accommodates lower fifth wheel heights and meets driver demand for a surface that is easier on the knees. The driveshaft is also covered to help keep debris from being thrown up on to the deckplate.

City-friendly exhaust brake
Pacbrake’s new PRXB modulating exhaust brake is designed for both in-city driving and steep long downhills, and its packaging allows for a traditional exhaust brake to be upgraded to a PRXB. The brake has up to one-third more retarding horsepower than a standard exhaust brake at 1500 rpm, and up to three-quarters the power of an engine brake, Pacbrake says. Constant backpressure adjusts as engine speed changes to maintain optimum retarding performance throughout the entire rpm range. Pacbrake says the PRXB is about one-quarter the weight and half the price of a typical engine brake.

The PRXB will be available later this year on a number of engines produced by Caterpillar, Chevy/GMC, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Dodge, Ford, International and Mack.

Low-maintenance hubs
Optional iron hubs for Peterbilt trucks and tractors have been upgraded to Low Maintenance System iron hubs, providing customers with increased warranty coverage and longer maintenance intervals, the company said.

The LMS iron hubs are available for steer axles rated up to 14,600 pounds and tandem-configured drive axles rated up to 52,000 pounds (26,000-pound rating for single drive axles), and are optional for Peterbilt’s entire medium-duty and heavy-duty product line. Both front and rear LMS iron hubs come with extended warranty coverage of five years or 500,000 miles.

Maintenance intervals for rear LMS iron hubs are extended by four times versus non-LMS iron hubs, with bearing end movement checked every 120,000 miles; oil and seal changed every 500,000 miles; and wear checked every 500,000 miles.

Cool-curing epoxy
Master Bond’s EP24 two-component epoxy adhesive cures quickly at room temperature. The adhesive will cure at colder temperatures, down to 20 degrees F, and more rapidly at elevated temperatures. EP24 is 100 percent reactive and contains no volatiles or solvents.

Master Bond EP24 is durable and resists thermal cycling and chemicals. It has high bond strength to many similar and dissimilar substrates. It quickly develops a high bonding strength of more than 3,000 psi at room temperature. Adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics is excellent, the company says. It has a service operating temperature range of -300 degrees F to more than 250 degrees F.

EP24 is available in pint, quart, gallon and 5-gallon container units. It is also available in syringe and gun applicators.

Cordless riveting
Imperial’s Gesipa Powerbird 12-volt cordless riveting tool is a compact and lightweight tool powerful enough for medium-level production for 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch blind rivet applications. The 4.8-pound tool has 2,900 pounds of pulling force, and the rechargeable battery has enough power to pull between 80 and 360 rivets per charge, depending on rivet size and material. Carrying case, nosepieces for standard 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch blind rivets, a 12-volt long-life rechargeable NiCad battery and a battery charger are included.

Multi-application grease
Petro-Canada’s Three-In-One Protection Precision grease features improved resistance to water wash out, longer life under extreme conditions and superior shearing protection, the company says. Precision EP-1, EP-2 and Gold greases are suitable for use in fleet, foresty, general manufacturing, farming, mining and construction industries. Precision EP-1 can be used for centralized lubrication systems serving both heavy-duty and general purpose bearings. Precision EP-2 is a stiffer grease and provides wear protection in wet environments. Precision Gold performs at extreme temperatures.

Lighting and electrical repair kits
Phillips Industries’ lighting and wiring repair kit standardizes repairs, the company says. The contents of the kit have been determined based on real-life fleet experience and include lamp connection pigtails, miniature lamps, cable ties, heat shrink tubing, Sta-Dry Crimp connectors, Sta-Dry Crimp & Solder connectors and all the tools and miscellaneous items necessary to make the repairs. The kit comes in a portable cabinet that can be used in the shop or taken on the road to make service calls.

Digital recording device
Safety Vision’s RoadRecorder 6000 Digital Recording Device accommodates up to 10 cameras, records at 24 frames per second and offers options including dual audio and selectable recording speed, camera image size and sensory input. The device’s upgraded system hardware is enhanced by user-friendly viewing, diagnostic software and electronic user guides.

High-capacity air dryer
SKF and Chicago Rawhide’s Dual Turbo-2000 Air Dryer is designed to function in high-volume applications where a single air dryer is unable to perform. The Dual Turbo-2000 is engineered for severe use applications, such as municipal transit buses, particularly low-floor and articulated designs and refuse collection trucks.

Contained in a single compact unit for simple installation, the Dual Turbo-2000 does not require a purge tank. An internal oil separator protects the desiccant from the damaging effects of compressor blow-by.

Two-piece AC system
Tundra’s auxiliary air conditioning system for trucks features a split-system design, consisting of two major components. The condenser and cooling fan are mounted outside the sleeper to save space and isolate fan noise. A second compact unit, consisting of the compressor, evaporator, discharge blower and heating strip, is installed inside the sleeper. This small unit can easily be placed under a bunk or in the bottom of a closet or cabinet. Discharge air is ducted to one or more air grills. The two units are connected by insulated refrigerant tubes, which are precharged at the factory for easy installation. They can be integrated into the truck’s AC power system for operation on an auxiliary generator or shorepower connection when available.

The split air conditioning systems are offered in 10,000 and 14,000 BTU capacities, with a built-in 2.0- or 2.5-KW heating strip. They are designed to be installed by truck builders as original factory-installed equipment or for integration with auxiliary power units for retrofit on existing trucks.

Puncture-resistant trailers
Great Dane’s PunctureGuard Plus is now available on its Super LT refrigerated trailer and its popular SSL van trailer. The company introduced its PunctureGuard scuffband in early 2003. Now it is available throughout the interior of Great Dane van and reefer trailers.

PunctureGuard’s newest application is available as a van liner in a 0.100-inch thick panel and as a reefer liner in 0.050-inch, 0.070-inch and 0.100-inch thick panels. As a scuffband, PunctureGuard is available in 0.200 and 0.120 bondable scuff thicknesses for reefers and in 0.160 and 0.200 inch thicknesses as non-bondable scuff for dry freight vans.

The polypropylene material is impervious to moisture and will not deteriorate like wood liners, Great Dane says. Because PunctureGuard is a thermoplastic, it remains pliant over time, so impacts from loading equipment will not cause the material to set or curl away from the walls. As a thermoplastic, PunctureGuard can be reheated and reformed, which makes it easy to repair. It is installed with the same drill-screw fasteners used for plywood lining. Logistic post trailers will have fasteners installed vertically on 6-inch centers.

Truck seats
Seats Inc.’s Legacy Series includes the Legacy Silver with a 2-way air lumbar and a standard parallelogram suspension. The Legacy LO has a 4-way lumbar and an anti-topping/bottoming-out low-profile suspension suitable for Class 6-7 trucks, or drivers who prefer a low riding seat. The Legacy HD also has a 4-way lumbar, but features a heavy-duty, wide suspension for extreme applications.

The EVC Cushion Support System features a cushion sling that provides a trampoline-type material for the foam cushion to rest on. The foam cushion reduces road vibration, driver fatigue and tailbone pressure, the company says. Other features of the Legacy Series include a 4-position adjustable seat cushion, which allows drivers to adjust the length for a customized fit. All seats have fully reclining 22-inch wide backs and 22-inch seat cushions.

‘No tool’ battery bolts
Waytek’s battery bolts allow for installation and removal of battery connections without tools. The solid brass bolts are available in four styles: short- or long-cable side terminal tri-knob bolt; with or without a wing nut for accessories.

Cargo bar
Imperial’s SCC CargoBar with variable adjustment adjusts from 48 inches to 108 inches. It can be stored in a truck cab or toolbox to reduce the chance of theft. It is constructed of square steel. The coated lever provides smooth, comfortable operation, and the push button makes extension and retraction easy.

High-pressure hose
Parker Hannifin Corp.’s 721 hose features flexibility for high-pressure applications. It meets SAE 100R12, ISO 3862-1 and EN 856 Type R12 specifications. Because of its one-half SAE 100R12 minimum bend radius, users can expect easy installation in tight spaces and less hose used. Parker 721 hose has a 4000 psi working pressure in sizes 3/8-inch ID through 1-inch ID; 3000 psi in the 1-1/4-inch ID; and 2500 psi in the 1-1/2 inch and 2-inch ID. It can handle a variety of petroleum-base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils, water/oil emulsion and water/glycol hydraulic fluids.

Hose construction includes a neoprene synthetic rubber inner tube surrounded by four spiral layers of high-tensile steel wire reinforcement. An MSHA-accepted black synthetic rubber cover provides oil and weather resistance.

Reflective film
3M Commercial Graphics Division’s Scotchlite Intermediate Reflective Graphic Film Series 5100R is designed for use on flat or moderately curved, aluminum, painted or FRP surfaces. Graphics for buses, commercial vehicles and fleets are the intended applications. The white film can be imaged using electrostatic, piezo ink jet, thermal mass transfer, screen printing or electronic cutting. It is sold with a three-year removability, four-year durability expected performance life. Film 5100R is available in 36- and 48-inch widths in 50-yard rolls.

Long-haul drive tire
Yokohama Tire Corp.’s TY577 is built on Yokohama’s exclusive MSC (Maintenance Saving Concept) design. It is equipped with a combination of STEM-2 (Strain Energy Minimization) and MC compounding technologies. STEM-2 technology redirects normally destructive internal strain, reinforcing the casing to allow multiple retreads, while MC compounding technology generates less heat, allowing longer casing life and decreased rolling resistance.

Additionally, the TY577 possesses a Stress Wear Control Groove specifically positioned to redistribute the load on the outside rib of the tire, reducing shoulder step down wear. A closed shoulder rib means more rubber-to-the-road contact and increased mileage. The TY577 utilizes Yokohama’s optimal funnel-shaped groove technology that promotes stone ejection and reduces stone damage, increasing block rigidity for added traction, enhanced resistance against uneven wear and superior ride comfort. The TY577 also features a newly contoured bead design, allowing the tire to seat evenly against the rim for extremely high uniformity levels around the entire circumference for better tire-to-rim fit, smoother ride and long even wear.

The TY577 is available in four sizes: 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5, 285/75R24.5 and 11R24.5 – all with a 14-ply rating. The TY577 is supported by an extended warranty covering the product for five years through three retreads.

Tool organizer
Josam Products’ new tool organizer is the latest in the toolmaker’s product line for heavy-duty vehicles. The organizer is designed for users with limited floor space to store Josam’s AM Laser precision tools for truck frame and wheel alignment work. The company says the tools combine the most up-to-date technology with the latest ergonomic advances.

Rear obstacle warning
Grote’s Obstacle Detection System is an ultrasonic system that provides drivers with increased awareness while driving in reverse. With the Grote system, ultrasonic waves are sent out eight times within one second to detect obstacles within a 150-degree horizontal field of vision behind the vehicle. When properly installed, it can pick up objects as small as 10 inches tall. It uses a patented single-processing algorithm within the microprocessor that filters out erroneous signals to provide built-in error detection.

The system features a weather-resistant sensor unit mounted to the rear of the vehicle and a control unit, which is spliced into the vehicle’s back-up lamp wiring, engaging it to the transmission. The control unit is mounted inside the vehicle within easy view of the driver during normal backing practices. It will alert the driver when the vehicle is within approximately seven feet of an object by using a light and a volume-controlled audible beep. As the vehicle backs closer to the object and thus enters one of the two remaining detection zones, additional LEDs light up, and the beeps get faster.

Engine brake silencer
Walker’s NoiseBreaker, manufactured by Tenneco Automotive, is available in both single- and dual-exhaust class 7 and 8 applications. Walker says the product, designed to reduce engine noise and bark braking, features a patented ultra-high-flow design that outperforms conventional original equipment and aftermarket silencers in backpressure reduction and acoustical performance. The NoiseBreaker also combines durable construction with a high-efficiency design utilizing dual concentric Helmholtz tuners and fiberglass roving, the company says. Tenneco backs the NoiseBreaker with a four-year/500,000-mile warranty and a risk-free 90-day trial period.

Heated windshield wipers
Venmark International’s HotWipers heated windshield wipers feature Nordel elastomer wipers with stainless steel blades that are black anodized to prevent glare. Wired directly into a vehicle’s ignition system, they start de-icing immediately and employ a built-in etched foil heating element that maintains a minimum 50 degrees F at -60 degrees F to 100 degrees F to keep windshields free of ice and snow buildup. The wipers are easy to install. They are supplied with adapters to fit most types of wiper arms, and come in 13 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches and 26 inches, complete with wiring and hardware.