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Dual-flow lube filters
Baldwin Filters has redesigned its dual-flow lube filters used on Cummins, ISM, ISX and Series 600 engines to provide low initial restriction to protect engines during cold startups. The High Velocity Dual-Flow line of lube filters provides improved engine protection during high idle time, harsh operating conditions and extended service intervals, the company says. The new design includes a new, heavy-duty steel baseplate and a new steel retainer welded to the media pack end cap, entrapping a post seal. The patent-pending, stacked element design utilizes a high-efficiency full-flow element with 100 percent synthetic Microglass media and a partial-flow element with cellulose media designed to minimize flow restriction. A venturi-type cone balances the flow between the elements, taking advantage of the positive filtering properties of each, and maximizing filter performance from cold starts to normal operating conditions. Baldwin says the new design departs from the previous serial-flow concept to employ a parallel-flow path that increases capacity by 10 percent and reduces initial flow restriction by 30 percent.

Tipper trailer
J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers’ ClassicLite aluminum tipper trailer weighs 11,940 pounds, allowing waste haulers to maximize payload. The trailer is 48 feet long and has a 115-cubic-yard capacity. It’s built with a combination of high-strength alloys, featuring an offset heavy-duty lightweight fifth wheel assembly manufactured with special steel alloys that have yield strengths of up to 175,000 pounds. It also has a new reinforced front bulkhead design, lighter weight aluminum landing gear, new aluminum sub-frame suspension and high-strength mechanically stretched aluminum sidewalls.

Lowboy trailer
Rogers Ultima Series lowboy trailers are now available in production models of 35-, 50-, 55- and 60-ton capacity. Cambered mainbeams, fabricated with 100,000-psi and 130,000-psi materials, reduce the trailer’s tare weight while maintaining strength and durability. Available accessories include wheel wells, self-adjusting front folding ramps, full center decking and removable swinging side brackets. Users can cost-effectively maximize hauling configurations by using Ultima’s detachable rear frame, interchangeable decks and detachable axles. Rogers No Foot self-lifting gooseneck, which quickly and easily raises or lowers the front of the deck under full load without a ram foot contacting the ground, is standard equipment.

More air dryers
SKF/Chicago Rawhide recently announced the expansion of its air dryer product line to include 31 new products, doubling its prior air dryer product coverage. The additions to the product line include new and remanufactured air dryers, cartridges and service kits to provide coverage for numerous applications. The newly expanded product line includes three additional cartridges, nine additional dryers and 16 additional service kit part numbers. Chicago Rawhide also introduced three new maintenance kits for the AD-2, AD-4 and AD-9 dryers.

The gladhand FedEx uses
A combination swing away/shutoff gladhand has been developed for FedEx by Sloan Transportation Products. This patent-pending gladhand currently is being installed on 2004 FedEx production trailers. The product includes an integral shut-off valve that prevents contaminants from entering the air delivery system. Polyurethane gaskets ensure a positive seal, and the 45-degree angle makes coupling and uncoupling faster and easier, the company says. Sloan engineered this gladhand as a single unit with fewer components, which decreases wear and increases durability. Drivers will no longer need to use a dummy coupler to seal the gladhand.

Quality management book
Thomson Delmar Learning has published Shifting Gears: Applying ISO 9000 Quality Management Principles to Trucking. The manual uses real-world case studies to present quality management principles.

Dry ice monitor
Sensitech’s TempTale 4 Probeless Dry Ice Monitor records, monitors and archives temperature data for dry ice shipments. The device monitors temperature environments as low as -82 degree C and operates without external probes or wiring. High-alarm and low-alarm settings are factory-programmed to trigger single, continuous or cumulative time out-of-range events.

Lightweight ductile hub
Webb Wheel Products has introduced a new lightweight ductile hub for TP trailer axles. Significant design improvements have been incorporated into this new product to reduce weight while at the same time improve fatigue strength, the company says. The lightweight TP 2243 is interchangeable with Webb’s current ductile and aluminum hubs for this trailer application.

Liftable suspension
Link Manufacturing’s latest liftable suspension is designed to accommodate customers with roll-off body applications. The direct-to-axle connection of the load bags provides more stability than competitive designs, the company says.

Metal etch primer
Montana Products’ PS5620 Metal Etch Primer is a pre-treatment primer that provides a fast-drying barrier coat to maximize the adhesion properties to properly prepared steel, aluminum and galvanized metal. The primer is easy to use, sprays smooth and improves corrosion protection, the company says. The primer can be used to prime small areas or sand-throughs prior to topcoating.

Catalyst screener
Southwest Research Institute has developed the Universal Synthetic Gas Reactor, a screening tool to evaluate emission catalyst formulations. The patent-pending device can simulate engine-exhaust conditions for nearly all liquid and gaseous fuels, including gasoline, diesel, compressed natural gas and liquid petroleum gas.

Flexible pit racks
Hunter Engineering Co.’s line of pit racks feature adjustable runways and pedestals to accommodate a wide range of heavy-duty applications. The runways are removable to allow maximum workspace under the vehicle to make adjustments. Each model also includes two sets of front stairs to safely enter and exit the pit and retractable work steps under the turnplate pockets. Each PT and PF model pit rack has a maximum axle capacity of 18,000 pounds and is contained in a 58-inch deep pit, allowing the technician to work standing upright for greater productivity. The PF model includes a 100-ton capacity work beam and the option of adding a T-extension for front-to-rear access. Set in a pit depth of 36 inches, the PE pit rack has a maximum axle capacity of 10,000 pounds and includes a 50-ton capacity work beam.

Reconfigured liftgates
Leyman Lift Gates has designed a factory-installed threshold plate (rear buck plate) that will better accommodate Leyman’s aluminum platform Hide-A-Way liftgates on trailers with swing doors and 53-foot trailers. With the new plate, the Leyman LAH and LHLP liftgates can be installed on such trailers without alteration or added strength. The threshold plate has been notched for the lifting arms, ensuring that the LHLP 4500-pound-capacity liftgates with 63-inch deep aluminum platforms can be raised to the top of the trailer floor.

Dual pole cables
Dual pole electrical cables from Phillips Industries solve grounding problems caused by heavy amp-draw accessories on trailer equipment, such as liftgates, the company says. The cables use a ground wire as part of a ground return system. They remove the additional electrical load from the chassis or kingpin fifth wheel, resulting in fewer electrical repairs. All dual pole cables have temperature ratings of -55 degrees F to 230 degrees F. For fleets pulling equipment with single and dual pole trailers, Phillips also offers a “Y” adaptor with both dual and single pole plugs on the trailer side.

Reefer fuel gauge
The Thermo King fuel display, a remote fuel level indicator for refrigerated units, helps eliminate empty-tank downtime and controls the cost of maintaining fuel levels in unattended storage trailers. The fuel display offers two mounting options: corner or flush. Both options can be used on trailers with any brand of refrigeration unit and require a 12-volt power supply. The display screen is designed with high-visibility LEDs and an auto dim feature for easy viewing from both the cab and the yard. The fuel display is epoxy-sealed for extreme weather protection and includes electronics that eliminate the fuel “sloshing” effect. An optional, integrated sensor kit for the company’s controllers that produces alarm codes in low-fuel situations is available.

CD-ROM parts guide
The Waltco Navigator CD-ROM helps make specifying and ordering replacement parts for liftgates easier. The interactive design allows parts managers and technicians to determine what liftgate family, model and component are on hand, and what parts match the application. If users already know the liftgate specifics – such as model and serial numbers – the Navigator CD-ROM lets them shortcut to components and parts. If not, a series of qualifying screens with questions and diagrams takes users step-by-step to the needed application and parts.

Both current and historical Waltco liftgates are covered. Navigator comes complete with a user-friendly “how to use this CD” tutorial. System requirements are minimal. Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader also are required.

Load cushions
Skid-Mate air-cushioning devices from Hardigg Industries can perform dual duty as pallet runners or load feet for lift truck or pallet jack entry. The air-filled doughnuts can attach to a platform, pallet or product base with a single bolt, providing a high level of protection from shock and vibration damage. The devices – available in load ranges of 20-35, 30-50, 45-80, 70-125 and 125-225 pounds – are made of polyethylene, a chemically inert material, and are suitable for storage applications at -40