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Freightliner’s M2 106V
Freightliner’s ( new Business Class M2 106V vocational vehicle, unveiled at last month’s Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, joins the truck maker’s Business Class M2 product line. The 106V truck complements the Business Class M2 112V, which was launched in the second quarter of 2004. The 106V and 112V are designed for specialized applications, which require heavy-duty, front-end stability and power. The M2 V truck models are designed for vocational applications such as snowplows, cranes, construction, agriculture, fire and emergency, refuse, utility and municipal and governmental services.

Features of the 106V include a front engine power take-off (PTO) provision for powering snowplows, refuse packers, cranes and utility equipment. Additionally, front frame extensions, with a resistance-bending moment of up to 3.7 million inch-pounds, provide a solid mounting point for hydraulic pumps, winches, front stabilizers and snowplows. These integral frame extensions are offered in 6-, 12- and 24-inch increments.

Along with the other vehicles in the Business Class M2 product line, the new M2 106V features the Freightliner Trucks Multiplex Wiring System for ease of service and maximum customization. This wiring system is especially beneficial for the M2 106V as it enables body builders to modify the PTO interlocks with software instead of designing a new harness.

Additionally, a clean back-of-cab allows for easy body installation, while exhaust stacks can be mounted on the right or left side, vertically or horizontally.

The 106V’s lightweight aluminum cab is designed to maximize payload and resist corrosion. The 106V also features a standard stationary grille and optional hood access hatches for ease of service, which reduces maintenance time and costs. The 106V offers an up-to 55-degree wheel-cut, allowing for maximum agility, while the 2,500-square-inch windshield and low-profile dash provide an expansive view. Fresnel windows are available for a wide-angle passenger-side view.

The 106V comes standard with Freightliner’s proprietary 6.4-liter Mercedes-Benz MBE 906 engine, which offers up to 260 hp and 520-700 pound-feet of torque. The 7.2-liter MBE 926, with up to 330 hp and 800-1000 pound-feet of torque, is available as an option along with the Caterpillar C7 and C9 engines. A full range of transmission options is available, including the Eaton Fuller manual, Allison automatic and the Mercedes-Benz automated gear shift.

The 106V also can be effective for jobs that require increased front-end stability, Freightliner says. Available with front suspension ratings up to 20,000 pounds and single or dual steering gears, the 106V can handle jobs previously unsuited for a truck its size. A complete front axle selection, rated from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds, is available on the new 106V to meet the most demanding applications. Rear axles range from 21,000 to 46,000 pounds.

To reduce road vibration, the Business Class M2 106V comes standard with leaf-spring cab suspension with an option for air-ride cab suspension. Multi-leaf or taper-leaf front suspension is available as well as Freightliner’s Airliner or Tetra rear suspension systems.

The Business Class M2 106V also features a standard 1,000-square-inch radiator that is raised up so that the PTO shaft coming out of the engine runs under the radiator rather than through it, for enhanced cooling capacity and optimal packaging.

The new Business Class M2 106V is available in day cab, crew cab and extended cab configurations with optional front and rear bench seating. Air-suspended and SCBA seats are available in most seating positions.

UltraShift transmission for Peterbilt 335
Helping improve driver productivity and reduce maintenance requirements, the two-pedal automated Eaton UltraShift transmission now is available for Peterbilt’s ( new Model 335. The two-pedal operation complements use of the medium-duty truck in a range of applications, such as urban pickup and delivery and construction sites, that require particular concentration by the driver, Peterbilt says. By eliminating shifting and the use of a clutch pedal, the UltraShift will help drivers keep focused.

The 6-speed Ultra Shift lets the driver use only an accelerator, brake and dash-mounted controls to initially engage forward or reverse. Should the operator choose to, gears can be shifted manually using the control pad in the dash. The transmission is available for the Model 335 in two torque capacities, 660 and 860 pound-feet. Both are available with the Cummins ISC and Caterpillar C7 engines.

The UltraShift uses a “wet clutch” design that provides an automotive feel commonly associated with automatic transmissions using torque converters. The system also can increase fuel economy versus a manual transmission by using computer-controlled shifts for optimal efficiency and performance. The new optional transmission also helps customers reduce maintenance requirements and maximize vehicle uptime through a durable, reliable design. According to Eaton, the 6-speed UltraShift can lower lifecycle costs by requiring fewer lube changes and other routine servicing. The UltraShift comes factory-filled with synthetic lubricant for longer service cycles – three years or 150,000 miles – and enhanced component protection.

The Model 335, which replaced the Model 330 earlier this year, is available in Class 6 and 7 truck and tractor configurations. It features enhanced styling and improved performance, including new serviceability features. The vehicle has a sloping, aerodynamically styled hood that is lighter and improves visibility over its predecessor. The one-piece hood with integrated fenders is constructed of Mutton, a composite material that is lightweight, highly durable and impact-resistant.

Padded mirror cover
Mirror Mitts ( is a line of padded, safety mirror covers that help prevent accidents when trucks, buses, RVs and other vehicles with fender spot mirrors are parked for service. The bright-yellow foam pads can be slipped over mirrors and feature the phrase “Safety Is No Accident” on the front and back sides to get the attention of people walking by. Measuring 18 inches wide by 16 inches tall, Mirror Mitts are octagonal and consist of two flame-retardant, moisture-resistant foam pads joined by Velcro one-way straps to provide flexibility for easy mounting. They are available in standard pairs and in larger quantities with custom imprinted messages.

Over-dimensional trailer
Rogers’ ( new over-dimensional trailer, designed for a utility company to transport emergency transformers, also will haul cranes, excavators and other heavy equipment. More than 90 feet long, the 60-ton capacity trailer features three air-ride axles with 541/2-inch axle spacings combined with a 14-foot-1-inch booster assembly and two detachable axles.

Souped-up charger
Associated Equipment Corp. ( has increased the engine start rating of its Model 6002B fleet charger by 33 percent to 400 amps. UL continuous rating at 12 volts has been increased from 75 to 80 amps. The charger incorporates a heavy-duty transformer with patented “Sub-Sil” multidiode rectifiers; it carries a 5-year limited warranty. The charger comes equipped with a 10-foot, 14-gauge AC lead and 8-foot AWG cables with 500-amp, fully insulated Flexi-Spring clamps. Other features include an automatic reset, AC and DC circuit breakers and a patented Stop/Go light that indicates proper connections. A panel-mounted switch allows charging 6-, 12-, 18- and 24-volt batteries. With a sturdy chrome handle, the Model 6002B weighs 70 pounds. It rolls on 7-inch wheels.

Mounting grommets
Truck-Lite ( has developed two new mounting grommets, “closed back” and “semi-closed back,” for its 60 Series 6-inch oval lighting products. The “closed back” grommet is designed specifically to fit the company’s 60 Series LED line. The back of the grommet is closed to help prevent water and dirt from being splashed onto the back of the lamp and electrical connector, reducing corrosion and premature electrical failure. The “semi-closed back” grommet is designed specifically for Truck-Lite’s 60 Series sealed and bulb-replaceable incandescent lighting products. The grommet’s shape protects against corrosion where the connector plugs into the lamp while still maintaining enough airflow so heat generated by the bulb will escape. Both grommets are made out of PVC material to provide lamps with additional shock absorbency for extended lamp life, the company says. They are mounted in the same opening as Truck-Lite’s traditional 60 Series mounting grommets and can be oriented in either direction. The grommets are flush-mounted to act as a barrier against stone damage and corrosion, and to help prevent damage associated with impact.

LED light bar
Peterson’s ( new LED I.D. light bar, model 169-3R, features a single lens design that houses all three LED identification lights in a single unit. The light bar only requires a single plug and mount and meets FMVSS108 requirements and exceeds SAE specifications, the company says. The light bar features two hard-wired terminals and potted circuits, and mounts on 81/2-inch centers.

Alignment sensors
Alignment sensors are now available for Hunter’s ( 811T heavy-duty alignment systems. The DSP506T heavy-duty wheel sensors provide instantaneous data transfer between the sensors and the alignment system. Each sensor contains a high-speed microprocessor, which processes data at each wheel before sending the information to the console.

The optional cordless models use XF-Radio technology to provide high-speed communication without cables connecting the sensors to the console. The cordless sensor batteries power a full day of continuous operation and are “hot-swapable,” ensuring compensation measurements are not lost during battery replacement. DSP506T cordless sensors can be recharged between jobs by the patented Docking Stations attached to the alignment cabinet. XF sensors feature a 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum that supports up to 64 channels, virtually eliminating the potential for cross-talk problems. The signal is virtually uninterruptible, even by solid objects. The sensors are accurate to 600 inches to cover any length truck, bus or trailer.

Trailer connectors
Waytek’s ( Jet Connex trailer connectors replace the loose, flimsy wires that hang down and drag between the vehicle and trailer with a plug-and-tow coiled cord. The cord has high-quality molded connectors on each end and provides a strong and reliable connection for running lights, turn signals and brakes, the company says. The connectors are a tightly coiled, jacketed and Mylar-wrapped multi-wire power cable. They include an integrated cable strain relief that eliminates broken or shorted wires in the connection area. The protective outer jacket is made of a waterproof, all-weather urethane material that resists abrasion from dangling safety chains at high towing speeds.

Air compressors
Oasis ( HP1000 and XD2000 12/24 vdc DC air compressors feature a combination 5 hp motor coupled to a twin-cylinder, 10-cubic-inch York compressor. Both models feature a low-voltage cut-off protection circuit. The HP1000 (high performance) outputs up to 175 psi and 16 CFM at 100 psi @ 24 vdc. The XD2000 (extreme duty) uses a cooling fan to extend run time by reducing heat buildup and operates at a 90 percent duty cycle with output of 200 psi and 12.5 CFM @ 100 psi @ 24 vdc. The Oasis air compressors are designed specifically for off-road vehicles, service trucks, tow trucks and construction equipment. Both compressors come with a one-year warranty.

Aluminum rear-dump trailer
Titan Trailers’ ( new all-aluminum rear-dump trailer, designed with Titan’s thinwall extruded aluminum sidewall panel, offers lower operating costs, backhaul versatility and durability for hauling bulk grain and aggregate. At 45 feet long with a clear 981/2-inch interior width, it provides capacities of up to 78 cubic yards.

Panel adhesive
3M’s ( Automix brand Panel Bonding Adhesive PN 08116 is used to replace quarter panels, roofs, box sides, utility doors and door skins. The adhesive meets GM (6449G) and DaimlerChrysler (MS-CD 507) failure-mode requirements and comes with a lifetime warranty. 3M says the panel bonding adhesives offer a faster, safer method for many nonstructural repairs by reducing or eliminating the need to weld. Surfaces are sealed and bonded in one application, and the adhesive cures on demand with the addition of heat. Glass beads in the adhesive work as built-in spacers for optimum bond line thickness. Using this product eliminates most overhead welding and the heat warpage of sheet metal associated with welding, the company says.

Solar-powered oil skimmer
Abanaki Corp.’s ( PetroXtractor oil skimmer is designed to remove oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons from groundwater, using existing recovery or monitoring wells. The solar unit allows for unattended remediation in areas where no electricity is available or convenient. Like the standard PetroXtractor, the new PetroXtractor Solar Skimmer unit comes with any of three belt widths that allow its use in 2-, 4- or 6-inch diameter well casings. With the widest belt size, the unit can remove up to 12 gallons of floating oil per hour. Belt lengths can be customized for well depths of 100 feet or more, which assures hydrocarbon removal even when the water level fluctuates. The lower belt pulley is tethered to the drive unit to prevent accidental loss in the well casing. The unit features electrical cables that do not have to be run down the casing to a pump. The solar motor is located above ground and can run continuously without the need for a sensor. The belt design provides skimmed products with less water in it compared to floating suction skimmers or torpedo pumps. The PetroXtractor Solar Skimmer can be installed in existing wells by mounting it on a flat surface above the well casing. Installation options include an aboveground mounting stand and a below-grade manway mounting kit.

Self-storing socket system
Ready Products’ ( Ready Ratchet stores sockets in a snap-in locking socket tray in the ratchet’s handle. Manufactured from composite materials with a contoured handle, the Ready Ratchet features a quick release cap that keeps the sockets secure when not in use. The system is available in 3/8-inch or 1/4-inch standard or metric sizes.

Hands-free cell phone holder
The Strap Caddy ( is a hands-free cell phone holder that straps to any seatbelt or shoulder bag. Once the 4-by-5-inch wallet-sized wrap is attached, a cell phone of any size simply can be slipped under the no-slip band. The Strap Caddy places the phone within easy reach at all times to the driver. It also allows the driver to talk hands-free.

Leak detection dye
Tracer Products’ ( Dye-Lite Clear-Blue TP-3920 extended-life coolant dye helps pinpoint leaks in vehicle cooling systems. Just add a small amount of the fluorescent dye to a system and allow it to circulate; whenever the coolant leaks out, so does the dye, which remains at the site of every leak. When the system is scanned with a Tracerline ultraviolet lamp, the dye glows bright blue to show the exact locations of all coolant leaks – even the smallest leaks that are missed by other methods of leak detection, the company says. The dye helps avoid possible damage to the cooling system and will not affect the color of extended-life coolants.

Ventilation screen
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.’s ( Universal GX-4000 Ventilation Screen panel now is available with an optional 18-inch high screen. The new 18-inch panel allows 75 percent more air to flow into the dock area and plant, while preventing bugs or pests from entering the facility without sacrificing security, the company says. The ventilation screen panel can be retrofitted to most existing 2- or 3-inch sectional doors and can fit doors up to 16 feet, 2 inches in width. It is made from extruded vinyl slats that surround a steel interlocking screen unit. A white powder-coated frame provides stability and security. The screen is made from stainless steel wire and can be constructed with a .083- by-.083-inch or 0.30- by-0.30-inch screen hole size.

Unsealed headers
Molex Inc.’s ( new MX64 Multi-Pocket Unsealed Headers offer increased design flexibility to control module manufacturers. Available in vertical and right angle configurations, the headers enable easy PCB configuration.

Dry disconnect couplings
Dixon’s ( dry disconnect couplings, available in stainless steel from 11/2 to 4 inches, are designed for easier connection and disconnection of chemical or fuel hoses and pipelines while eliminating accidental spillage and product loss. A swivel allows the operator to use a “push and turn” action to connect and start the flow. The valve will not open until the coupler and adapter are connected.

Antifrost lubricant
Kilfrost from Keystone Lubricants ( is a fluid that helps prevent freeze-up in air tools during cold weather. According to the company, air compression produces moisture that collects in air lines and on air tool surfaces and fittings; such tools often are kept on the job site in unheated storage, and during cold weather, the moisture often freezes solid overnight and makes the air tools inoperable the next morning. Kilfrost is designed to absorb air line moisture and lower the tool’s freezing point, while also providing needed lubrication.

Tanker training programs
J.J. Keller & Associates’ ( Tanker Vehicle Inspections and Tanker Driving Techniques are two video-based training programs that focus on the challenges of tank trailer drivers. Tanker Vehicle Inspections focuses on vehicle inspections; the narrator walks drivers through a vehicle inspection. Tanker Driving Techniques concentrates on the different types of tank trailers – elliptical, cylindrical and double conical – and how each design affects its handling; the video also covers defensive driving, intersections, railroad crossings and underpasses. Each program includes an instructor’s bulletin that provides training tips and techniques, and 10 driver skill cards that reinforce key concepts. The programs are available together for $249 or separately for $149.

Solving harness problems
The Circuit Chaser ( uses LEDs to help troubleshoot wiring problems in a tractor-trailer harness. You also can bypass troubled circuits by unscrewing the troubled pin connector and reinstalling the Circuit Chaser. The product comes with extra jumper connectors and a one-year warranty.

Diesel fuel purification system
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering( has developed a new Two Stage Diesel Fuel Purification System. Stage one is a high-speed centrifuge separator that removes 99.9 percent of the water and 95 percent of the solid contaminants in diesel fuel, the company says. It has no filters to change and requires no maintenance. Stage two addresses degradation, oxidation and repolymerization in fuel. Dieselcraft Diesel Fuel Purification Systems are supplied in four models of flow rates, ranging from 5 to 500 gallons per hour.