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Aluminum liftgate
Liftgate manufacturer Waltco Truck Equipment Co. ( introduces the aluminum reduced-maintenance rail-type liftgate series. The company says the lightweight, corrosion-resistant series – ideal for wide, heavy, wheeled or palletized loads – accommodates unobstructed dock loading because the platform can be lowered to below the vehicle bed height and backed up to the dock. Liftgate models – available in four weight capacities ranging from 3,500 to 6,600 pounds – feature large pins and hinges designed to minimize debris buildup and breakdown risk.

Rear-ramped trailers
Rogers ( TAG Series trailers, available in 20- and 25-ton capacities, now include dual-spring E-Z Flip rear ramps that are laterally adjustable and easy to lift off the deck or ground. The TAG20L, a 20-ton capacity model, features a 19-foot flat deck with a 6-foot beavertail. The most recent addition, the TAG20XXL, features a 22-foot flat deck and a 6-foot beavertail. The TAG25XXL features a 22-foot deck and a 6-foot beavertail. All TAG models include an 8-degree ramp and beavertail loading angle for safe, easy loading and unloading of a wide variety of machines, including excavators and paving equipment. Rogers also offers this design in a 3-axle, 25-ton capacity.

Portable fax machines
The FaxEnable product line from Molex ( transmits faxes over a digital wireless network, allowing for transmissions from transportation applications. The FaxEnable series can be installed in minutes and operated while a vehicle is in motion. The FaxEnable utilizes error correction and retransmission in the event of a lost cellular signal to guarantee reliable delivery. They are designed to resist shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference, and each encrypts data to ensure secure signal transmission. The FaxEnable series currently offers three versions. The Send/Receive with Inverter model transmits and receives, and includes a built-in 12V-to-120V inverter to allow power via a standard cigarette lighter adapter. The second version, the Send/Receive Portable, is housed in a water-resistant case and powered by a rechargeable battery. The Hub model is capable of handling up to four simultaneous landline connections to mobile units.

Higher-capacity dump trailer

East Manufacturing Corp. ( has added 1.5 to 2 cubic yards of capacity to its Genesis smooth-sided aluminum dump trailer without adding any additional weight. The original Genesis sidewall panels were offset about 2 inches inboard of the top and bottom rails, and the front and rear posts. By redesigning the rear posts, East was able to move the sidewalls to a flat outboard position, flush with the top and bottom rails. This gains more than 4 inches of interior width along the length of the trailer, which gives a standard 34-foot dump trailer an additional 2 cubic yards of payload potential.

LED lightbars
ECCO (, which specializes in vehicle warning equipment, has introduced a new LED warning lightbar product line, the 15 Series “StreetLazer” Minibar, which provides high-intensity light output. At only 2 inches high, the compact unit features low-profile, aerodynamic styling and weatherproof construction, including an aluminum base, sealed polycarbonate lens and encapsulated power supply. ECCO says the LED modules’ optical design produces superior horizontal and vertical light dispersion. The StreetLazer LED technology offers low current draw of only 0.2 amps per module and provides a long and maintenance-free service life with no moving parts to wear out and LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of operation. The StreetLazer is available in a choice of four standard 23-inch-long configurations offering either 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-module warning capacity, each with a choice of two user-selectable flash patterns.

Shock absorbers
Rideking ( precision heavy truck shock absorbers use stainless steel technology and a powerful 2.30-inch diameter piston bore to generate the high-control forces necessary for optimum body motion and wheel control. The shock absorbers are factory-rebuildable, Rideking says.

Multimeter with better visibility
Fluke, a manufacturer of digital multimeters, and Snap-On (, which specializes in automotive tools, have partnered for the Fluke 88V digital multimeter, which the companies say can identify nearly any electrical problem on conventional and hybrid vehicles, including those with 42-volt systems. The companies say the Fluke 88V is an upgrade over its predecessor, the Fluke 88, with a 30 percent larger display complemented by an adjustable bright white backlight for improved visibility in dimly lit environments, such as under the dash or hood.

The Fluke 88V is available as a stand-alone meter or as a kit. The EEDM88VKT Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit includes the Fluke 88V, heat-resistant silicone test leads, removable sharp point test probes, wide-jaw alligator clips, temperature probe, inductive pick-up for RPM measurements, back probe pins, insulation piercing probe, magnetic hanger for hands-free operation, and plastic carrying case.

Parts washer
Hotsy’s ( single-stage conveyor parts washer is designed for continuous cleaning of parts on an assembly line. The Hotsy 8600 pass-through parts washer features a 16-inch-wide steel conveyor belt that carries the parts through a wash tunnel where parts are blasted with hot water spray from a 360-degree spray manifold. The Hotsy 8600 5 HP vertical seal-less pump, with a high tolerance for metals and other solids in the wash water, delivers cleaning power of up to 110 GPM at 40 to 50 PSI. It has an automatic water fill system for protection against low water levels in the wash tank.

Long-drain transmission fluid
Lubrication Engineers’ ( 1150 TRANS-ALL EHP automatic transmission fluid is a high-performance product designed for severe service where drain periods may be longer than normal because of equipment being away from the home terminal. The synthetic blend ATF has written approvals for GM Dexron III-H, Ford Mercon and Mercon V, and Allison C-4 automatic transmission applications. It also can be used in commercial applications where Allison TES-295 is specified. It also may be substituted for Type A (Suffix A) or C-3 fluids and meets all specifications for Caterpillar TO-2, ZF TE-ML-14B, Voith G607 and G1363 (extended drain) Denison HF-0. It also is suitable for Chrysler ATF +3 & +4, the company says.

Rough-terrain forklift
Sellick Equipment’s ( S series rough-terrain forklift is designed for safety, visibility, ergonomics and accessibility. The operator platform is rubber-mounted to reduce noise and vibration levels, thus improving productivity and reducing fatigue, the company says. Visibility through the See-Thru roller mast also has been improved for increased safety. Capacity range is 6,000 to 12,000 pounds, and all models are equipped with the new Perkins 1100 Tier II emission diesel engine. Optional equipment includes enclosed cab, air conditioning, fork positioning and a wide selection of lift heights.

High-performance brake linings
Abex ( has introduced three high-temperature heavy-duty brake linings for trucks and trailers. SM FF/6098 GG semi-metallic combination block is a high-performance lining rated to 23,000 pounds. It is engineered to deliver superior stopping power across all temperature ranges and is recommended for use on a wide range of demanding applications, the company says. The new block experiences low swell and growth, and ensures lining life and drum compatibility.

Carts for narrow aisles
Akro-Mils’ ( galvanized high-end narrow aisle cart is ideal for efficient order-picking, material handling and stocking where space is limited. The slim design allows the cart to maneuver easily in tight places, and its heavy-duty construction holds up under tough conditions, the company says. The cart’s load capacity is 1,500 pounds, and deck sizes are 16-by-48 inches, 16-by-60, 24-by-48 and 24-by-60.

Linehaul steer tire
Kelly Tires’ ( new premium linehaul steer tire, Armorsteel KLHA steer tire, is designed to offer more miles to removal, improved handling and enhanced durability and retreadability. The tire, available in standard and low-profile sizes, features a wear-resistant tread compound and reinforced belt package fortified with supertensile steel to protect against punctures, increasing the tire’s retreadability. Lateral tread grooves improve traction while incorporating a design that promotes extended treadwear, the company says. The shoulder rib design includes a pressure distribution groove that decreases initiation of irregular shoulder wear. Internal structure is just as robust as its tread: The bead area and tire shape have been engineered to equalize contact pressure for improved wear to removal. The KLHA tire replaces the Armorsteel KLHS steer tire.

Battery feeder stud
Cole Hersee Company (, a manufacturer of heavy-duty electrical and electronic products for vehicles, announces its battery feeder studs for trucks. The battery feeder studs transport DC power through firewalls, allowing truck batteries to be recharged or supplied with power from external sources. The studs are solid brass with impact-resistant plastic insulation. Ideal for heavy-duty systems ranging from 6 to 36 volts DC, the studs are available in red (part no. 46211-R) and black (46211-01). As current can flow in only one direction, current cannot drain from one battery to another, so every battery stays properly charged.

Rubber compounds
Preferred Rubber Compounding Corporation ( – a provider of high-quality, custom-mixed rubber compounds – introduces its line of Vamac ethylene-acrylic (AEM) specialty elastomer compounds. The Vamac compounds are part of the company’s series of specialty elastomer compounds (SECs), which are ideal for truck applications. The compounds are designed for use in parts having contact with engine oil or air at temperatures up to 170 degrees Celsius. Typical uses include suspension and steering system components. For example, the compounds commonly are used in oscillation dampers, which often need resistance to heat generated by catalytic converters. Other uses for Vamac compounds include oil coolant hoses in turbocharged engines, seals for valve covers and oil suction hoses.

Roller bushings suspension kits for Peterbilt 387
Horton ( has introduced roller bushings suspension kits, which include all the components needed to convert all model years of the Peterbilt 387. The roller bushings’ patented needle bearings supply more than seven linear feet of grease grooves for maximum lubrication and minimal maintenance. They are engineered to improve vehicle handling, reduce stress on the chassis, and eliminate seized pins and front-wheel hop.

Light rear air suspension
Hendrickson’s ( new HTB rear air suspension for Class 8 trucks is a lightweight, non-torque reactive package designed for smooth rides and low maintenance. The lightest suspension in the class at 570 pounds including axle brackets, HTB saves up to 257 pounds of weight over industry-standard 40,000-pound suspensions, the company says. The design features parallelogram geometry that eliminates leaf springs and reduces components, and it does away with the frame rise that is characteristic of trailing arm suspensions. Driveline angles are maintained throughout axle travel, minimizing suspension-induced driveline vibration and contributing to the longevity of other truck parts, Hendrickson says. The torque box system helps improve multi-axle stability and control. Dual support structure, frame hangers and torque rods are designed to reduce weight while improving durability.

Skid control training
J.J. Keller & Associates’ ( new video-based training program, Skid Control & Recovery, uses commentary from transportation professionals, computer-animated dramatizations and actual demonstrations on skid pads to focus on skids and skid recovery and provide tips and guidelines for prevention. The program provides information on vehicle control factors such as traction and wheel load; specific causes of skids such as overbraking, oversteering and overaccelerating; types of skids, including front-wheel skid, trailer jackknife and all-wheel skid; and recovering from skids through braking, shifting and corrective steering.