A site for sore eyes

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You know times are good when the IT department starts talking about spiffing up the website. CCJmagazine.com was due for a tune-up, and I’m pleased to announce its new look is ready to roll. Some of its features have been redesigned and others super-charged. The result is worth bookmarking as your homepage.

Website Director Michael Newman says the site’s new look is designed for ease of navigation. “Our goal is to continue to make this the place fleets go for news, information and resources,” he says. “Technology changes so quickly, and website design must respond to market demands.” Here’s what you can expect:

Upgraded search engine. Editorial content from CCJ’s award-winning editorial team will continue to be available online, but it will be easier to search for specific information. We’ve installed a powerful search engine to make it easier and faster to find articles you’d like to re-read or to find everything CCJ’s editors have written on a given topic. The current cover story, feature articles and editors’ columns will be spotlighted, and complete content from each issue will be readily available.

Easier navigation. Moving around CCJmagazine.com is much easier. You can move seamlessly among the site’s features, always knowing that you are still within CCJ by the color-coded blue background. The new design allows us to feature favorites like CCJ’s The Top 100 and expand into the 2nd 100 and the best of the rest. You’ll also find the latest Makes and Models from Class 1-8 truck makers – complete with color photos – as well as the good-looking trucks and trailers featured in our annual Fleet Graphics Awards.

Features such as weather, stock quotes, road conditions, fuel prices, and permits and routing help simplify your everyday routine. Links for employment, driving schools, equipment, used trucks and trailers, free e-mail and current information on industry events will be easy to find and navigate.

New tools. New fee-based tools such as advanced routing from ProMiles, advanced Fuel Tax Online and Driver’s Logs online might help your operation run more smoothly. Additional features such as editorial-based message boards and weekly e-newsletters will be available this spring.

We want your comments as we continue to provide complete business solutions for those responsible for trucking professionals. We’ve poured the resources, time and talent into making CCJmagazine.com the best possible source for fleet owners. Let us know what you think.