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Sideslip meter
With a 30-second drive-through test, Hunter’s SS100T Sideslip Meter measures for excessive sideslip on all vehicle types and axle configurations from passenger cars to multi-axle trucks. Sideslip indicates the presence of incorrect wheel alignment or other mechanical problems such as worn parts that lead to rapid tire wear. The SS100T provides hands-free operation and requires no data entry or control from the console. Test results for each axle are displayed with color-coded graphics for pass, marginal or fail grades. A color printer comes standard to print test results that can help explain needed service to a customer or to create a service record for a specific vehicle.
Hunter Engineering Co.

Portable cold water pressure washer
Landa has introduced optional upgrades that provide portability to its stationary SEA water pressure washer. Among the available add-ons to the SEA, housed in a stainless steel cabinet, are a stainless steel cart with two large, solid rubber wheels and two caster wheels for easier maneuvering; a detergent container rack; conveniently mounted electric cord hooks; and a tangle-free, high-pressure hose reel. The 11 models of the SEA line feature cleaning power up to 4.2 gallons per minute in flow rate and 3,000 pounds per square inch in pressure. The SEA models are driven by industrial-grade Baldor motors, ranging from 2 to 7.5 HP, and feature a broad variety of electrical configurations, including 120-volt, 230-volt single or double phase, 460-volt three phase and 575-volt three phase.
Landa Water Cleaning Systems

Slope-detecting system
Slope Detector IV from Pulltarps Manufacturing is a tip-over warning device for end-dump trailers. With the level sensor mounted to the trailer’s rear axle and the control unit placed in the cab, operators can be warned of an out-of-level condition; the hoist can be set to shut down automatically to protect against tip-overs. The cab unit has LED readout of the tilt angle and an audible warning sound to allow the driver to monitor the trailer while looking in the rearview mirrors or backing up. The system can be programmed with the turn of a key; the operator cannot override the system once the fleet manager removes the key from the unit. Slope Detector IV uses the latest PLC technology that eliminates the plug and wiring from the trailer to the cab. The system is easy to install and requires no regular maintenance, the company says.
Pulltarps Manufacturing

Self-storing screwdriver
Ready Tools’ Retract-A-Bit Hex is a self-storing screwdriver system with bits that can be changed with the push of a button. The tool includes six integral hex-head bits in either standard or metric configurations. Bits are engaged simply by sliding them into place; a locking collar ensures stability during use.
Ready Products

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Pallet truck scale
Mettler Toledo’s Xpress Pallet Truck Scale offers mobile, battery-powered weighing for industrial, heavy-duty applications. Available in two different fork widths, the line features an onboard weighing system with a six-digit high-contrast LCD indicator, four color-coded tactile keys and smooth, precise handling, the company says.
Mettler Toledo

Retractile cords
Autac, a manufacturer of retractile cords, announces its customizable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) cords ideal for wire and cable used in trucks. Autac says the TPE cords present a smart alternative to hard-to-find Neoprene; their rubber-like feel and appearance are comparable, and its ability to maintain high retractile memory and flexibility in high stress applications make it virtually indistinguishable. TPE has a wider temperature range than Neoprene, is more environmentally friendly, and eliminates the need for an expensive curing process. The cords are available in a custom-made range of colors and can be coded for easy and quick identification. The durable TPE cords resist weather, oil, chemicals, ozone, flame, UV and impacts. Available in 12-28 AWG, the cords can be designed to handle varying amounts of amperage. The cords are featured in 12, 24, 36 and 48 inches, which can extend on a 1:5 ratio if needed. The TPE cords have dielectric constants of 2.1-2.4 and dielectric strengths of 600 volts. Customized lengths and ratios also are available, up to a 12-foot retracted length extending 60 feet.

LED box lamp
Grote Industries’ LED Boxlite lamp features Grote’s Supernova single LED technology in both the stop/tail/turn and license function and is an exact replacement of Grote’s original box lamp. Grote says the lamp features one of the industry’s brightest LEDs, which provides a brilliant, steady, instant-on lamp. The lamps have no moving parts, so they are not affected by vibration, which leads to a longer life, the company says.
Grote Industries

Rack and shelving storage software
FastPic Systems’ FastPic4 software is designed to improve order picking accuracy and speed for vehicle part organizations that store inventory on static rack and shelving. Optimized printed pick lists and bar-code scanning can increase productivity and reduce manhours by routing pickers through the most efficient pick path order.
FastPic Systems

Fuel stabilizer
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering has developed a fuel stabilizer to deal with fuel quality issues and engine smoke problems. Dieselcraft Fuel Stabilizer uses induction and an engineered mixing chamber to alter the molecular bond of the fuel. The fuel stabilizers are supplied in models ranging in flow rates of 5 to 2,500 gallons per hour. The most common units are Model 5-29 for engines with fuel pump capacities from 5 to 29 GPH and 1/4-inch fuel lines, and Model 30-200 for engines with fuel pump capacities from 30 to 200 GPH and 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch fuel lines.
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering

Lubrication system for trailers
Bijur’s ChassisCare SureShot centralized lubrication system is designed to provide a quick, easy way to lubricate cam shafts and slack adjusters – without having to crawl under trailers to locate hard-to-reach zerk fittings. Just walk up to the distribution block, insert a grease gun and lubricate all points on the trailer – all within 2 to 3 minutes.
Bijur Lubrication Corporation

Nitrogen generator
Parker’s TireSaver nitrogen generator uses dry nitrogen gas instead of compressed gas to inflate tires, which helps maintain proper inflation pressure and prevents one of the major causes of tire failures. TireSaver offers high-capacity output of 28 SCFM and comes with an integral two-stage system of protective pre-filters and a carbon filter, enabling the tire inflation system to be used on any compressed air system. Parker says dry nitrogen gas can extend tire life by up to 25 percent and improve fuel efficiency by up to 4 percent, while providing more consistent tire pressure and reducing or eliminating the need to check tire pressures and top off tires. Other benefits include cooler run temperatures and the elimination of rim corrosion and stem clogging, the company says.
Parker Hannifan Corporation

BTS self-cleaning drum
The BTS self-cleaning drum from Webb Wheel Products, for rear drive and trailer axle applications, is available in drum sizes of 16.5-by-7 inches, 16.5-by-8 inches and 16.5-by-8.62 inches. The BTS drum reduces heat and debris accumulation that affects brakes, and optimizes performance of Lynnfin Brake Turbines for a cleaner system that helps improve brake life and performance, the company says.
Webb Wheel Products

Heavy-duty alternator
Remy Inc.’s 24SI heavy-duty brush-type alternator is designed to meet the demands of the new higher-temperature, EPA-compliant engine compartments. The 24SI features Remy’s Maximum Cooling Technology design, which features dual internal fans and strategically positioned, high-flow front and rear air vents. This configuration delivers superior performance over a temperature range of -40 degrees F to 221 degrees F, Remy says. The alternator is available in 12V (rated at 145 amps @ 6000 rpm) and 24V (100 amps @ 6000 rpm) models. The 24SI features dual spacers and slingers designed to protect the brushes and other internal components from water and related contaminants; reduced-size slip rings that help extend brush performance and durability by minimizing bounce; long-life press-fit diodes; and oversize bearings for increased strength and belt load capacity.
Remy Inc.

Trailer cable
Phillips Industries’ Arctic Superflex electrical cable is designed specifically for durability in extreme temperatures. Not only does it remain flexible in harsh cold weather environments to -85 degrees F, it also holds its shape in heat up to 175 degrees F, making it an excellent cable replacement choice for fleets that run in severe temperature ranges, the company says. The cable is resistant to chemicals, oils and fuel and can be identified by its deep blue jacketing. The 7-conductor cable satisfies ABS requirements, meets SAE J2394 specifications and is available in 100-foot or 250-foot lengths.
Phillips Industries