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Volvo VT 880 Specifications
BBC: 200 inches (bumper to back of sleeper cab)
Front Axle Position: 43.1 inches
Cab Size: 77-inch raised roof sleeper
Engines: Volvo D16 – from 500 hp @ 1850 lb-ft to 625 hp @ 2250 lb-ft; Cummins ISX – from 475 hp @ 1850 lb-ft to 565 hp @ 1850 lb-ft
Transmission: Eaton RTO, RTLO 10, 13, 18 speeds; Eaton Autoshift 10 and 18 speeds
Front Axle: 12,000-13,200 lb spring suspension
Rear Axle: 40-46K Rear Axles (Dana Spicer, Meritor); Amboid Rear Axle (multi-torque)
Rear Suspension: 38-40K Volvo Air Suspension; 46K High-Torque/High GCW Non-Torque-Reactive Suspension Frame Rails: 7 Sizes RBM 1,382,000-2,448,000
Interior Trim: Premier (unique to VT 880) – “Saddle” color, with “Brick” accent; Elite (two trim levels) – Aurora and Prism, with “Saddle” accents

Volvo’s VT 880 and D16
Volvo Trucks North America unveiled its new truck for the owner-operator market, the Volvo VT 880, and a new high-horsepower engine, the Volvo D16, to power it. The long-hood truck with the D16 would especially benefit truck owners who want to maintain high average legal speeds through mountains while transporting full-weight loads, such as refrigerated operations, Volvo says. It would be a good fit for high gross weight applications such as heavy haul or drop frame.

The 16-liter Volvo D16 is available with ratings of 500 hp @ 1850 lb-ft to 625 hp @ 2250 lb-ft. The engine introduces a new Volvo technology called Intelligent Torque, or I-Torque, to protect drivelines from excessive torque at low speeds. I-Torque should extend tire wear and protect drivelines by limiting engine torque output to 1650 lb-ft in startup gears, switching to 1850 lb-ft as speed increases, Volvo says. Other D16 features include the Volvo Engine Brake, which provides 335 hp of braking power at 1500 rpm; the Volvo Exhaust Pressure Governor, which allows the engine to warm up quickly and to maintain engine temperature at very low idle speeds; and the Volvo Pre-Heater, which heats the intake air for fast and reliable engine startup in cold weather, without white smoke.

The 200-inch BBC VT 880 also will be available with the Cummins ISX with ratings from 475 hp @ 1850 lb-ft to 565 hp @ 1850 lb-ft. Volvo says the truck is prepared to meet the cooling requirements needed for both the 2007 and the 2010 emissions standards. It features a 77-inch sleeper cab with more than 374 cubic feet of space and more than 520 cubic feet of total living space, including the driver and passenger seat area.

The Volvo VT 880 is available for order now, and deliveries will begin in June.
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Tire pressure monitor
The Doran PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System tracks the pressure of up to 34 tires continuously and displays the results in a digital readout in the vehicle’s cab. Audible and visual alerts notify the driver of low-pressure conditions, so that repairs or replacement can be scheduled without breakdowns or downtime. Duplicate signals minimize the effects of electronic interference, weather and other trucks. Doran says the PressurePro is easy to install: Replace existing valve caps with sensors, mount the monitor on the dash and hook up a two-wire power supply.
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Wireless truck scale says its wireless truck scale allows users to measure their gross weight from either inside or outside the cab, or anywhere within 100 feet of the vehicle. The lightweight, small scale (about the size of a can of soda) can be self-installed in minutes, enabling drivers to know the weight of their vehicle and weight per axle with the press of a button. Once calibrated, TruckWeight sends up-to-the-minute weight information to the handheld display, providing truckers with accurate measurements within 150 pounds each and every time, in their choice of kilos or pounds, the company says. According to the company, TruckWeight is waterproof, weatherproof, shock resistant and noncorrosive, and can withstand temperature extremes ranging from -40 degrees F to 158 F. (

Electrical harness system
Phillips Industries has improved the molded collar design of the QCS2 electrical harness system, which weatherproofs an entire electrical system by creating a watertight seal. The secure seal aids in corrosion prevention by eliminating moisture from traveling through the harness. The tight-fitting collar protects against accidental disconnection, and the modular design cuts socket replacement time, the company says.
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Centralized lube system
Bijur Lubrication’s ChassisCare SureShot centralized lubrication system for trailers provides owner-operators and fleet managers with a quick and easy way to lubricate cam shafts and slack adjusters, the company says. With the system, it no longer is necessary to crawl under trailers to locate hard-to-reach zerk fittings. Key features available with the ChassisCare SureShot system include a clear coat anodized distribution block that allows lubrication for three to 12 points on a trailer; compression fittings; a variety of zerk fittings for distribution; and sturdy tubing that is prefilled with NLGI No. 2 approved trailer chassis grease.
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Vanguard’s MaxCube trailer
Vanguard National Trailer Corporation, which began production in January 2004 with its VIP 4000 dry van, has unveiled a new dry van, the VIP MaxCube, and has upgraded the VIP 4000. The company says the 53-foot trailers come standard with structural and component features that add strength and durability and minimize corrosion. The new designs also ease maintenance costs and time requirements, Vanguard says. For example, DOT bumpers, landing gear and mud flap bracket assemblies are bolted rather than welded together, so if one part is rusted or damaged it can be replaced with a spare in a few minutes. The front electrical hookup box also is larger, allowing greater access to the wiring inside.

At 101 inches wide, the new MaxCube is one inch wider than the 4000. On the outside, its key feature is corrosion control. Inside, there are no snag points. The interior features a proprietary and more rigid vertical post design, and durable plastic lining. The inside walls are covered with a tough plastic that the company says is four to eight times more puncture-resistant than plywood. All seams and rivets between the sturdier vertical supports and plastic siding are hidden to reduce the likelihood of damage to trailer or freight during loading and unloading.

Both trailers weigh in at 400 or 500 pounds heavier than competing brands, but Vanguard says it opted for a sturdier design over a lighter trailer that could sacrifice structural integrity and durability.
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Tighter dock connections
Rite-Hite’s new Eliminator GapMaster II dock shelter by Frommelt helps building owners achieve energy savings and reduce dust and insect infiltration at the dock by sealing the gap between dock sides and the open swing-out doors of trailers. Features include easily removeable/reattachable side curtains and a self-supporting, pivoting fabric canopy header.
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Mixed-service tires
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced that its new mixed-service commercial truck tires, the Goodyear Unisteel G288 MSA and Unisteel G287 MSA, are replacing the G286. Both feature high-mileage tread compounds. The G288 MSA provides up to 30 percent more miles to removal compared to the G286, while the G287 MSA provides up to 40 percent more miles to removal. Both also will be available with Goodyear’s DuraSeal technology, which is designed to lower costs for repair, downtime and tire replacement.

The G288 MSA’s severe service tread compound and improved robust belt package deliver 18 percent better resistance to cutting, chipping and tearing. A proprietary pitch sequence in the tread design reduces tire noise considerably. In testing, the G288 MSA noise levels were reduced by 3.0 decibels.

The G287 MSA’s improved belt package, wide footprint and flat tread radius provides up to 20 percent improved cornering and grip. And its high-silica, high-mileage tread compound provides improved wet traction – up to 15 percent better than the G286 – and improved handling at high speeds.

Both tires are available in 10.00R20, 11.00R20, 11.00R22, 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 12R22.5 and 12R24.5 sizes. The G288 MSA also is available in 12.00R24, 255/70R22.5 and 275/70R22.5 sizes, while the G287 MSA also is available in 315/80R22.5 (plus HSS version).
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Safety eyewear
Uvex’s FitLogic safety eyewear offers a custom fit for any face. Using a combination of design and material technology, FitLogic allows wearers to adjust their eyewear at four different points to match their own custom-fit profile. Made of optically perfected polycarbonate, FitLogic lenses block 99.9 percent of UV rays and are available with Ultra-dura hard-coat or Uvextreme anti-fog coatings. Quickly and easily replaced, FitLogic lenses are available in a wide selection of tints for various applications.
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Oil cleaner and degreaser
Oil Eater Cleaner/Degreaser is designed to handle multiple cleaning situations with a formulation that eliminates the need for solvent or acid cleaners. Oil Eater quickly and safely dissolves grease and oil on engines, tools, concrete floors, equipment, walls and clothes, and it won’t harm skin, according to the company. It also can be used in a parts washer and with a pressure washer. The nonflammable cleaner is water-based, fresh-scented and biodegradable, and contains no acid, abrasives or petroleum solvents. Oil Eater says the product – available in 1-, 5-, 30- and 55-gallon containers – penetrates rapidly, rinses off easily and leaves zero residue.
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Electronic brake control
Valley Industries’ Journey HD Electronic Brake Control features polarity protection that will not be destroyed if power and ground wires are connected backward. The adjustable brake control is suited for 1- to 4-axle trailers with 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-brake systems. Separate thumb wheel controls give the driver full adjustability of both the output (power) and ramp time (reaction time). For safe stopping of trailers, Journey HD offers full power capabilities and stop lamp activation when manual override is employed. The unit incorporates no internal moving parts, requires no leveling and is self-diagnostic. It mounts anywhere inside a vehicle and features an easy-to-read digital display. Journey HD creates no output interference with the vehicle’s electrical, cruise control or anti-lock brake systems. All mounting hardware and detailed instructions are included with purchase.
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Faster air line connections
Constructed from durable PVC, Sloan Transportation Products’ Dura-Grip helps make air line connections quick and easy, the company says. The product prevents kinking of air lines, the most common type of failure. Dura-Grip installs in minutes between the gladhand and air line with standard tools and resists cracking in subzero temperatures. Color-coded blue and red plastic handles reduce the chance of driver hook-up error. The DOT-approved product includes all mounting hardware and comes with pre-applied thread sealant to prevent air leaks. Dura-Grip fits most tractor air lines.
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Pallet jack adapter
Grand Steer’s Turnabout maneuverability adapter is designed to increase the ease of moving and positioning empty pallet jacks. With the adapter, the length of the pallet jack becomes the turning diameter of the unit; without the adapter, the length of the pallet jack is the turning radius. As a result, the adapter can reduce turning space requirements by 72 percent, the company says. The Turnabout also is designed to lift up out of the way so it doesn’t reduce the pallet jack’s stability when handling heavy loads; pallet jacks will track better, and more material can be moved in less time and with less effort, Grand Steer says. The unit is designed to be installed easily with a clamp system.
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Utility bodies for Hino conventionals
Utilimaster now is offering its Trademaster utility body on the new Hino conventional cab chassis. The Trademaster features powder-coated external compartment doors and step bumper, plus vocational designed heavy-duty hardware. The Trademaster is available on the Hino 145 model at 14,050 GWV and the 165 model at 16,000 GVW in the popular 12-foot and 14-foot models.
Utilimaster Corp. (

Leak detection kit
Tracer Products says its Tracerline Optimax/EZ-Ject Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Kit has everything technicians need to locate all refrigerant and fluid leaks. The kit is designed around two tools: The Optimax cordless, rechargeable flashlight that the company says is 10 times brighter than regular LED lights; and the EZ-Ject multi-dose A/C dye injector designed to allow techs to add a precise amount of fluorescent dye to air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.
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Trailer fan
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.’s CoolMan 2500 trailer fan is designed for loading docks where manual parcel loading and unloading take place. It helps increase employee comfort and productivity by moving air inside the trailer, helping to condition the trailer’s environment to warmer or cooler facility temperatures. The fan, which operates on standard 110-volt power, features an 11-gauge steel positioning arm with a bracketing system that allows the fan to service two loading dock openings.

With the CoolMan’s bracketing system, dock workers easily can position the fan vertically and horizontally in order to move the air at the rear or at the front of the trailer, depending on where the dock workers are located. In addition, the CoolMan Trailer Fan easily can be moved out of the door opening for full-access fork truck traffic.
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp. (

Recessed toggle switch
Cole Hersee’s recessed toggle switch features a standard toggle switch centered at the bottom of a plated steel bowl measuring .892 inches deep. The new design mounts in the cab or body, and prevents accidental actuation by the driver or by personnel loading or unloading cargo, the company says. The steel casing fits into a 2-inch diameter hole and has an outer rim diameter of 33/16 inches. The rim also has three holes for mounting.
Cole Hersee (

Operate-at-idle system
Heil Environmental’s Operate-at-Idle System – standard equipment on its automated side loaders – now is available for installation on most of its rear, front and side loaders. The system uses a larger hydraulic pump that enables a vehicle to perform all of its normal functions to load and/or compact garbage at standard operating speeds while the vehicle’s engine is idle. Without the system, operators have to shift the transmission into neutral and raise the throttle every time they want to lift a container or pack a load, which wastes fuel, creates noise and causes increased wear on the chassis, transmission and operator. With the system, the vehicle’s engine constantly runs at a lower RPM, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 20 percent, the company says. Stress on the chassis and vehicle systems also is diminished, which can lead to longer life and lower maintenance costs. The system also eliminates the time spent shifting and waiting for the engine to get up to speed.
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Flexible dock lighting
Tri Lite says its Flexible Arm Dock Light series combines the strength of a standard dual-arm dock light with the added flexibility of a rubber-encased shock absorber to create a durable product. The shock absorber allows the arm to deflect and rebound from a blow, thereby minimizing the likelihood of damage to the lamp head from encounters with dock doors and forklift trucks. The FADL is available with Tri Lite’s polycarbonate lamp head that is both cool to the touch and highly durable, the company says. Other lamp head options include the traditional metal lamp head or the energy-efficient high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp head, which is available with an optional protective food service cover. The light is available in 40-, 60- or 90-inch arm lengths.
Tri Lite(

Pressure washer
Water Cannon’s 2500-PSI 5-hp GC 160 Honda Series mobile commercial-duty pressure washer features a Honda-powered engine and a Triplex general pump. Additional features include E-Z Start with no kickback, free upgrades, overheat thermal protection and an unbreakable axle.
Water Cannon (

Infrared gas heaters
Solaronics’ high-intensity SunTwin two-stage heaters and low-intensity SunTube line can save fuel and lower heating costs by up to 75 percent, the company says. Features of the SunTwin include the capability to power-down output to conserve energy and provide softer, more comfortable heat. Individual heaters may be used singly for spot heating or in multiples to economically heat entire buildings. Radiant tube lengths of the low-intensity Solaronics SunTube system can extend up to 70 feet. “Brite” aluminum reflectors rotate to direct the heat where needed. The burner is fully assembled and factory-tested, ready to hang. Simple chain mounting suspends the entire system. All Solaronics heaters are CSA International design-certified and operate on natural gas and LP/propane gas, with inputs ranging from 30,000 to 200,000 BTUH. Reliable direct spark ignition eliminates the need for a pilot burner, which also saves fuel; 100 percent shutoff ensures safe operation.
Solaronics (

Training manuals
Thomson Delmar Learning, a provider of educational resources for lifelong learning, has released two products for the trucking industry – the Accident Investigation Training Manual and the Hazmat Awareness Training Manual. Both titles were developed in conjunction with the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI), an organization that certifies safety directors/ supervisors, maintenance directors/ supervisors and professional driver trainers. The Accident Investigation Training Manual follows a seminar-based approach that addresses proper accident reporting and documentation procedures, as well as post-accident alcohol and controlled substance tests. The Hazmat Awareness Training Manual concentrates on all levels of hazmat training, as well as issues of compliance for carrier companies and individual truck drivers with DOT regulations.
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Truck scale with steel deck
The Alliance Truck Scale is an above-the-ground truck scale with a rugged steel deck that can be equipped with a variety of weighing systems and electronic display options. The scale features the modular Survivor EZ Steel Deck from Rice Lake – a 3/16-inch plate supported by 12-inch H beams for more rigidity – and has a 2.65 deflection factor. Incorporating from 4 to 12 load cells, depending upon size, the scales have a 90,000-pound concentrated load rating. Easily accessible, the scales are custom-built to meet specific requirements and are offered in lengths from 10 to 117 feet by 10 to 14 feet wide, with various types of foundations. Designed to withstand the harshest weather, they have a high-performance epoxy primer, a hard-coat alkyd enamel finish and an asphalt coating applied to the interior and underside.
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Mini oil pump
Graco’s Mini Fire-Ball 225 pump is designed to transfer low volumes of oil, typically handling 10-20 oil changes per day, where fluid supply lines are under 250 feet and simultaneous use of dispense meters is not required. The 3:1 ratio pump provides a fluid flow rate of 1.8 gpm at 80 cpm. Graco says the pump’s corrosion-resistant design features large air ports that facilitate continuous pump operation without icing, and u-cup throat packings with a hardened steel displacement rod that minimize wear. Fewer moving parts in the air motor assembly mean less downtime and lower repair costs, the company says.
Graco (

Tarp guard for trailers
The manufacturers of Tarp Guard – designed for flatbed trailers to help protect tarps from tears and loads from damage – say the product has been redesigned and improved. The edges now have a larger radius to help prevent splitting, and the corners now are rounded to help prevent stressing the tarp. The plastic guard – pyramid-shaped with a ball on top – is designed for a snug fit over the corners of sharp-edged loads such as lumber or steel. When the tarp is placed over the load and tied down, it stays put. The ball-shaped top prevents any tearing of the tarp, the company says.
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