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LAS VEGAS, NV, PRINCETON, NJ – March 6, 2005 – ALK Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of routing, mileage and mapping software, today announced a partnership with IDSC in which ALK|FleetSuite Tolls is seamlessly interfaced with Integrated Decision Support Corporation’s (IDSC) Netwise Enterprise and Expert Fuel solutions. The ALK|FleetSuite Tolls module enables transportation and logistics companies to enhance toll calculation, collection and reconciliation. Demonstrations of these solutions will be available during the Truckload Carriers Association’s 2005 Convention held at the Bellagio Resort and Hotel, booths 138/140 (ALK) and 242 (IDSC).

“ALK|FleetSuite Tolls addresses toll costs, which next to fuel can be the most expensive component of a commercial truck route,” stated Ed Siciliano, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at ALK Technologies. “The integration of ALK|FleetSuite Tolls with IDSC’s decision support solutions raises the bar for route optimization. IDSC will lead the market by incorporating ALK’s toll data. Companies that utilize this new integrated solution will quickly realize tremendous benefits in their operations.”

Netwise Enterprise decision support solutions from IDSC provide profitability analysis, pricing and network balance optimization tools. “By integrating the industry’s most accurate data from ALK|FleetSuite Tolls into this solution,” said Dave Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IDSC, “carriers will have a better view of costs for each lane. We expect that they will enjoy a competitive advantage using our planning solutions and an increase in overall profitability.”

ALK|FleetSuite Tolls is also being integrated into IDSC’s Expert Fuel optimization program. “Expert Fuel uses dispatch and mobile communications systems to provide an optimized fuel purchasing plan over a specific route,” related David McKinney, Director of Professional Services at IDSC. “With ALK|FleetSuite Tolls we have the option of providing least cost routing based on accurate toll data.”

The ALK|FleetSuite Tolls module is invaluable in maintaining a competitive advantage for large and small motor carriers. “A tremendous amount of research went into the development of the Tolls module,” Ed Siciliano noted. “Our developers worked for over one year to develop the module, performing several hundred hours of development and testing. The module incorporates data from nearly 1,000 toll plazas in over 31 states, 112 toll authorities and 232 roads, bridges and tunnels. This comprehensive nationwide coverage of more than 14,000 toll paths is monitored and maintained on a real-time basis.”

Also supported by the ALK|FleetSuite Tolls module are numerous discount toll programs, including Cruise Card, EXpressToll, EZ Tag, EZPass, FAST LANE, FasTrak, I-PASS, K-TAG, M-TAG, NH Tokens, PikePass, Ready Toll, Smart Tag, SunPass, TollTag and Transpass. Looking ahead, ALK is developing several key enhancements for the Tolls module. Included is the capability to establish toll class by actual truck weight, as well as costing and rating modules and a lane and load profitability analysis tool.

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