New centralized lubrication system for trailers greases hard to reach points quickly and easily

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MORRISVILLE, N.C., USA (December 1, 2004) – Bijur Lubrication Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of centralized lubrication systems and components, has announced the availability of its ChassisCare SureShot centralized lubrication system for trailers. The product will be assembled and shipped from Bijur’s plant in Kinston, NC.

The ultra-light ChassisCare SureShot system provides owner/operators and fleet managers with a quick and easy way to lubricate cam shafts and slack adjusters. No more crawling under trailers to locate hard-to-reach zerk fittings. Just walk up to the distribution block, which is conveniently located on the trailer frame, and insert a manual grease gun and lubricate all points on the trailer. A task that would normally take up to a half hour only takes 2 to 3 minutes with the ChassisCare SureShot system. For those operating fleets, that is a significant savings.

“Everyone in the trucking business needs this product,” said Thomas W. Arndt, President and COO of Bijur. “Not only does it provide fast lubrication of the entire trailer, it also extends brake life. In today’s world, that is a valuable combination.”

Key features available with the ChassisCare SureShot system include:

  • Robust distribution block – allows lubrication for three to 12 points on a trailer
  • Compression fittings – assure secure tubing connections
  • Variety of zerk fittings for distribution block – provides greater flexibility for installation
  • Kit packaging – everything you need to get started is included in the kit
  • Sturdy tubing – prefilled with NLGI #2 approved trailer chassis grease
  • Low price point – 12-point systems start at under $250

“With the demand for trailers to run longer and more efficiently, the ChassisCare SureShot system is a necessity,” said Don Schaefer, Bijur’s Mobile Product Manager. “It is a product that makes economic and common sense. We anticipate the ChassisCare SureShot system will have a high market acceptance and will become the industry standard for trailer lubrication.”

The company plans to demonstrate the new system in three industry shows in 2005: The Technology and Maintenance Council Show in Tampa (February 15-18), the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville (March 31 – April 2) and the North American Trucking Show in Boston (April 28-30). For more information about the ChassisCare SureShot system, visit or call 1 -800-63 1 -0 1 68 and ask for a ChassisCare representative.

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