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International’s RXT diesel pickup

International’s RXT diesel pickup
International Truck and Engine Corporation’s new RXT is a 22-foot-long commercial pickup truck weighing more than five tons. Drawing on the manufacturer’s CXT – the world’s largest production pickup truck – the RXT is part of the “International XT Family.” Standing 8 feet tall, the International RXT is a 4×2 pickup truck that features an 8-foot-long bed, great hauling and tow capability and commercial hydraulic brakes for stopping large loads or trailers, the company says. Its exterior design offers full-body side skirts, a low step-in height and aerodynamic hood. From the driver’s seat, the ride is made comfortable by a crew cab that seats five, as well as an air cab suspension and an International ride-optimized suspension (IROS). The RXT features an International VT 365 diesel V8 engine with 230 hp and 540 lb-ft of torque. Orders for the RXT can be placed in fall 2005.
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Mitsubishi’s split rearview mirror
Mitsubishi Fuso has introduced an optional split rearview mirror for its medium-duty commercial trucks. The upper section of the mirror offers a large, standard flat reflective surface, while the independently adjustable lower section provides a convex reflective surface designed to help eliminate driver blind spots. The mirror mounts on standard Mitsubishi Fuso quick-adjust support brackets, available for both left-hand and right-hand door installation. Adjustment involves only a couple of convenient steps, the company says: The driver adjusts the upper mirror for best view, then locks it in place on the support bracket with a standard wrench. The lower convex section then can be pivoted independently on the fixed support arm, until the “blind spot” is minimized or eliminated. The entire support bracket is designed to be pivoted against the door in narrow spaces, and then pivoted back into working position without use of tools.
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Workers’ comp software
The Keller-Soft Workers’ Comp Manager Plus OSHA 300 Recordkeeper software package from J.J. Keller & Associates is designed to provide a step-by-step process to complete and submit the First Report of Injury form for each state; establish a course of action following a workers’ comp claim in order to help minimize time, expense and future impact on insurance premiums; and develop a Return to Work plan. It also provides guidance to identify fraudulent claims. The software helps users determine whether an illness or injury is work-related and recordable; calculate incidence rates; fill out, print and save Forms 300, 301 and 300A; sort data and generate reports; and retain records for multiple years. Users can track, record and evaluate incidents to find out what each one costs their organization.
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Fender mounting technology
East Manufacturing has teamed up with Fleet Engineers Inc. to offer X-Flex mounting technology that virtually eliminates the harmonic vibration cracking in aluminum fenders, the company says. X-Flex is offered with all East 3/16-inch diamond plate and smooth aluminum half-tandem, full-tandem and single-axle fenders. X-Flex systems use a combination of mounting kits and rubber isolators to form a free-floating zone of vibro isolation to absorb vibration before it reaches the fender. They are available in either top-mount (Vibro Wedge) or under-mount (Iso-blox) kits. Both kits feature anti-corrosive stainless steel hardware.
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Wet vacuum
Abanaki’s Q-Vac 100 suctions all types of wet industrial spills. It also can be used to remove coolant and chips from machine sumps for optimal equipment operation. The Q-Vac 100 contains no moving parts and runs on compressed air. Abanaki says the vacuum is ideal for removing surface contaminants from process baths; emptying tanks and drain pits; draining containers and vats completely dry; and removing spent coolant from a machining center.
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Bucket seats
Seats Inc.’s 1008 line of durable bucket seats have the look and feel of vinyl (but with no sewn covers), superior wear characteristics and stretch-ability, and reduced cost, the company says. The seats, adhered to a plastic backing, can be mounted to Seats’ Low Profile Suspension and include the customer’s choice of T-nuts or single locking tracks. Other optional features include self-skinned folding armrests, additional mounting choices and an “operator present” switch.
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Cable harness mounts
Waytek now carries cable harness mounts, from HellermannTyton, in two styles: an arrow push mount and fir tree mount. Either tape or a cable tie can be used to mount the harness. The mounts, constructed from black nylon 6/6, permit .31 inches of movement on either side of center to allow for alignment. The fir tree mount is designed to mount into a solid panel, such as sheet metal or wood.
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Cordless LED flashlight
The Versa Volt Cordless LED Flashlight from Snap-on Tools Company groups three LEDs together and multiplies light output for maximum illumination, the company says. The LED bulbs last up to 10,000 working hours and are designed to extend battery life by drawing minimal current. Unlike other LED lights with fixed battery bases, this flashlight features an interchangeable base that can be removed quickly and recharged when batteries are low; a spare battery base allows users to always have a fully charged battery on-hand for uninterrupted use. With a hanging strap and hook on the back of the unit, the flashlight can be hung and placed in a number of different positions; while on a flat surface, the flashlight rests securely on its back or stands upright on its base. The flashlight head swivels 120 degrees and expands the number of directional angles possible. Partially pulling the unit’s two-position trigger activates the unit for short bursts of light – similar to a lighthouse beacon – while fully depressing the trigger puts the light into the full-time “on” position for constant illumination.
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Pressure washer
Hotsy has introduced the 795SS to its 700 series of electric-powered, diesel-heated hot water pressure washers. The 795SS model is designed for numerous industrial, commercial and municipal applications, delivering cleaning power of 2,000 psi at a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute. It comes in 230-volt/1-phase and 208-volt/1-phase electrical configurations. The 5-horsepower electric motor, which features thermal overload protection and a manual reset, is totally enclosed and fan-cooled for extra protection in rough environments. A rugged dual-belt drive is designed to provide smooth operation and outstanding reliability. Heated by a high-efficiency burner, the 795SS features a heavy-duty coil made from Schedule 80 pipe, and an adjustable thermostat that helps maintain a constant temperature. A stainless-steel burner wrap helps prevent rust and corrosion.
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No-flex flatbed
Fontaine Trailer has introduced the Phantom, an all-aluminum flatbed trailer based on a patent-pending extruded main beam design that eliminates welding between the web and the flange. The 12-inch flange is integral to the main beam and virtually eliminates flexing, even when the trailer is cornering under a full load, Fontaine says.

The trailers are available in three versions: the Phantom, the Phantom X and the Phantom ST. The Phantom, available in 45-, 48- and 53-foot lengths, is rated at 65,000 pounds in 4 feet with an 80,000-pound beam rating. The 48-foot Phantom ST is rated at 65,000 pounds in 4 feet with an 80,000-pound beam rating. The Phantom X, available in 45-foot and 48-foot lengths, is rated at 70,000 pounds in 2 feet or 73,000 pounds in 4 feet with a 110,000-pound beam rating.
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Cushion tire forklift truck
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks recently introduced new, contemporary styling and added efficiency improvements to its line of 3,000-pound to 6,500-pound capacity N-Generation cushion tire forklift trucks. The trucks are available in eight different models with three fuel configurations. The trucks are equipped with the company’s Integrated Presence System (IPS) that features indicators to keep operators informed in a variety of dynamic work environments. EnvirO2 engines exceed the latest EPA emissions requirements.
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Torque-controlled impact wrench
Michigan Pneumatic Tool’s MP-6100TA torque-controlled impact wrench is designed to tighten bolts to a pre-adjusted tension. The 1-inch-square drive MP-6100TA, which replaces the CP-0610TELUD, provides easy torque adjustment and uniform torque output in a range from 300 to 1,400 ft.-lbs., the company says. The MP-6100TA is used with a Skidmore torque meter to maintain consistent torque and a time lag valve, an internal mechanism designed to allow the operator to tighten bolts to a pre-set torque. When the desired torque is achieved, the tool’s “Auto Stop” feature makes the wrench stop automatically, preventing costly overtension, according to the company. Other features include a through-hole anvil and an optional No. 5 spline drive.
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Gear management system for cargo
Let’s Go Aero’s GearDeck 17 System is a solution to gear management for trucks and cargo vans. GearDeck is a hitch-mounted, modular system that offers versatility as an enclosed and securable hauler, an open platform cargo carrier or a hitch rack. It is a three-part system that allows owners to add or remove components to create the carrier structure of their choice for supporting a wide range of cargo. GearDeck 17 incorporates all three system components, and has the advantage of a high-density polyethylene lid that creates 17 cubic feet of fully-enclosed space. GearDeck 17’s weatherproof lid is easily removable when the open platform configuration is preferred. Let’s Go Aero’s TwinTube serves as the structural foundation for the GearDeck System and is designed to be used independently as a hitch rack.
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Heavy-duty brushless alternator
Delco Remy’s 36SI alternator is a compact, heavy-duty brushless unit designed to deliver high output, both at idle and highway speeds. Delco Remy says the 36SI combines the compact, thermally tolerant design of the brand’s 35SI with a wider range of features that boosts component efficiency and power, with output of 165 amps at full and 100 amps at idle, which is suitable for line-haul fleets and vocational vehicles such as P&D, utility and sanitation trucks. The design also allows for reduced belt loads, thereby cutting frictional horsepower losses, a factor in overall engine fuel economy. The unit features radiant vents designed to ensure reliable performance in conditions up to 105 degrees Celsius. The 36SI is available with Delco Remy’s optional “Remote Sense” technology, which continuously detects voltage at the battery terminals and automatically adjusts power output to ensure optimal charge.
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Alcohol detection test
FirstLab, a provider of employment screening and regulatory support services, has launched its EtG urine alcohol detection test designed to enforce zero-tolerance restrictions on alcohol consumption. The company says the test – which is able to uncover the consumption of a single drink for up to 18 hours, and heavier alcohol consumption for up to five days – capitalizes on the presence of a distinct biomarker, ethyl glucoronide (EtG), that is present only when alcohol has been consumed. Previously available tests only detected alcohol up to a few hours after drinking, the company says.
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LED kits
Waytek now offers a line of stop/tail/turn and clearance/marker LED kits. The 4-inch-round sealed kits come in either red or amber, and include the LED light, grommet and pigtail. The LEDs are set in an impact-resistant plastic housing. Also available are sealed white LED backup kits that also come with the LED light, grommet and pigtail.
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Hydraulic filter
Heil Environmental has introduced an in-tank hydraulic filter with a 5-micron absolute filtration rating that can capture hydraulic fluid contaminants as small as 5 microns. Heil says the filter, now standard on all of its full-size refuse collection vehicles, offers 21/2 times better filtration efficiency and more than double the dirt-holding capacity than its previous 6-micron absolute filter. The new filter is designed for easy installation, eliminating all of the other loose parts common in other systems: The mechanic simply removes the housing cover and old element, drops in the new filter and reinstalls the cover. Heil vehicles already in the field also can use the new filter by adding a new housing cover assembly.
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Ball joint kit
Snap-on Tools’ Ball Joint Press Master Kit features patented retaining rings, updated adapter designs and larger openings. Each kit includes a range of adapters that feature retaining rings to prevent slippage under pressure, keeping the user safe. The adapters attach snugly to the C-frame and pressure screw pad with the included snap rings, allowing the ball joint press to work as one unit, rather than three separate pieces. With the secured adapters in place, tool users can keep one hand on the wrench and the other hand on the tool. The kit includes an updated C-frame design with a 7.75-inch jaw opening to maneuver around control arms and large ball joint studs. The back side of the C-frame is designed with a flat edge to secure the tool in a bench-mounted vice for quick removal of universal joints. A heavy-duty pressure screw features coarse threads that help provide strength to drive stubborn-to-remove ball joints. A built-in grease fitting on the C-frame lubricates the pressure screw and helps keep threads clean and free of debris for smooth, friction-free turning. For added convenience, the unit’s pressure screw pad features a relief hole to fit around straight grease fittings on some ball joint designs, eliminating the need to break the fitting before removing the joint.
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Mini-leak detection flashlight
Tracer Products’ Tracerline LeakFinder Optimax Jr. is a cordless leak detection flashlight that reveals leaks in cramped areas inaccessible to larger lamps. The flashlight, which is 71/4 inches long and weighs 5 ounces, makes all manufacturers’ fluorescent dyes glow brightly so technicians easily can pinpoint air conditioning and fluid leaks, the company says. The Optimax Jr. is powered by three AA batteries, which are included, and uses an LED bulb with a 100,000-hour life. It provides more than four hours of peak performance with a choice of continuous or intermittent illumination. The flashlight comes with fluorescence-enhancing glasses in a clamshell package.
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