GEOCOMtms Expands Strategic Alliance Program

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Atlanta, Georgia – April 13, 2005 – GEOCOMtms, a global provider of Fleet Optimization and Territory Design solutions, announced today the formal launch of an expanded Strategic Alliance Program designed to increase the revenue potential of its many business partners. The program offers in-depth technical and sales training, increased margin, higher commission on referrals, and dedicated marketing support. The company has also added a flexible OEM licensing structure to support companies that want to embed fleet optimization functionality within their core solutions.

“This very aggressive and flexible alliances program will allow GEOCOMtms to gain greater visibility and traction within the Supply Chain and Logistics Management marketplace,” said Robert Clesi, GEOCOMtms’ Director of Business Development. “We have been committed to building strong alliance relationships from day one and believe that providing our partners with additional revenue opportunities only enhances the value we bring to them.”

The GEOCOMtms Strategic Alliance program features three types of partnerships: Certified Solution Providers, Development Technology Partners, and OEM Alliances. The company also provides a lucrative lead referral program that enables non-affiliated partners to leverage the company’s expertise in fleet optimization and territory design for the benefit of their customers. The lead referral option is designed for smaller companies that lack the resources or expertise to develop a more thorough understanding of the GEOCOMtms solution.

Certified Solution Providers include Value Added Resellers and Distributors who act as an additional sales and support channel for GEOCOMtms’ A.MAZE suite of applications. This category also includes Systems Integrators and Consultants who may provide implementation support, but do not act as a sales channel. By providing industry or regional sales and consulting expertise, as well as implementation services and technical support if appropriate, these relationships enhance the ability of GEOCOMtms to bring advanced fleet optimization solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises.

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Development Technology Partners include companies whose products and services are incorporated into A.MAZE, such as Microsoft and Oracle, or who manufacture the servers, handheld devices, and other systems which are certified for running the application. These partners also include complementary software providers, like Warehouse and Order Management vendors, who solutions may be integrated with A.MAZE in order to provide additional benefits to customers. GEOCOMtms pursues relationships with Development Technology Partners to ensure that its applications incorporate proven technologies and can easily integrate with other mission critical solutions.

The OEM Alliance was developed in response to the growing number of independent software vendors that have chosen to resell or embed A.MAZE functionality within their offering as a competitive differentiator and value add to their clients. The flexible structure of this program enables partners to choose from a number of licensing strategies, including royalty payments and tier-based pricing tied to sales volume.

“GEOCOMtms is careful about the relationships we establish with third party vendors,” said Michael Nark, President & CEO of GEOCOMtms. “The success of our business depends on the motivation and effectiveness of our channel partners. So we are very selective. And once we’ve formed a strategic alliance, we provide the same level of care and attention that we give to our customers.”

About A.MAZE
A.MAZE from GEOCOMtms is a suite of Fleet Optimization and Territory Design solutions for local pickup and delivery operations. Designed to handle complex sequencing and scheduling problems, A.MAZE fleet optimization supports static, dynamic, and on-demand routing requirements; delivering unmatched savings in route time, mileage, driver pay, dispatcher time, fuel costs, and vehicle maintenance. Territory design functionality enables planners to create optimal zones based on criteria such as min/max territory size, order size, miles per zone, customers per zone, or working hours per zone.

About GEOCOMtms
GEOCOMtms gets things moving with fleet management and territory design solutions that make local pickup and delivery operations run smoothly. Every day, leading companies depend on our A.MAZE solutions to route thousands of vehicles from hundreds of depots and distribution centers. Logistics executives choose A.MAZE because it’s the one solution that gives them enterprise visibility and greater control over local P&D. And that translates into greater asset productivity, improved cash flow, and increased return on capital. By using A.MAZE, customers like Cotnoir Transport, NAPA – Genuine Auto Parts, Southern Maryland Oil, and Velocity Express have reduced operating costs while raising the level of customer service they provide. For additional information, please visit