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Atlanta, GA, March 25, 2005 – AAA Cooper Transportation recently purchased SHORTREC DistriPlanner to support its logistics operation. SHORTREC provides AAA Cooper with decision support information enabling fleet managers to construct improved, cost effective schedules in less time. SHORTREC gives AAA Cooper the ability to review a variety of “what-if” scenarios to determine the best transportation strategies. Through the utilization of SHORTREC, AAA Cooper is given the ability to design and shape its transport services in order to achieve the most appropriate and practical solutions for its customers.

SHORTREC is also used by AAA Cooper Transportation to conduct system evaluations for potential new customers, demonstrating the benefits and cost savings an optimized logistics solution can bring. SHORTREC is able to evaluate multiple route sequences, varied service frequencies, numerous fleet compositions and supply sourcing options quickly and effectively. John Hammons, Manager – Enterprise Development for AAA Cooper Transportation states, “SHORTREC is an effective engineering tool we use internally to develop effective transportation strategies for new and existing customers. The software has proven to be very effective as a sales support tool, allowing us to develop truly professional solutions.”

AAA Cooper Transportation is currently also evaluating ORTEC’s LOADDESIGNER software to provide assistance in developing ways to help shippers maximize the efficiency of their loading practices, minimizing the total transport volume they require.

About AAA Cooper Transportation
AAA Cooper Transportation is a family owned, asset based, multi-service transportation and logistics provider offering less than truckload (LTL), dedicated, brokerage and international services including specialized site management, load planning, advanced fleet optimization, supply chain management, lead logistics, and transportation management. AAA Cooper Transportation has 78 strategically placed facilities serving 12 southeastern states and Puerto Rico plus the industrial areas of Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville, Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

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