GEOCOMtms Links Distribution Operations Planning With Local Pickup & Delivery Execution

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Atlanta, Georgia – May 18, 2005 – GEOCOMtms, a global provider of pickup and delivery optimization solutions, announced today general availability of A.MAZE Enterprise, an advanced distribution planning and execution solution for organizations with complex pickup and delivery networks. Designed to address the unique requirements of multi-site distribution environments, A.MAZE Enterprise combines robust simulation, performance management, territory design, and fleet optimization functionality to give customers greater visibility and enhanced control of local P&D operations.

With the advent of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS), companies have greatly improved operating efficiency and reduced the cost of bringing goods to market. Many times, however, these systems don’t fully address the needs of local pickup and delivery operations – the critical last mile in the supply chain. A.MAZE Enterprise bridges this gap, helping organizations better align distribution processes with overall corporate strategy:

  • Analyze existing distribution networks using real world business constraints and “what if” scenarios
  • Evaluate the impact on distribution costs of operating a private fleet, contracting with dedicated owner-operators, or outsourcing to a third-party logistics provider
  • Design territory plans and route structures that align customer needs and the needs of the business
  • Optimize sequencing, scheduling, and routing of customer orders using only the resources that are required and no more
  • Create tactical pickup and delivery plans that can be executed in the field
  • Monitor key performance indicators to ensure that daily activities are in synch with strategic objectives

“Traditionally, organizations with complex pickup and delivery networks have lacked appropriate tools for optimizing distribution operations,” said Michael Nark, President & CEO of GEOCOMtms. “As a result, they’ve had to go on their best judgement when making decisions about consolidating distribution centers, relocating depots, or assigning customers. At the same time, they’ve lacked performance management tools to ensure that pickup and delivery operations are in synch with corporate objectives. GEOCOMtms is addressing the need in the marketplace for these solutions.”

A.MAZE Enterprise functionality has already been implemented by a number of leading organizations, enabling these customers to make strategic decisions about how their distribution network should be organized, develop operational plans on the basis of these decisions, and then manage the execution of these plans day-to-day. And to ensure that tactical execution is aligned with departmental and strategic objectives, the solution also provides business performance management tools that enable executives to track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as transportation costs, asset utilization, on-time delivery, revenue, and profitability.

Because A.MAZE Enterprise is designed for multi-site environments, customers are no longer limited to planning pickup and delivery operations site by site. They have the option of planning locally, at the district or division level, or centrally for the entire enterprise. KPIs can also be monitored by order, vehicle, and facility, with executive-level rollup.

About GEOCOMtms
GEOCOMtms gets things moving with solutions for local pickup and delivery that make operations run smoothly. Savvy logistics executives choose A.MAZE Enterprise because it’s the one solution that integrates simulation and planning, performance management, and fleet optimization, giving them enterprise visibility and greater control over complex local distribution networks. And that translates into greater asset productivity, improved cash flow, and increased return on capital. By using A.MAZE, customers like Cotnoir Transport, NAPA – Genuine Auto Parts, Southern Maryland Oil, and Velocity Express have reduced operating costs while raising the level of customer service they provide. For additional information, please visit