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Great Dane i-Van

Great Dane’s flexible i-Van
Great Dane’s new semi-insulated i-Van offers the durability of its Classic dry freight van and the ability to transport temperature-sensitive loads. i-Van combines the traditional sheet-and-post construction of a van with the press-panel insulated technology of a reefer. This modular wall construction avoids the need to spray and shave urethane insulation prior to trailer completion. By eliminating shaving, which causes an opening in the cell structure, i-Van provides a flat, smooth, interior lining with minimal fasteners.

The i-Van’s interior is glass-reinforced plastic. Using a thermoplastic liner rather than traditional plywood reduces a number of maintenance issues and costs, Great Dane says. The standard interior lining is 0.050-inch PunctureGuard installed full length to the frontwall. Options for thicker PunctureGuard interior linings are available. In addition to i-Van’s standard 99-inch interior, an optional 100-inch interior width is available.

Production of the i-Van is enabled by a $5 million re-tooling of Great Dane’s Brazil, Ind., plant that allows for modular design assembly to reduce manufacturing costs and trailer weight while improving design integrity, the company says.
Great Dane Trailers

New Freightliner M2 V options
Freightliner Trucks has added new options to its Business Class M2 106V and 112V trucks. For severe vocational applications, a one-piece, heavier-duty bumper is available. The bumper – 1/4-inch-thick solid steel, built for strength and durability – is available in chrome, or it can be painted. Also, hood access hatches now are available for instances where the vehicle’s hood cannot be raised because of front-end implement usage, such as during snowplow applications.

Additionally, an air-intake pre-cleaner performs as an inertial dust filter to extend the life of the primary air filter. The pre-cleaner creates a cyclonic action: A skimming device captures dust and debris in a built-in drop tube, and debris is purged automatically when the drop tube reaches a certain weight. This option is ideal for vocational applications in high-dust or dirty conditions, the company says. The Business Class M2 Vs also can be specified with a front-engine power take-off (FEPTO) provision without the standard frame rail extensions.
Freightliner Trucks

Medium-duty brake package
ArvinMeritor and Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems launched their new Premium Hydraulic Braking System for medium-duty truck and bus applications. The brake package includes Meritor WABCO’s Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), which is the company’s next-generation hydraulic actuation and anti-lock braking system (ABS), and the Meritor Quadraulic hydraulic disc brake.

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The HPB braking and vehicle control system is available for vehicles in Class 4-7 and buses equipped with hydraulic brakes. The system does not require use of an external source to provide power assist in achieving low pedal effort. It provides ABS, automatic traction control and electronic brake force distribution, as well as optional auto-apply electronic parking brake control.

The Quadraulic hydraulic disc brake is designed to package within the 19.5 x 6.75-inch and 22.5-inch wheel sizes and is available in two piston sizes – 4 x 64 mm and 4 x 70 mm. The fixed caliper design reduces the effect of external environmental factors, extending liner life and reducing maintenance costs. When linings must be replaced, only the lining retention bolt must be removed. Parts inventory requirements are reduced through interchangeability of brake caliper sizes and use of common brake pads, torque plates, hubs/rotors and fasteners.

Texaco gear lube
Chevron Product Co.’s new Texaco Star Gear Lubricants 80W-90 and 85W-140 provide protection for gears used in the harshest environments similar to that of synthetic lubricants at a lower cost, the company says. The multipurpose gear lubricants are suited for gear sets exposed to extremely high temperatures and loads and contain a patented combination of additives that protect against wear, seizure, oxidation, corrosion, rust and foam.

Texaco Star Gear Lubricants meet the performance requirements of API Service Categories GL-4, GL-5 and MT-1, as well as SAE J 2360. The products also meet the extended service requirements of Arvin Meritor O-76, Dana SHAES-256, Mack GO-J PLUS and Eaton PS-163.

Wireless diagnostics connections
Nexiq Technologies’ new vehicle interface products, Blue-Link and USB-Link, give repair shops additional options for wireless PC-to-vehicle diagnostic interfaces, accompanying the company’s first interface, Wireless Vehicle Link. Blue-Link, based on Class 1 Bluetooth technology, and USB-Link, which incorporates Bluetooth and wired USB technologies, provide up to 300 feet of wireless connectivity to any PC in the shop. USB-Link and Blue-Link also connect to PDA-based diagnostic software.

All Link products are industry-standard RP1210A-compliant, with compatibilities on all Nexiq, OEM and Tier 1 diagnostic applications. Blue-Link supports both J1708 and J1939 protocols and connects to the vehicle with a nine-pin Deutsch vehicle adapter and compatible PC configuration software. USB-Link supports heavy-duty and automotive vehicle protocols J1587/J1708, J1939/J2284, CAN, J1850, ISO-9141, Key Word and ALDL.
Nexiq Technologies

Tailgate pin bolts and shims
East Manufacturing is tackling the corrosive effects of electrolysis through the use of new isolator shim-like devices that separate the steel tailgate pin from the aluminum tailgate frame on the company’s dump and transfer trailers. The encased pin is secured to the tailgate with bolts that are impregnated with a new anti-corrosive coating. This gives the bolts the corrosive resistance of stainless steel without any sacrifice in strength, the company says.
East Manufacturing Corp.

Primary wire
Phillips Industries’ primary wire is designed to resist acids, greases, oils, fuels and similar compounds, all of which assault vehicle wiring. The color-coded concentric jacketing allows for easy function identification and wire stripping, reducing repair and maintenance costs, the company says. The wire has soft annealed copper conductors and a temperature range of -40 to 150 degrees F.
Phillips Industries

Pressure washer
Water Cannon introduces its Intelligent Design Mobile Pressure Washer. The 4000 PSI Honda-powered model automatically senses engine oil level, filters incoming water, dissipates excess heat, senses pump temperature and releases static back pressure. First-pull starting, easy-to-read controls, superior cooling and lubrication system, and vibration reduction complete the design. The frame is built with all-aluminum aircraft-grade stock.
Water Cannon

Vehicle-powered refrigeration units
Thermo King’s V-500 Series of vehicle-powered refrigeration units features improved pull-down capacity (all the way to -20 degrees F), allowing customers to haul deep-frozen loads with reduced risk of product degradation; while the maximum capacity level makes it possible to function in ambient temperatures up to 122 degrees F. Thermo King’s TCC (Triple Cooling Capacity) offers three cooling capacities and fan speeds to match cooling needs of varying intensity, which helps facilitate the hauling of deep-frozen loads under demanding conditions, while conserving fuel and minimizing noise under less intense conditions. The optional reciprocating road compressor offers a running life five times that of other compressors, and the TCC system reduces the working time of the condenser fans, the company says. Electrical components in the V-500 are protected from water and humidity inside a semi-hermetic box. The V-500’s ultra-slim evaporator allows customers to maximize the payload capacity of medium-sized trucks. The V-500 is designed for easy installation and service, with clip-on front and electric covers.
Thermo King Corp.

Heavy-duty pit lift
Rotary Lift has unveiled three new configurations of heavy-duty pit lifts, with capacities ranging from 30,000 to 48,000 pounds. The three configurations are suspended on rails at the top of the pit; free-rolling on the pit floor; and rail-mounted on the pit floor. The controls on all three models offer two raising speeds: A “fast” mode for positioning the lift, and a more controlled, slower speed for actual lifting. The lifts also are equipped with a manual hydraulic handle or foot pedal for super-fine precision adjustments. The piston rod and pump piston are hard chrome-plated for durability, and a patented oil-submersion system bathes the cylinder in oil to protect against corrosion. For added speed and productivity, the piston uses a burst of air pressure to rise quickly to the lifting point and lower quickly when finished. Accessories currently available are:

  • ATS adapter – transverse adapter that mounts to the lift and reaches two points on the axle. This provides a more secure way of raising the vehicle.
  • GSB – cross beam support. After the vehicle is raised, it can be lowered onto the cross beam support that rests across the pit. The pit jack then can be moved out of the way for service or used to lift another vehicle.
  • C disk – used to remove an assortment of clutch assemblies.
  • GA4 – Flat loading plate used to mount transmissions, axles or even entire motor assemblies.

Rotary Lift

Portable workstation
Lista International Corporation’s Mobile MRO Workstations are miniature workstations and high-density storage cabinets on wheels. Designed for maintenance and repair applications, these storage solutions allow parts, tools and supplies to be taken directly to job sites. The workstations feature built-in shelf storage behind a lockable door and drawer storage to accommodate a wide range of different shaped and sized items. A variety of worksurfaces is available, including butcher block and galvanized steel over wood. For secure storage, the workstations come with a variety of locking systems and handles, as well as two rigid and two swivel heavy-duty ball-bearing casters with wheel locks.
Lista International Corporation

Circuit breakers
Cole Hersee Co.’s SAE Type II and Type III circuit breakers are designed to protect a truck’s wiring, equipment and subsystems. Both are available in either stud or plug-in designs that minimize the risk of fire due to overload. SAE Type III for ATC and ATO applications are designed for electrical systems that demand manual reset circuit breakers. Cole Hersee also offers SAE Type I.
Cole Hersee

Angle grinder
Michigan Pneumatic Tool’s NPK NAG-11LW-U5 5-inch angle grinder features a lightweight, composite plastic handle with a two-step safety throttle lever mechanism. Other features include a left or right dead handle, a rear exhaust and a threaded spindle to allow use of threaded hub grinding wheels and wire wheels.
Michigan Pneumatic Tool

Light, self-steering lift system
Link Manufacturing says its 13,200-pound-capacity DuraLift II lift system features new lift actuators that operate in-line (parallel), as opposed to some angular designs, increasing reliability and durability while providing increased driveline clearance. This design also allows an integrated air kit to be installed inside the suspension system. The DuraLift II is more than 10 percent lighter than the original DuraLift, utilizing lightweight components in non-critical load-bearing areas, including cast aluminum lift arms and actuator components; a high-strength aluminum cross-member; and a tubular steel axle with cast steel ends. Link says the new design reduces the requirement for component service; the bushings do not require a press for replacement, and lift springs can be replaced with standard hand tools. The DuraLift II utilizes steel hangers, avoiding issues associated with bi-metallic corrosion of the frame and hangars. Three ride-height bracket kits mount to the single base model; trailer mounts are available for ride heights of 15-19.5 inches.
Link Manufacturing

Spill barrier
New Pig’s Build-A-Berm Barrier is designed to contain leaks and spills around machinery without building expensive cement curbs or cutting and installing angle iron. Constructed of pliable closed-cell foam, the Build-A-Berm Barrier is designed to spring back into shape after being walked on or wheeled over with equipment. The barrier’s high-visibility, all-vinyl covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals. New Pig says the barrier is easy to install: Cut material to desired length with scissors or a utility knife and add corner sections (optional) to enclose an area. Ends of the barrier are designed to overlap and be sealed to create greater lengths.
New Pig Corp.

Water pumps
Bosch has launched a line of water pumps for the replacement market. The water pump program provides 97 percent coverage for domestic and import cars, vans and medium- and heavy-duty trucks, as well as coverage for off-highway and marine applications, the company says. Built for extreme heat, cold and other demanding environments, the water pumps feature: a unitized seal that provides protection against coolant leakage and outside contaminants; a precision-pressed hub and impeller for better performance and durability; a precision ground, unitized bearing assembly made with carbon steel shafts to withstand stress; precision-machined mounting surfaces for proper sealing; and long-life gasket and hardware for accurate and easy installation, the company says.
Bosch Group

Diesel air cleaners
Donaldson Co.’s FKB-Series product line of smaller, full-featured diesel air cleaners is available for manufacturers of small- to medium-duty off-road diesel engines in small construction, industrial equipment and medium-duty applications. The air cleaner is designed to reduce contaminants flowing into the air intake system, thus improving airflow restriction, while increasing engine performance and fuel efficiency. Donaldson says the plastic housing and durable construction tolerates off-road operating demands with engine airflow ranges between 35 and 400 cfm. The air cleaners currently are available in 4- and 5-inch models, with 6- and 8-inch models available this summer.
Donaldson Company

Side window deflectors
MacNeil Automotive Products’ WeatherTech side window deflectors are made from 3mm lightly tinted acrylic material, which the manufacturer says allows drivers to enjoy fresh air while reducing excess wind noise and minimizing interior heat. The deflectors are designed to be installed quickly and easily inside the window channel without having to use exterior tape.
MacNeil Automotive Products

Spin-on filter
Baldwin Filters’ redesigned medium-pressure spin-on filters utilize a seamless can and a lightweight aluminum baseplate similar to the OEM filter design. The L-Lock hem that retains the baseplate is a seamless design to reduce leaks. A new o-ring gasket replaces the larger molded gasket used on the current filters, reducing the gasket to first thread distance.
Baldwin Filters