Fed Ex endorses Patriot Lift

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Patriot Lift Company, LLC ( St. Croix, U.S.V.I. ) announced it has received an endorsement from Fed Ex headquartered in Harrison, Arkansas of it’s globally patented ON-Lift and ON-Load systems, a pneumatic air-powered lift mechanism for landing gear for trailers on both front and rear applications. Confirming what industry insiders have recently come to find in extensive field tests and trials, these products provide potential reduction of injuries and worker’s compensation premiums, ease of operation and comfort for drivers, address safety issues and adds to the credence of productivity through automation.

Powered by a sealed motor mounted directly on to the landing gear, the system employs a substantial amount of torque via pneumatic air power on the cross-member drive shaft to raise or deploy the landing gear in seconds as opposed to utilizing the decades-old method of cranking manually by hand. The full system weighs less than 9 lbs. and can be retrofitted on most landing gear or at the OEM factory level, installed and operational in less than 2 hours. Available in primary ( 60,000 # trailer ) or HD ( 100,000# trailer )

For more information, call 1-708-301-8178, or visit www.onlift.com

“Fed Ex has always been a global leader in the field of transportation and on time delivery. Taking pride in its people, equipment, operations and considerable reputation is first and foremost, as well as seeking out innovative and unique approaches to improve on that premise. Patriot Lift Company, LLC has the proven and field tested products which make these goals attainable. Innovation simplified by utilizing an air only approach to automation in order to speed efficiency can only help to improve the bottom line, ultimately service to our customers.”