TCSI-Transland introduces $6,000 sign-on bonus

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TCSI-Transland Inc. has introduced a $6,000 sign-on bonus program designed to grab the attention of experienced drivers who do not have major infractions in their driving history. The bonus is to be paid out at the rate of $500 per month for 12 months.

To qualify, a driver must not have any unexcused late arrivals to shippers or receivers during the month and must run 10,000 miles or more each month for TCSI-Transland, 8,500 miles or more each month for Transland Short Haul, and 8,000 miles or more for Raycore Carriers.

Drivers are not eligible if they have any of the following: chargeable or nonchargeable vehicle accidents, crashes and incidents involving property damage or personal injuries to any involved parties; a moving violation conviction; a driver or vehicle out-of-service violation; or workers’ compensation claims.

TCSI-Transland believes it can afford the large sign-on bonus because the types of drivers that will qualify will be worth the money. The benefits of the bonus are expected to be fewer service failures, fewer accidents, higher driver retention, fewer load refusals and fewer workers’ compensation claims.