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Sterling sleepers
Sterling Trucks has introduced an interior design package for its A-Line and L-Line set-back tractors. Additionally, the sleeper exterior has a smooth, rivet-free finish, allowing for better air movement and leading to better fuel economy, the company says.

Sterling says its sleepers, which feature a bolt-on design, offer one of the largest available passageways from cab to sleeper, making them ideal for resale because they can be removed easily and converted to a day cab. The heart of the design is an integral I-beam in each wall panel that, joined together with solid core huck bolts, forms a structurally superior lightweight assembly.

Factory-installed sleeper options currently available include the 50- and 68-inch Flat Top Plus, 72-inch Mid-Roof and 68-inch Aero Bullet Plus.
Sterling Truck Corporation

Fluid management system
Graco’s Matrix Total Fluid Management System uses wireless technology to oversee fluid inventory and dispensing. The system is designed to track, monitor and report lubricating oils and anti-freeze mixtures for fleet maintenance shops, dealerships, off-road vehicle maintenance shops and industrial in-plant lubrication. The system features an electronic meter and tank level monitor (TLM). The meter dispenses fluids in pints, quarts, gallons or liters, and will communicate fluid type, dispense amount, work orders, technician information and other data wirelessly to the Matrix PC. Meters can be secured and are capable of assigning work orders from the PC, meter or both. The TLM, which uses ultrasonic technology to measure bulk tank fluids in tanks, will communicate battery life, tank level and tank volume wirelessly to the Matrix PC. All TLMs mount inside or outside in a standard 2-inch NPT bung, and meet FCC, Industry Canada, UL and cUL approvals. System parameters for the Matrix software can be customized to the application using it. Customized reports can be created with the software, which then can be exported as Microsoft Excel files.

Class 8 alternator
Mitsubishi Electric’s Class 8 high-output alternator is designed to provide more durability, improved fuel economy, increased payload potential and lower noise levels. The company says the alternator meets North American 12-volt standards and is engineered as a PAD-mount, 145-amp, brushless design. The alternator, which weighs 20 pounds, is available for both OE and aftermarket applications.
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America

A/C sealant detection kit
Neutronics Automotive’s QuickDetect A/C sealant detection kit is designed to protect refrigerant identifiers and recovery machines against damage by detecting the presence of harmful sealants in mobile A/C systems. When connected to the A/C system, QuickDetect is designed to mimic an A/C leak. If sealant is present in the system, it will solidify quickly in the disposable test cartridge and cause the flow meter to show “no flow.” The kit comes with 10 test cartridges, R134A and R12 couplers, a test hose, flow meter, syringe and instructions; additional cartridges are available separately.
Neutronics Automotive

Refrigeration units
Zanotti, a manufacturer of truck refrigeration units, provides 23 different models. Battery-driven units are designed for vans or small cube trucks; those units are driven by a 12vdc motor and don’t require the installation of a compressor. The FZ114, the biggest battery unit, provides a performance of 3,880 Btu/h. In the engine-driven unit family, the range is from 6,910 to 24,980 Btu/h. Among self-contained diesel units, the smallest provides 16,310 Btu/h; and the biggest, 48,300 Btu/h.

RFID for trailers
Unisto Electronic Seals’ Crypta GateTrak system features patented reusable seals that are fitted to each vehicle. The seals generate a random seal number every time the seal is closed, which remains unchanged until the seal is opened again, enabling the load’s secured status to be verified remotely via the integral RF transponder, the company says.
Unisto Electronic Seals

Ignition switch line
Cole Hersee’s ignition switches for fleet applications are available in 2-, 3- and 4-position models, along with optional locks and levers. Switches are available with die-cast or brass cases to protect against wear, corrosion and contaminants. Mounting stems vary according to the type of switch required for the vehicle, as do the number of terminals. For trucks operating in especially rugged or heavy-duty conditions, Cole Hersee offers protective plastic covers attached to the ignition switch that snap over the ignition slot.
Cole Hersee

Conspicuity tape
Waytek Wire’s 3M conspicuity tapes for trucks and trailers have an acrylic and polycarbonate construction designed to withstand the rigors of the road while improving the visibility of trucks and trailers to approaching drivers. Conspicuity markings are six times brighter than conventional markings, reflect at angles approaching 90 degrees and are highly durable and noncorroding, the company says. The tape, available in kits and rolls, is DOT-certified and exceeds NHTS requirements, according to Waytek.
Waytek Wire

Swing-away/shut-off gladhand
Sloan Transportation Products’ combination swing-away/shut-off gladhand – part of the company’s MAXXDuty with WeatherGuard Technology line – includes an integral shut-off valve designed to prevent contaminants from entering the air delivery system. Polyurethane gaskets ensure a positive seal, and the 45-degree angle makes coupling and uncoupling faster and easier, according to the company. The gladhand was engineered as a single unit with fewer components for decreased wear and increased durability. Sloan says drivers no longer need to use a dummy coupler to seal the gladhand.
Sloan Transportation Products

Hoist with load limiter
Michigan Pneumatic Tool’s NPK NRE-1000 hoist features an automatic load limiter designed to monitor the air pressure supplied to the air motor during lifting and stop the hoist automatically when attempting to lift in excess of the rated load. The hoist currently is available in the 1-ton capacity.
Michigan Pneumatic Tool

Cab entry step/storage box
Road Gear’s all-aluminum cab entry step and storage box is available in three sizes – 24-, 36- and 48-inch lengths – and is offered in diamond plate or smooth finishes. The boxes – designed for quick, simple installation – feature a stainless-steel T-handle and hinges.
Road Gear Truck Equipment

Mining trailer
Titan Trailers has unveiled a specially equipped version of its Thinwall aluminum trailer for the mining industry featuring a V-Plow cleaning system to complement its V-Floor unloading system. The Thinwall V-Floor trailer combines the capacity, durability and lightweight design of Titan’s aluminum body construction with the self-unloading efficiency and strength of a solid-steel Keith Walking Floor. With the addition of Keith’s V-Plow, the V-Floor trailer now is available with an improved self-cleaning system for mining customers with payloads of ore concentrate. Titan says the trailer offers truckers a simpler, more versatile alternative to belt-out ore carriers: The V-Floor unloader operates without conveyor belts and is wholly accessible from under the trailer for servicing. With its traditional box shape and solid steel floor, Titan’s open-top V-Floor trailer expands the range of potential backhauls to include payloads of rock and aggregate, logs and bulk wood chips.
Titan Trailers

Abanaki Corp.’s ChipGrabber is designed to mount easily to the side of virtually any machining center coolant sump. Using an existing opening or through a small access cutout, the unit’s plastic collector tube runs through the surface of the coolant, collecting tramp oil; it snakes along the tank bottom and picks up ferrous steel chips and swarf, and collects the chips in a waste container. Compact and designed for individual machines, the ChipGrabber features a fan-cooled continuous duty motor and collector tube allowing a reach of 4 feet. Longer lengths also are available.
Abanaki Corp.

Web-based driver training program
CEI and Driving Dynamics recently announced the joint development of a web-based driver training program delivered through CEI’s risk and safety management system, The training is delivered in a series of 15-minute active learning modules and employs extensive interactivity and 3-D animated driving sequences. The online training – which is compliant with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) – is based on the core curriculum of Driving Dynamics’ behind-the-wheel course, “The One-Second Advantage,” which teaches drivers advanced techniques for identifying potential hazards sooner, maintaining greater control of the vehicle and utilizing its defensive capabilities more efficiently. The web-based modules developed for DriverCare apply these advanced techniques to space management, intersections, changing lanes, speed and backing and parking.

Fastening system
MacLean Vehicle Systems’ Sta-Tite fastening system for commercial vehicle applications employs the company’s Lock Thread bolt coupled with a proprietary self-tensioning nut, which the company says results in clamping forces comparable to or better than those associated with traditional “swage and break-off” systems. MacLean says the Lock Thread bolt – suitable for manifolds, exhaust systems and other areas where heat and vibration can cause conventional fasteners to back off – uses a specially designed trilobular thread form with an oversized root diameter that allows mechanical locking between the minor diameters. Matching nuts are available in either a StepLok or Securelok design; both utilize incremental ramps between the nut and washer to create discrete tension steps that improve vibration resistance and torque/tension control. The system uses conventional tools for assembly and disassembly. According to MacLean, the Sta-Tite system has exceeded corrosion-protection values of conventional products tested. Sizes are available up to M16 with lengths up to 100 millimeters long.
MacLean Vehicle Systems

Part photos for inventory software
A photo feature of FastPic4’s inventory management software is designed to increase picking accuracy by allowing operators to view each SKU’s picture automatically. Images are imported easily into the software to decrease the chance of incorrect part selection, the company says. The imaging software displays a thumbnail photo that users can enlarge by clicking on it. The photo inventory is designated for assembly, cycle counting, quality control and replenishment operations.
FastPic Systems