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Canada-friendly suspension
Hendrickson has expanded its Vantraax air-ride trailer suspension system by adding a 46,000-pound capacity configuration designed for heavy-duty, over-the-road box and refrigerated vans, primarily for the Canadian market. The model uses Hendrickson’s Advanced Axle/Beam Technology (AXT), which teams the company’s tapered-beam and large-diameter axle (LDA) technologies. The company says the taped-beam configuration trims 125 pounds from the standard wide-beam system by increasing the diameter of the standard five-inch axle by about 3/4 of an inch. According to Hendrickson, the larger axle also improves component and system strength, delivering a 15 percent increase in bending and torsional stiffness while reducing tube deflection under loads to keep the axle straighter, which helps improve fuel efficiency and resistance to tire wear.

Tougher braking
Wagner Brake Products says its SevereDuty disc brake pads and shoes – manufactured and marketed by Federal-Mogul, a supplier of brake pads and other automotive products – are engineered to deliver superior stopping power, excellent fade resistance and longer service life. The carbon-based metallic formulations are designed for vehicles with severe-duty braking cycles. Each disc brake pad utilizes integrally molded friction technology with a reinforced friction bond designed for increased strength and longer life. The pads also are post-cured to facilitate faster break-in, and feature OE-matched shims, slots, chamfers and wear sensors. A black powder coat finish enhances pad appearance and adds to corrosion protection, the company says. The brake shoes feature Wagner’s asbestos-free formulations designed for additional stopping power and fade resistance. The shoes also include OE-required pins and levers and are protected with a black powder coat finish.
Wagner Brake Products

Less-tiring tires
The Tire Tamer is designed to make changing tires on commercial trucks easier and more efficient by allowing users to maximize leverage instead of exerting brute force. The company says the tool allows users to remove and replace tires from the axle, transport the tire assembly and stand tires up from the ground without lifting. Additionally, the increased control can help prevent damage to mileage counters on certain tires when dropped accidentally.
Tire Tamer

Indicator light
LED provider A.L. Lightech’s latest 24 diode 3×5 red stop/turn/tail light and amber indicator light is available with a PVC grommet and three-wire harness. The company says the light was tested for 100 hours of usage and meets or exceeds all FMVSS 108, DOT and SAE standards.
A.L. Lightech

Light but riveting
The Rockford heavy-duty pneumatic/hydraulic blind riveter from Imperial Supplies can pull 4,000 pounds of force but weighs only 5.3 pounds. The riveter is designed to set 3/16- and 1/4-inch diameter blind rivets precisely with an average 1.0 SCFM at 90 PSI and includes nosepieces for standard 3/16- and 1/4-inch blind rivets as well as one additional jaw set. The riveter comes with a built-in plastic mandrel collector that catches spent mandrels, and a rubber bottom that helps prevent marring of the work surface.
Imperial Supplies

Molded connectors
Del City says its molded connectors are manufactured with 16-gauge, tinned plated GPT wire except the 8-contact connector, which is manufactured with 3-12 gauge and 5-16 gauge wires. Male and female ends can be purchased separately, allowing users to choose one end or the other. The connectors are available in pre-cut lengths of 8, 48 and 60 inches. Molded connectors also are offered as a continuous loop in 12-, 48- or 60-inch lengths between one male and one female end. Male and female ends are offered individually in flat styles of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-contact, and also are available in square styles of 4-, 6- and 8-contact. Molded connectors with a loop are offered in flat styles of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-contact, as well as square styles of 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-contact.
Del City

Tampering tattletale
Brooks has developed a line of tamper-indicative brass padlocks designed to reveal if the padlock has been unlocked. The padlocks feature a hole that passes through the locking body and shackle when the padlock is engaged. Threading a plastic or wire seal through the hole prevents the lock from being opened without first removing the seal. Additional use of a security tracking system that incorporates numbered or color-coded seals can help determine the time and location of its opening. The padlocks are available in a wide selection of corrosion-resistant body sizes, shackle materials, shackle lengths and diameters; they are designed to be keyed alike or differently, master-keyed or grand-master keyed, to the most popular keyways, including Master, Corbin, Yale and Best.
E.J. Brooks Co.

Oil-thirsty mat
New Pig Corp. has introduced The Pig Extra-Duty Universal Mat, an abrasion-resistant and extra-durable mat designed for wiping up oils, coolants, solvents and water on rough surfaces without ripping, fraying or snagging. The 100-percent polypropylene mat features eight layers of highly absorbent fine fiber, and its dimple pattern is designed to speed wicking of liquid throughout the mat, allowing for quick, easy cleanup, the company says. The wringable mat also features low-lint top and bottom layers designed for use in paint booths and for wiping down glass or other surfaces subject to streaking. The mat – available in rolls or pads – is perforated for easy tearing so that employees use only what is needed.
New Pig Corp.

Securing cargo, A to Z
J.J. Keller and Associates’ Cargo Securement Handbook for Drivers is designed to be a quick reference guide to help drivers comply with U.S. federal and Canadian cargo securement requirements. The 192-page handbook covers general securement requirements, commodity-specific requirements, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration securement enforcement policy and CVSA North American out-of-service standard vehicle criteria. Along with regulations, the handbook provides extensive illustrations, easy-to-follow explanations, hands-on guidance and best practices to help drivers determine the recommended securement methods and when they should recheck their loads. The handbook also provides a tie-down quick reference and securement guidelines on the proper application of blocks, ropes, chains, bars and more for flatbeds, dry vans, reefers and other trailers. Keller says the handbook’s 7-by-5-inch size makes it easy to store; its spiral binding enables it to lay flat and stay open to the page needed.
J.J. Keller & Associates

Heat without flame
Grote Industries’ butane-powered flameless heat gun with adjustable temperature setting is designed for use on heat-shrink electrical connectors and hose clamps. The portable, cordless gun features automatic ignition and will reach the operator’s desired temperature – up to 1400 degrees F – within 15 seconds, the company says. The gun includes an attachable heat deflector, which can be used to concentrate heat in a specific area; a wide nozzle; and a high-output, long-life catalyst. According to Grote, the tool, which weighs less than 5 ounces filled, will operate for nearly two hours at mid-temperature settings.
Grote Industries

Garbage grabber
The BTL 208 RHK series of refuse cart tippers from Bayne Thinline Premium Lift Systems features a “sweeping action” designed to adjust automatically for uneven terrain, preventing operators from having to lift carts onto a lifter faceplate. Plus, at only 6-3/8 inches thick, the BTL 208 RHK is thin enough to work on a rear-load truck equipped with commercial container latches, allowing one truck to pick up residential and commercial waste on the same route. The spring-operated rotating latch hook design uses a cam drive to lock and unlock the cart to the lifter gently without damaging the cart’s lift bars. The BTL 208 RHK is powered by the Thinline rack-and-pinion rotary actuator, designed to provide smooth, reliable operation and greater lift capacity at lower operating pressures.
Bayne Thinline Premium Lift Systems

Drive shaft box
Road Gear Truck Equipment’s drive shaft box is designed to give drivers additional storage space for equipment. The company says the box has an extra 8 inches of storage room than that provided by regular frame boxes; the lid also can be used as a deck plate.
Road Gear Truck Equipment

Easier winch tightening
Ancra’s SilverCap ratcheting cap winch is designed to ease tightening of flatbed winches. With a standard winch, users have to insert and remove the winch bar from the cap with every turn of the mandrel: Ancra says the SilverCap’s ratchet design allows users to keep the bar in the cap until the load-strap is tightened. SilverCap is available in weld-on, sliding or portable-mount models.
Ancra International

Easier snooping
The Lenox ValuFlex Borescope is a portable, flexible instrument designed for viewing internal or hard-to-reach areas such as engines and body panels; construction equipment and industrial machinery; vessels, vents, pipes and nozzles; and die and mold products. The tool features a flexible shaft that holds its shape; the lightweight, waterproof probe is coated with rugged PVC interlocking armor for durability and may be immersed in water, oil or gasoline. The ValuFlex can be configured as either a 3.5V battery-handle model that uses three C-cell batteries for power, or as a 12V rechargeable model. The fiber-optic bundle – which measures 8mm in diameter and either 1m or 2m in length – is designed for added illumination, and high-resolution achromatic optics help provide a color-correct and sharply focused image that covers the entire 50-degree field of view edge-to-edge. Each borescope comes with a fitted case.
Lenox Instrument Co.

Trash multitasker
The MultiTask SL drop-frame side loader from Heil Environmental is designed to provide refuse haulers with maximum flexibility, dumping stability and payload capacity. The MultiTask SL – available in body capacities of 23, 26, 30 and 33 cubic yards – can be equipped to handle any residential route: automated, semi-automated and/or manual. It features dual hopper doors on both sides, making it possible to tailor hopper capacity quickly to meet the demands of a particular route, the company says. Low loading sills are designed to enable operators to toss in refuse by hand from both sides of the street. For semi-automated collection, the MultiTask SL can be outfitted with a Bayne Premium Lift Systems cart lifter or two. Automated collection is possible with an optional Python automated arm. Heil says the MultiTask SL also offers the largest displaced packer volume in the industry, making it possible to move 1.7 cubic yards of material into the body with every cycle. Productivity also is enhanced by the MultiTask SL’s fast cycle time of 12 to 14 seconds. Other options include cart tippers, cameras, LED lights, a service hoist and more.
Heil Environmental

More air, fewer bugs
The Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation’s Universal GX-4000 ventilation screen panel now is available with an optional 30-inch-high screen, designed to allow more air to flow into a dock area while preventing bugs or pests from entering the facility. The screen – also available in 12- and 18-inch-high options – allows 50 percent more screen area than the standard 18-inch-high screen. It can be retrofitted to most existing two- or three-inch sectional doors and can fit doors up to 18 feet, 2 inches in width. The ventilation panel is made from extruded vinyl slats that surround a steel interlocking screen unit; a white powder-coated frame is designed to give the panel more stability and security. For keeping inclement weather out, the 30-inch-high screen – made from stainless-steel wire – comes with a fully enclosed 1/8-inch-thick white ABS cover designed with a durable piano-style hinge.
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation