AmeriQuest, TeleCommunication Systems partner for 20/20 Delivery

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AmeriQuest Transportation and Logistics Resources Corp., in collaboration with TeleCommunication Systems Inc., now offers 20/20 Delivery, a wireless proof-of-service business solution.

TCS’ 20/20 Delivery is designed to allow customers added visibility into the supply chain, from package and vehicle tracking to driver management and cost containment. 20/20 Delivery 5.0, a software application that resides on wireless handheld computers using a Pocket PC, provides signature capture, barcode scanning, mileage calculation and performance tracking.

Made to be “driver friendly,” 20/20 Delivery uses a Fat Finger keyboard, easy-to-manage screens and two-way messaging. Information is shared quickly and easily, allowing drivers to communicate with the distribution center, whether they need directions or want to confirm special delivery instructions. Additionally, delivery information can be sent to the office server from the point of delivery.

Major features of 20/20 Delivery 5.0 include:
— Wireless Dispatch Support: midday wireless updates allow users to respond to incoming work orders
— User-Customizable Workflow Configuration: users create their own “service types” and handheld screen formats
— Vehicle Load Reconciliation: inventory truck contents via scanning to confirm materials for the day’s route
— Tracking by 20/20 Delivery: expose proof-of-service information directly to customers via external websites
— Receipt Customization: customize printed receipts

“TCS 20/20 Delivery takes the logistics industry one step further,” said Doug Stovall, TCS vice president of mobile asset management. “Through 20/20 Delivery, the Enterprise Division of TCS currently provides support for some of the largest fleets in North America. AmeriQuest’s current interface with over one-half a million delivery trucks will bring the opportunity to advance wireless asset management to a far greater percentage of the transportation industry.”

Intended benefits include advanced billing cycles, reduced shrinkage, enhanced customer service and improved driver productivity and efficiency.

“By implementing technologies such as 20/20 Delivery, we continue to make it easier for our customers to do business efficiently,” said Dave Beaudry, AmeriQuest’s director of logistics.