Holland Group introduces Black Armour for landing gear

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The Holland Group has introduced landing gear enhanced with Black Armour, designed to fight excessive corrosion from North American highways. Black Armour now is available on all Holland Landing Gear, including the Mark V, 51,000, 50,000 and FG4000 models.

Black Armour is a metal treatment applied to at-risk components and is designed to react with any metal that oxidizes, causing the steel to “grow” a protective layer that is 10 times more impervious to water than a swimming pool coating. Unlike landing gear treated with traditional paints or coatings, Holland says its landing gear with Black Armour has a built-in corrosion package that compresses with heavy impact rather than shattering, and it never shrinks like traditional coatings. According to the company, when landing gear enhanced with Black Armour is gouged or scraped, rust is stopped from spreading beyond the point of contact because Black Armour is not a paint or coating: Rather, Black Armour becomes part of the base metal, so it cannot bubble or flake.

Holland’s Black Armour can take the place of a matte finish coat, or if any additional top coat is required, it can be done with no additional treatment. It doesn’t require any additional chemicals in its process, is virtually odor-free, is not flammable and contains no heavy metals, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for disposal in a landfill, the company says.

Additionally, Holland has developed a corrosion protection warranty for the United States and Canada: The guarantee covers all Holland products enhanced with Black Armour for three years from the date of original manufacture.

For more information, go to www.thehollandgroupinc.com.