Air Tight Solutions offers new AS100 valve stem

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Unlike standard valve stems with rubber grommets that break down in high temperatures, Air Tight Solutions’ new AS100 valve stem uses a combination of Viton o-rings and a machined brass adaptor. Viton o-rings and brass adaptors are not affected by high temperatures, thus maintaining a tight seal and accurate tire pressure. Air Tight Solutions’ new valve stems will eliminate the labor of removing wheels in order to retighten a valve stem nut along with flat repair charges due to leaking valve stem grommets. Since low tire pressure is the leading cause of casing and tire failure, labor expenses will drop. For more information call Imperial Supplies LLC at 1-888-256-8431 or visit us online at

“The issues with conventional valve stems are loosening and grommet failure resulting in air leakage. It’s all about maintaining the lowest tire maintenance costs by eliminating under inflated tires that cause heat and catastrophic tire failures due to leaking valve stems. We began testing the Air Tight Solutions’ AS100 in June of 2003 and have done approx. 3800 tire positions with no recorded AS100 air leak failures. The AS100 does not leak. Not being required to replace the AS100 valve stem for each flat repair or tire replacement provides additional savings. If we have a low tire after the installation of the AS100, we’re confident that a leaking valve stem is not the issue. The cost savings is tremendous!”

Gary Simmons, Vice President of Fleet Management
Casella Waste Systems, Inc
Rutland, VT