New emergency equipment products available from Del City


New emergency equipment products from Del City are designed to meet extensive vehicle warning requirements for forklifts, automobiles, industrial and construction vehicles, as well as a variety of other applications.

Medium- and low-profile beacons are available in a variety of mounting styles. The company says the LED beacon provides the best in safety flashing technology, allowing users to choose from eight flash patterns.

The 15-inch Minibar is a compact and single flash bar, available in permanent or magnet mount. It features a UV- and heat-resistant silicon belt with stainless steel bearings designed for smooth, quiet operation; an economic 22-inch Minibar also is offered. The rugged aluminum base houses two 50-watt halogen bulbs with a fixed center mirror. The weatherproof 22-inch LED Minibar contains six separate modules engineered to offer increased visibility and two different flash patterns.

Three new alarms have been added as well. The 77-97 Decibel Self-adjusting Back-up Alarm is designed to adjust automatically to 5 decibels above the ambient noise level. Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, the 87-112 Decibel Self-adjusting Back-up Alarm also is engineered to self-adjust to 5 decibels above the ambient noise Level. The 112 Decibel Super-duty Back-up Alarm is suited for heavy-duty construction vehicles. All alarms are sealed to protect against dust, moisture and vibration.

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