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Transcraft D-Eagle Aluminum/Steel Combo Drop Deck Trailer

Stronger drop deck trailer
Transcraft says it has increased the strength of its D-Eagle Aluminum/Steel Combo Drop Deck Trailer and also has enhanced its styling. The previous wheel-pan design, which required a reduced floor capacity over the tires and side rail, has been replaced by a more efficient reinforced floor section and a continuous side rail for an improved look and structural performance, the company says. The new design eliminates bolted connections in the lower deck, which increases strength and maintains a smoother side rail shape when the trailer flexes, according to Transcraft. Also, a new side rail drop section is designed to strengthen the lower deck’s front support while providing the flexibility needed to move freely under the heaviest of loads. The D-Eagle is standard in 48- and 53-foot lengths and 96- or 102-inch widths, with additional lengths available upon request. The beam capacity (main beams only) is 60,000 pounds in 10 feet and 55,000 pounds in 4 feet. Lightweight options are available, reducing the weight of the system to as low as 9,670 pounds, Transcraft says; tandem configurations also are available in several axle-spacing options. The D-Eagle’s design also features high-strength, extruded aluminum front and rear plates: Its 5-inch deep aluminum cross members, a stronger beam with 130,000-psi yield strength flanges and high tensile steel webs produce an increased safety factor, according to the company.
Transcraft Corporation

Smoother ride to the rescue
Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems has expanded its Firemaax rear-air suspension family for fire and rescue vehicles, adding 27,000-pound single-axle and 54,000-pound tandem-axle ratings. Firemaax – designed for superior driver and passenger comfort while helping protect critical equipment and electronics from excessive vibration – provides weight savings of up to 200 pounds compared to traditional air-ride suspensions, the company says. Also available in 24,000-pound single-axle and 48,000-pound tandem-axle ratings, Firemaax features parallelogram suspension geometry designed to reduce roll-steer, offering the driver greater control during lane changes, highway ramp operation and tight road maneuvers.
Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems

Breaker, breaker
Del City’s Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers are designed for auxiliary and accessory circuits in truck, bus, recreational vehicle and marine applications. Available in 60A to 150A, the breakers are sealed, which the company says makes them splash- and dustproof and ideal for engine compartments and bilge areas. The single-pole breakers, rated up to 30V DC, are offered in a variety of functions such as automatic reset, manual reset and manual reset (switchable); the manual reset style features a reset mechanism designed to provide a visual indication of a tripped condition. The breakers are available in surface-mount and panel-mount styles.
Del City

Exhaust brake for Hinos
Pacbrake has designed and manufactured a version of its PRXB exhaust brake for Hino Motors’ North American 4- and 6-cylinder conventional trucks. The exhaust brake is engineered to maximize braking power by creating constant backpressure as engine speeds change, maintaining optimum retarding performance through the entire RPM range. The PRXB is engineered for silent retarding in busy urban areas while providing significant slowing force on steep downhill descents. Pacbrake says the performance of the PRXB at mid- and low RPM will decrease the number of brake relines as many as five times over the life of the vehicle. PRXB installation is designed for bolt attachment and requires no cutting or welding of the exhaust system.

Tattletale cargo lock
Kaba Mas, a manufacturer of high-security locking solutions, has introduced the Gitcon G150, an electromechanical cargo lock that combines RFID sealing with a locking system for trailers and cargo containers. Designed to anticipate and defeat both internal and external security threats, the G150 utilizes Gitcon Access Management software that allows users to design trailer access parameters and audit access events. The lock is constructed from Series 316 stainless steel and is available with a choice of the most common handle types for either new or replacement applications on containers utilizing either swinging or rollup doors.
Kaba Mas

Stand up your trailers
The Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation’s TS-2000 Trailer Stand is designed to prevent trailer tipover and landing gear collapse. The device, which fits under the nose of spotted trailers, features a 5 1/2-inch tubular steel structure that can support a 100,000-pound static load capacity in the event that faulty or rusted landing gear fails. A large 6-by-30-inch top plate fits directly under the edge of the trailer nose, and dual handles and 16-inch solid rubber tires help with positioning and moving. A 16-by-20-inch base pad features four drain holes to help prevent water collection and ice buildup. The device, painted safety yellow, also features a single-speed 12-inch crank.
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation

Tough test for brakes
SuperFlow’s Hicklin Performance-Based Brake Test Systems (PBBTs) are designed to test brake or hydraulic pressure capacity – under fully applied pressure – by driving the truck’s tires with a set of rollers. As air pressure is applied to the brake system, force produced by the brakes is measured, recorded and displayed on the computer. Using a handheld remote control, the PBBT enables an operator to monitor and record a battery of information; undercarriage lighting is available to increase visibility. SuperFlow says that in a matter of 10 to 12 minutes (instead of hours), an operator can test a 5-axle tractor trailer for imbalance, oil-soaked linings, drag, improper stroke, cracked drums, worn or tight end bearings, air system problems, insufficient parking brake force and tractor/trailer incompatibility; a hydraulic shaker plate/lift system allows inspection for excessive play in kingpins and tie rods. The portable, self-powered PBBT unit features a built-in, self-contained shuttle system designed to enable the unit to elevate 11/2 inches off the ground to reposition itself via its own power source; both fore and aft ramps fold up easily for repositioning or when loading into trailers for transport to other sites, according to the company. A computer-monitored data acquisition system is designed to graph out detailed, easy-to-read reports, including pass/fail summaries; functions measured include brake force (with wet tires), rolling resistance, threshold apply pressure and axle weight.

Toggle switch goes both ways
Cole Hersee’s universal reversing polarity toggle switch is a forward-reverse switch designed to change the direction of permanent magnet motors, and – when used in conjunction with a relay -control up-down, in-out and rotate-counterrotate motions on fleet, delivery and utility trucks. Designed for a variety of applications – including raising and lowering tailgate hoists, winches and platforms – the switches are available in momentary or maintained contact, with blade or screw terminals and with a regular or long handle. The switch is sealed for weather protection and also is available unsealed. Uniform with other switches, the unit adheres to the standard toggle switch format, the company says.
Cole Hersee

An intense mini-bar
Waytek’s 15-inch high-intensity mini-bar is made with a self-lubricating heavy-duty motor and gear assembly. Manufactured by Grote, the bar has dual rotating reflectors with fixed mirrors and flashes 300 times per minute. Halogen bulbs are included; replacement parts are available by special order. The emergency bar offers the flexibility of a permanent mount or a magnetic mount, the company says.
Waytek Wire Inc.

Keeping tires full of air
The Airgo System is engineered to provide the safest possible method of transferring air to damaged or compromised tires. The system’s mechanical seal technology is comprised of carbon/graphite and case-hardened steel, with dynamic and static seals for extended wear capabilities. The Airgo System – which is stationary, with no moving components within the hub area – has a venting mechanism that vents directly into the atmosphere, eliminating the possibility of damaging wheel seals. The company says the patented expansion plug for sealing the axle is fast and easy to install; it does not require specialized tools, and it does not require Loctite to hold the plug in place. According to Airgo, the self-sealing plug cannot blow out of the axle tube; the expansion plug can be removed easily for periodic cleaning of the axle. The Airgo System checks inflation levels for each tire at the valve stem so as not to extend the tire pressure out to the hub. The system’s flow-meter technology allows fleets to gather and interpret data from tires leveraging RFID, ABS and hub-thermo sensing technologies.
Airgo Systems

Waste storage
New Pig’s 8-Drum Poly Deck is a one-piece, high-capacity storage containment deck designed for storage of up to eight drums in compliance without the added expense or labor of connecting multiple decks. The sturdy, durable deck can hold 8 fully-loaded drums up to 12,000 pounds, the company says. Constructed of chemical and UV-resistant polyethylene, the 75-gallon-sump-capacity deck features removable grates for easy sump cleaning, and helps to comply with 40 CFR 264.175 for containment of hazardous waste. The deck’s low 5-inch profile is engineered to make loading and unloading drums convenient and easy; an optional polyethylene ramp is available for even easier loading.
New Pig Corporation

A ladder rack just for vans
Knaack Manufacturing says it has improved its Weather Guard van and minivan ladder rack product line. The improved features include a universal gutter clamp, Mylar anti-wear strips, ladder guides and Velcro straps, zinc phosphate undercoating and adjustable sway braces. The new features are available on these Weather Guard models: safari steel rack, quick clamp van ramp, all-purpose van steel rack and all-purpose van aluminum rack.
Knaack Manufacturing

Cooler brakes
Brake Pro Ltd. introduces CCM2425 and severe transit version CCMT2425 friction material, which are designed specifically for 25,000-pound GAWR vehicles operating in difficult vocational applications, such as refuse applications, and for GAWR of 26,000-29,000 pounds for transit applications. The company says the compressibility of the brake lining provides greater surface contact; the transfer film technology enhances the compatibility between lining and drum. Unique metallic fibers are designed for superior thermal capacity and diffusivity, allowing the brake lining to run cooler.
Brake Pro Ltd.

Cool alternator
Robert Bosch Corp. has designed a powerful alternator for refrigeration trucks to accommodate the demands of continuous operations, plus provide additional power to handle accessories such as automatic lift gates. The refrigeration alternator, AL929N, is a direct-fit replacement for three Bosch OE parts – 9 120 060 028, rated at 23 amps; 9 120 060 027 (AL927X) and 0 120 488 297, both 37 amps; and 9 120 060 023 (AL929X) and 0 120 488 286 at 65 amps.
Bosch Group

A better body
The Utilimaster Trademaster body now is available in 12-foot and 14-foot versions for the GMC Topkick and Chevrolet Kodiak chassis models. The Trademaster – which features powder-coated compartment doors and step bumper, plus heavy-duty hardware – is available on the trucks with the standard cab chassis platform, in the crew cab model or on an Aerocap walk-through cutaway.