Sprint offers GPS navigation

Sprint announced the availability of TeleNav GPS Navigator on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network, making it the first GPS Java-enabled handset offering available on both the Nextel National and Sprint PCS networks.

TeleNav GPS Navigator is similar to in-car GPS navigation systems sold with luxury vehicles and provides audible turn-by-turn directions, maps and graphical driving cues to help drivers get to their desired locations over their mobile phone. Sprint customers can receive destination location details and directions at the touch of a button or verbal command prompt.

The TeleNav Java-enabled GPS Navigator service is available on Sprint’s Sanyo 5600, 7400 and LG 535 mobile handsets, as well as all GPS and Java-enabled handsets currently in the Nextel portfolio, including the new BlackBerry 7520 from Nextel.

To use TeleNav GPS Navigator, a customer specifies a destination via an interactive voice response (IVR) system, or by keying in the address on the handset or device. Once the destination is specified, a route is calculated and TeleNav GPS Navigator provides real-time audible and graphical turn-by-turn directions over the mobile device. For trip planning, users also can enter multiple destination addresses using the TeleNav website at www.telenav.com.