Hurt by fuel prices? Tell ATA so it can tell D.C.

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If high fuel prices have affected your business, the American Trucking Associations wants to hear from you.

E-mail your story to [email protected], as requested at ATA’s National Fuel Price Crisis Watch website, The site contains a number of informative graphics about how much oil the United States uses (20 million barrels a day), where it comes from (imports are mostly from non-OPEC nations, Canada being the largest supplier), and how much is known to exist in U.S. reserves (about a three-year supply, at current consumption levels).

Collecting the stories of truckers and trucking companies will help ATA make its case in Washington that fuel prices are hurting the industry and the U.S. economy, said ATA President Bill Graves. “They are starting to become a drag on national economic growth,” Graves said.

This year, the trucking industry is expected to spend an unprecedented $80 billion on diesel fuel, $18 billion more than in 2004 and $28 billion more than in 2003.