J.J. Keller kit promotes health, wellness awareness

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J.J. Keller & Associates has just introduced its Health & Wellness Awareness Kit, a program designed to help human resources managers educate employees on healthy lifestyles and wellness.

Each month, customers receive a set of ready-to-use tools to communicate topic information to employees: one CD-ROM with articles to include in employee newsletters or company e-mails, or to post on the company’s intranet; 50 two-color handouts to provide to employees during meetings or include with paychecks; and one full-color, 17-by-22-inch poster to post at the company to reinforce key concepts.

The topics covered may coincide with monthly national health observances in order to promote a particular health concern as well as correspond with issues that result in high company health-care expenses. Some of the topics covered include nutrition, heart health, stress, melanoma, fitness and back health.

In addition to helping companies prevent health-care problems and control health-care costs, the program is designed to promote well-being, productivity and attrition.

For more information, go to www.jjkeller.com.