ALK’s CoPilot Truck | Laptop 4 available at Flying J

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ALK Technologies — a developer of routing, mileage and mapping software — has announced that CoPilot Truck | Laptop 4 will be available for purchase at Flying J Travel Plazas nationwide.

CoPilot Truck | Laptop 4 is the latest version of ALK’s GPS navigation solution designed to provide turn-by-turn, street level, truck-specific directions on a driver’s standard laptop PC. The computer displays upcoming turns on the screen, while spoken directions enable a driver to keep his eyes on the road, ALK says.

CoPilot Truck | Laptop 4 includes ALK’s PC*MILER routing and map database and a GPS receiver that links to the laptop computer through a standard USB connection. CoPilot Truck | Laptop 4 is designed to let a driver choose between practical, shortest, toll avoidance, national network, 53-foot trailer and hazmat routing options. Additional hazardous materials routing options include general, explosives, inhalants and radioactives.

Other CoPilot Truck features, according to ALK, include:

  • 13-foot 6-inch height, 48-foot length and 80,000-pound weight restrictions;
  • Automatic route recalculation;
  • Two-way voice technology that provides spoken dock-to-dock directions and responds to voice commands;
  • Voice options that offer male or female voices in 12 different languages;
  • 3-D map display that provides a realistic view of the road ahead;
  • Night mode that reduces glare and eye strain;
  • Map turn arrows that indicate upcoming turns at a glance;
  • Lane change warnings that give advance notice when exiting off major highways; and
  • Exportable state mileage reports that help manage fuel tax reporting.
  • ALK says CoPilot Truck | Laptop 4 will be available at 135 of Flying J’s largest stores across the country by November. Flying J operates 168 travel plazas in 41 states; another 30 plazas are under construction.

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