Unicru tool designed to reduce employee turnover

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Unicru has announced the release of the Frontline Reliability Assessment designed to reduce employee delinquency and early quits. This next-generation assessment tool is based on the analysis of real-world outcomes from 370,000 hourly frontline workers across the trucking, retail, grocery, casual dining and call center industries.

The study — conducted by Unicru scientists Ann Thissen-Roe, Bjorn Chambless and David Scarborough — identified relationships between a job candidate’s application and subsequent on-the-job performance. The outcome: A core set of assessment questions that can predict whether a job candidate has an elevated likelihood of being terminated for delinquent behavior and is likely to leave after just a short time on the job.

With the assessment, Unicru says clients can improve work force performance on a number of important metrics, including:

  • Reduced turnover;
  • Reduced involuntary separations for misconduct;
  • Reduced involuntary separations for negligence;
  • Reduced shrink;
  • Reduced early quits; and
  • Improved attendance and punctuality.
  • For more information, go to www.unicru.com.