Clothing designed to take the heat

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Torch Wear has designed a line of heat-resistant protective clothing for welding and other high heat tasks.

The clothing, made of CarbonX fabric, is engineered to provide superior protection while being comfortable enough to wear next to the skin. When exposed to intense heat or flame, CarbonX will not char, shrink or burn when exposed to flame: The fabric’s fibers carbonize and then expand, dramatically reducing the oxygen content within the fabric, according to Torch Wear. CarbonX fabric — a yarn created by spinning oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber with an Aramid strengthening agent — is not chemically treated, the company says.

The Torch Wear line includes overalls, aprons, coats, forearm sleeves and heat sink pads. Overalls and coats come in SM through XXL sizes, with XXXL and XXXXL available by special order.

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